Fix Excel file when the stored data turns inaccessible

Microsoft Excel has come up as a stronger application to simplify the way work is carried out in corporate environment. Presently, MS Excel is considered as the most vital application for smooth functioning organization. It is largely accepted for the ease it provides while using it. This application provides many security features to retain its integrity. Yet, the fact cannot be denied that the chances of corruption remain because of various external factors. Because Excel file contains vital information of the company and its employees and any sort of damage to it might cost heavily to the organization. A corrupt Excel file might restrict user to access its content and creates obstacle to the free flowing work. To cop-up with this trouble Microsoft Excel come with automatic recovery option. This automatic xls repair option attempts to reopen the excel file and at the same time repairs the file.

Excel application is capable to identify the changes made during file repairing process. If in any case, Excel fails to perform xls recovery, it tries again to open the file. But, rather attempting a repair, Excel extracts cell values and formulas. In some cases, Excel file may not perform automatic xls recovery. Consequently, users have to perform manual file recovery. If you are trying for xls repair manually follow the below given steps:

  1. Click Open on the File menu.

  2. Go to the Open dialog box option and select the file to be opened, click the arrow next to the Open button.

  3. Click Open and Repair option, and select the method you want to use to recover your workbook.

Above given steps helps user to perform xls repair successfully. However, in some cases a disk error or network error may restrict user to open the Excel file. If this case really arises, you should move your file to a different hard disk drive or from the network to a local disk before implementing the recovery process. If this process doesn’t fit you, another method you can follow is:

  1. Open Add/Remove Programs option in Control Panel.

  2. Open the Office 2000 or Excel 2000 entry listed in the Add/Remove Programs dialog box.

  3. Open Repair Office.

  4. Click either Reinstall Office or Repair errors in my Office installation, and then click Finish.

Taking preventative measures by saving your file and creating a backup copy every time you save is the best way to avoid corruption of Excel file. You can backup you file by selecting the option available in the Save As dialog box. In the File menu select Save As command, click Tools, click General Options, and then select the Always create backup check box. This will ensure that you will have access to a good copy of the file in case you get your original copy of Excel file corrupted or damaged.

If the Excel you are using is severely damage, you can opt for third party xls repair tool. Kernel for Excel repair tool is an ideal tool to be used to repair corrupt Excel file. This is the best possible solution, as it performs intensely even in extreme unfavorable conditions. Take a quick glance how it works:

The Kernel for Excel repair software displays following welcome screen when opened to repair desired Excel file:

The welcome screen asks to select the file to be repaired. The next window provides the option to select multiple numbers of corrupt Excel files to be repaired. Once you are done with the selection of files, click on repair and save button.

When you will select repair and save button following screen will be displayed with the options of back and save:

When the files are repaired and saved, it displays following screen with status of saving process;

Finally, it displays below given screen with the location of source and destination files:

For better understanding, watch this video:

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