10 Things To Do In Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

What's Good To Do and Very Cheap or Free in Valencia

When you visit Valencia you will want to spend most of your time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the spectacular scenery, ranging from the ultra modern to the quaint and humble. Here is a list of suggested things to look at in Valencia that all cost next to nothing.

1) Walk through the Turia gardens. This dry riverbed meanders through the city and you are never far from it. There are a whole host of attractions within it and it should be the first stop for anyone wanting to get to know how beautiful a city park can be with a bit of imagination.

2) Visit the Fallas Museum. Located near the City of Arts and Sciences (See number four) the Fallas Museum is small and intimate unlike the Fallas Fiestas themselves, and gives a great overview of what the Fallas are and how they have developed over the years. Very cheap to get in.

3) Go to the Medievel Central market. It has spent most of the last ten years under scaffolding in various parts and currently a metro station is beng built to one side but inside you will find produce of every type from different parts of the World. Changes with the seasons. Springtime is just a strawberry festival

4) See the City of Arts and Sciences. In this one I say just take a camera and go there, you do not need to go it. Your camera will love you for it.

5) Walk around the old Town area called the Carmen. Here you will see how an area has character and how character can be retained by a bit of thought. Facades remain in place even when buildings are gutted and rebuilt so it doesn't lose its beauty and you can see some of them in the video below.

6) See the Holy Grail in the cathedral. Indiana Jones needn't have bothered with going to look for the Grail everywhere else as, alledgedly it is in Valencia Cathedral

7) Get yourself down to the beach and Port areas and have yourself a drink overlooking a great city beach or the America's Cup Port. Also investigate the CabaƱal and Malvarrosa areas while you are there

8) Get down to the Palmar village to the South of the City where Paella restaurants are all that exist. You are surrounded by the Albufera lake which is a rice growing paradise

9) Go on the City Bus Tour as it will surprise you with the variety of things to see in the city. This costs but not too much

10) Get out in the evening and enjoy a jug of Agua de Valencia, a mixture of Vodka, Champagne and orange juice that should not be taken lightly because the hangover the next day can be brutal.

Remember that there are loads of other things to do and each person will find their own favourites. I haven't included the big ticket visits like the Bioparc Zoo, The City of Arts and Sciences Tickets, Football at Mestalla, and a multitude of events such as Formula One, Sailing regattas and more but for more information about things to do in Valencia and Spain keep an eye out for more upcoming HubPages

Facades in Valencia For Your Walk Around

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spanishtoday profile image

spanishtoday 5 years ago

Great ten things to do list; I loved living in Valencia and you have got it spot on.

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