10 Fantastic Australian Cities for a Great Holiday

10 Fantastic Australian Cities for a Great Holiday

Now I'm a proud Aussie and I really want to share the beauty we have with the world. Australia is often seen a beautiful, mystical country down under with all aspects of the world in one place. We have long sandy beaches, beautiful green rainforests, fascinating culture, huge deserts, metropolitan cities, many skiing spots and more. Yes I said skiing, Australia even has skiing! This list will focus on the top 10 Australian cities you should really consider visiting on your next trip here and there's sure to be a city for everyone! Each one contains info on the city and what 'type' of city it is.

10. Canberra- 'Government'

Canberra, the capital city of Australia! Some foreigners confuse Sydney and Canberra as the capital cities of Australia but Canberra is defiantly it! Why is it at the bottom of the list then? Because it's not the most exciting place in Australia. Canberra defiantly will appeal to the older generations though as it's filled with history and culture. Canberra holds home to Government house, The high court, The Australian mint and more. It is also the location of many national institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, The National Gallery and the National Museum of Australia. So once again this is a very history and government orientated city so this description is brief.

9. Hobart- 'Nature'

Hobart, it's a city on that little island below the rest of Australia we like to call Tasmania. Yes, sometimes they're excluding from the rest of us Australians, but that is sometimes just what we need! Hobart, being more secluded from the rest of Australia, is very environmental with many of the activities located there being to do with nature. Maybe you would like to take Louisa's walk, a theatre style tour where you walk into the journey of an Irish convict from 1814. Or you could experience some factories such as the Cadbury factory or a local brewery, whereas well as tours, you can get some tastings! Hobart truly is a beautiful place perfect for anyone wanting nature and peace!

8. Sunshine Coast- 'Sunshine'

Probably the 3rd best beach city in Australia is the beautiful Sunshine Coast! And it's exactly what it says, a coast of sunshine! The Sunshine coast is made up of several smaller towns, many of them being amazing beach locations. The Sunshine coast has become a very popular holiday destination for families as it's large variety of beaches and famiy hotels have provided perfect spots for families to come spend a day or more lounging around the beaches. Though the beaches aren't the only thing that the Sunshine Coast calls home. Several theme parks and zoos are located throughout including Australia Zoo, home to the late, great crocoldile hunter Steve Irwin, Underwater World, a whole building of marine animals include a glass underwater tunnel where you can sleep under the sharks and Aussie World, an Australian themed park including an awesome pub! Plus, The Sunshine Coast has the most individual national parks in Queensland with beautiful nature reserves situated throughout. Last but not least, are there any golf fans out there? The Sunshine Coast has more then 10 golf courses where you can play among the beautiful Australian surroundings. So Sunshine coast defiantly has a bit for everyone and is great for young families!

7. Perth- 'Light'

The capital city of Western Australia and known to the world as 'The City of Light' is Perth. It was nicknamed 'City of Light' after residents lit their house and streetlights to be seen by astronaut John Glenn as he orbited above. It is also Australia's sunniest city, with 3000 hours of sunshine a year! Most say that Queensland is the best for sun, but Perth defiantly provides some fun in the sun! Perth has some of the most beautiful, white beaches in Australia and possibly the world, providing beach goers with the ultimate beach experience. Another amazing thing to see is the sunsets along the beaches. Perth is the perfect place to see the sun in the distant, all the oranges and reds along with the deep blue colour of the water, it is simply breathtaking! Perth also has a variety of indulgent food and wine for residents and visitors alike. The C Restaurant is an amazing revolving restaurant giving you views of the city and beyond, especially beautiful at the sunset. The restaurants overlooking Swan river have a variety of different restaurants with a heavy influence on seafood in the area. And of course Australian seafood is beautiful so all produce and meals are simply delectable. So in conclusion, Perth is a fantastic place to visit full of beautiful beaches, delicious food and a wonderful lifestyle!

6. Brisbane- 'River'

It's the wonderful, fantastic, beautiful 'River City', Brisbane! Okay, I might be getting a bit bias here, Brisbane being my home city and all but Brisbane is truly a wonderful city! Brisbane has been continously in the 'Top Lists' of where to live in Australia and the world and that's because of the lifestyle, people and the weather. Brisbane weather is among the best in Australia, being not to hot or not to cold with rain usually quite predictable. Anyway, this is about holidays so let's go! The Brisbane River is the heart of Brisbane, with many activities revolving around it such as cruises, kayaking and the city cats, a popular mode of transport among residents and guests alike. One of the best places to visit in Brisbane is Southbank. Southbank is home to a variety of restaurants, cafes, parks and centres as well as an artificial beach over looking the river. Southbank is great for anytime of the day as you could try to buy food among the markets, take a stroll along the river in before lunch, have a good pub meal at lucnh, have a gourmet cake in the afternoon then see a performance at QPAC at night. QPAC is the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and has been home to many famous performances and musicals. There is also a number of other things you can do along the river such as abseil down the Kangeroo Cliffs at sunset or see the river on the city cats departing all over Brisbane. If you get out of the main city, a must do is the Lone Pine Sanctuary, an animal park where you can immerse yourself in the animals of Australia, perfect for tourists! So Brisbane is perfect for tourists who want to see Australia as well as live among the river with both activities and dining. Plus the great nightlife scene!

5. Alice Springs- 'History'

 Alice Springs is defiantly not a huge city, not an urban city. Though Alice Springs is probably one of the biggest cities in terms of history. Alice Springs is home to many of the native Australians and is the perfect spot for anyone wanting to see 'the real Australia' to come. Alice Springs is full of tours led by the native Aboriginals who can tell you all about the history of Australia, stories of their people and tips for your holiday. Being a dssert location, Alice Springs has a variety of desert orientated activities and tours you can partake in. The Alice Springs Desert Park is home to a range of local Australian animals while the Alice Springs Reptile Centre is full of local reptiles in amazing displays. While you're here you should also try camel rides, the outback theatre and the Cultural Precinct, where you can learn all about local culture. Maybe even spend a few nights here and sleep under the clear night sky close by to the landmark, Uluru. Alice Springs might not be your typical '7 day holiday', but if you're going to Australia, Alice Springs is a must to learn about our culture and heritage.

4. Gold Coast- 'Nightlife'

One of my favourite places in Australia to visit is the magical Gold Coast as there's just so much to do and it's so much fun! The Gold Coast is typically known for the long beaches, great surf and sunny lifestyle, and that's right! If you're looking for awesome beaches, The Gold Coast has got it although there is even more fun in the city and beyond! Gold Coast is famous for the great amount of awesome themeparks it has! Warner Bros Movie World, where you are immersed in movies with themed rides and attractions, Dreamworld, home to the Big 6 thrill rides, White Water World, a fun water park located next to Dreamworld, Wet n Wild, a HUGE water park for a whole day of fun and Sea World, a total animal experience along with many rides and attractions. Surfers Paradise is the heart of the Gold Coast and includes many thrilling activities for all! Some include the QDeck, giving you fantastic views of the city, beach and beyond, Draculas Cabaret Restaurant, mentioned in my 'Top 10 Weird Restaurants' hub, Jupiters Casino and Hotel, an enormous luxury casino with fantastic facilities and shows, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, taking a look at some of the world's oddest, Infinity, an amazing laser show where you walk through rooms of amazement (see to believe!) and so much more!!! There is so much to list from Icebars to Jetskis from Hard Rock to the beautiful Meter Maids :D! I'm sorry but there is so much to list, so much fun for everyone! I haven't even discussed the nightlife yets. So many places to eat, drink and party for everyone of all ages with fantastic views of surrounding areas! Gold Coast is a MUST for overseas guests even if it's just for a night or two!

3. Cairns- 'Getaway'

 Cairns, located in North Queensland is probably one of the most breath taking, beautiful spots in all of Australia. The vibrant, green rainforests and the white sandy beaches located near Cairns make it the perfect city to experience all of these wonderful places at once. Let's start with the top at the lushious rainforests! The Wet Tropics of North Queensland include many different rainforests which are included as a World Heritage Site. Just going to these rainforests would probably be enough as you get to see all the colour and excitement, the waterfalls and rivers, everything so beautiful about Australia. Though if that's not enough, there are several activities you could partake in. Some include White water rafting, local tours and a huge cableline to see all the rainforests from a fantastic view. Now we continue onto one of Australia's biggest attractions, The Great Barrier Reef! Located less than an hour away from Cairns, The Great Barrier Reef covers over 344 400 square kilometres (133 000 square miles) of beautiful reef. Now on a great reef like this everything you'd expect to be there activity wise is. Boating, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, cruises and more, all in this wonderful environment. A top tourist destination is the Whitsunday Islands, a group of luxury white sandy islands among with vibrant blue water and many fantastic hotels. Come to Australia, come to Cairns! That way you can experience both the amazing rainforests and the wonderful Great Barrier Reef!

2. Sydney- 'Lifestyle'

It was a close call for the top but coming in second is Sydney! Often confused as the capital of Australia, Sydney is home to many of Australia's most famous attractions and landmarks. Sydney is probably Australia's most well known city and that is justified. Sydney is the largest populated city and has all the things an awesome city like this would need. I'm sure we're all familiar with Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, the huge attractions on the river. Sydney has everything you need you keep you entertained for ages as you stay here. They have a variety of excellent restaurant with cuisines from all around the world as well as wineries just outside the city for gourmet experiences. The have the world famous Bondi Beach, the one kilometre stretch of sand where thousands come to daily. Maybe you want to visit Taronga Zoo, animals from all around the world are here just for you or you could have many experiences on the water such as a wild jet boat ride! Sydney truly does have it all, food, fun, fashion... oh that's right, shopping! Sydney has sooooo many shops, big labels to boutique and is sure to satisfy the fussiest of shoppers. Of course you would know this but Sydney is a must, the heart of Australia is in Sydney!

1. Melbourne- 'Culture'

Ahh, Melbourne! So much culture, so exciting, a metropolitan world of its own. That is why Melbourne has top spot! To me, Melbourne is defiantly the culture capital of Australia. It has so many influences from other countries and societies which have made it into the fantastic place it is today! Melbourne is quite well known for its city lanes where you can find gourmet restaurants and botique shops nestled among the hustle and bustle of the city. Speaking of food, Melbourne has got to be the food capital of Australia! With so many influences of other countries into Melbourne, it has made it a foodies heaven with meals from all over the globe. There are so many little restaurants throughout Melbourne just waiting for you to come, Melbourne restaurants are truly delightful! Now it's hard to get away from the food and wine as it is just that good but be must so let's go. Melbourne is also a big theatre and performance city with many theatres, big and small, throughout the city. It is home to some of the biggest acts and performers, with many Australian performers starting up here. Melbourne is also home to some of the most amazing attractions such as Melbourne Zoo,  The Old Melbourne Gaol and Luna Park. One thing I must talk about is the old Tramcar Restaurant. Melbourne still uses trams all through the city and probably the one of the best restaurants in Melbourne is all about the tram! The Colonial Tramcar Restaurants involves you taking a decked out tram around the city as you are treated to a gourmet meal. Now I have been on this and it is simply amazing, the food, service and views, all exquisite! Now there is so much to tell about Melbourne but what I will say is the vibe you get when you visit is amazing, it's that Melbourne vibe! Melbourne, Australia... the place to be!

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gsgolha 6 years ago from INDIA

Good post and informative

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Fantastic hub, looking forward to come back and see your new posts. Thank you.

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james 3 years ago

That can't be right, everyone says Sydney's the Best! I've been to all of those places and Sydney wins by a mile!

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vibesites 3 years ago from United States

Yes, I've confused Sydney as Australia's capital in the same manner that I sometimes confuse New York as the US capital. Wonderful information here. Australia is a vast land so it has lots to offer. :)

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hai how are you

deepak 2 years ago

hai how are you

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