How to perform accurate Zip repair from damaged Zip Archive

Make efficient recovery from damaged ZIP Archive

Utility of ZIP files is widespread; these are compressed form of large documents and allow easy sharing process over the web. User can send bulky file by compacting them into a zip folder, to access files user can simply extract data from Zip files. But sometimes process of extracting data from zip files becomes troublesome. Reason being, errors can anytime hit the Zip archive. It will make entire user data damaged and completely orphaned.

In a practical condition, whenever a user is trying to open or extract data from zipped files which are comprised of Word files and documents, following error message is displayed:

"The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted."

As the above error hit compressed folder entire extraction process is on halt and user is unable to access data from Zip Archive. This condition can give way to disastrous data loss issues. Let us first understand why the Zip Archive is struck with corruption issues, prime reason for damage is Word application has set medium or high security level. Now, as the Zip Archive is corrupt WinZip is unable to verify the stored data, which lead to serious corruption issues.

Whenever damage hits the zip folder file header become unusual and Archive cannot be opened, moreover the Zip file might contain virus infected files.

Resolving the Zip Archive Damage:

The Zip Archive damage can be resolved if user has set low MS Security, at the time of damage WinZip can declare the file purely corrupt. To overcome this condition following steps can be performed

  1. Click Start

  2. Choose all programs

  3. Select Accessories and right-click command prompt, then select run.

After the above steps, if problem file is saved in drive other than C, user might need to change the drive, once changed type the following:

X:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip" -yf,

X denotes the drive in which is saved, the file is unusable. With above listed command a new Zip file will be created along with suffix added. This new file will be saved after the damage issues is been sorted out.

It has been also observed that above methods have not proved beneficial when it comes to intense damage issues. In such a situation it is advisable to make use of Kernel for Zip Repair, this efficient Zip Repair utility it devised specifically to conduct meticulous scanning. It will create a list of recovered files and folders. After the process is complete user can preview the data and save it at a desired location.

Take a detailed view of software working with the snapshot given below:

Screen for Zip repair tool is displayed once it is downloaded and ready to perform recovery.

The screen displaying the status of Zip repair process.

The screen below displays the recovered files and folders.

To get a virtual tour of software working, refer to the video given below:

This result- oriented Zip Repair software is able to make repairing for ZIP files created in any version of WinZip software under Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2002, and 2000. A free demo tool for the software is also available which allow user to check upon software working and functionalities. The tool will never compromise with original data formatting and structure, it revive lost data from zip folder no matter what sort of errors have hit them.

Supported Platforms:

The tool supports all versions of ZIP files compressed with ZIP compression utility.

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tonidhoni 3 years ago

Fantastic Zip recovery tool provide by Kernel for Zip recovery tool to repair and recover all over Zip files with full of data files. The software available with three scanning modes, which repair the Zip corruption according to the file corruption.

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