wytegarillaz favorite funny you tube video's !

See the annoying orange !

Funny youtube videos !

If you are like us and have a sense of humour then I hope this gives you a laugh & a break away from the serious side of life briefly !

There are many clever people making the most of you tube & even we had a go so I will include the wytegarillaz fishing video even tho it is not as clever as a lot of the others.

Enjoy Funny animal videos they are often cute, the antics they get up to.

Someone has decided to make videos out of fruit so check out the Annoying orange !

And he does get on your nerves after a while!

It is a bit freaky seeing fruit talking !

Funny fishing videos !


Pesty orange !

Funny animals !

Funny Baby Movie !

Is this yours ??!!

Have a laugh !

Where do they get these ideas ??!!

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Fuller_legend profile image

Fuller_legend 6 years ago from Stoke-On-Trent, England

Very funny. I enjoyed that. All of them were hiarious but that first one was genius. Great hub

lilmissbookworm profile image

lilmissbookworm 6 years ago

I loved the marshmallow one and the apple and tomatoe one...How do they think of this stuff?brilliant.

barryranger man of danger 5 years ago

pretty funny and a very good song

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