1000 hooded Bhagwan Parsavanath Temple

The Temple
The Temple

An interesting place not known to many is the 12th century Sahasrapani Parsvanath temple complex, located adjacent to the Bijapur jail. As the name suggests, the deity Parsvanath has 1,000 hoods, and milk poured on one hood gets distributed equally to the others.

This ancient temple is dedicated to Bhagwan Parsvanath at darga. This temple has recently been dug out.  


This temple came to knowledge just before 100 Years. The principal deity Lord Parsvanath’s idol was found below ash that is very attractive. The Idol is really miraculous.  Its specialty is that while we drop milk or water in one serpent hood it comes out through all the mouths and thus whole idol gets showered. This idol is 5 feet in height with cross legged seating posture, Black in color. A Choubeesee is also here 3 feet in height with principal deity Bhagwan Parsvanath. The Coubisi is 90cms high and is made of marble. In another room an idol of Bhagwan Parsavanath,  Black in color and one of Lord Mahaveer 5 feet in height Black in color, both in cross legged seating posture (padmasam) are installed and again very attractive. All the idols belong to 10th, 14th & 15th century. The puja is conducted at these temples during 9 AM to 10 AM since there is no local Jain Family in the village.

How to reach :
Darga village is about 3 Kms from the town. The way to Darga is from Mahatma Gandhi chowk to Azad road- Chandrapuri road. From chandrapuri road, one reach to Mugalsi Agsi fort and about one Kms from here is the Jail and from there, the village of darga is about 1 km.

Name :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Digamber Jain Mandir, Bijapur.
Is an Atishaya   Kshetra (Place of Miracles).
Address :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Dig. Jain Mandir
Jat Marg, Bijapur (Karnataka) Pin – 586104
Management committee :
Shri Atishaya Kshetra 1008 Sahastra Fani Parsvanath Dig. Jain Mandir Trust
Jat Marg, Bijapur (Karnataka) Pin – 586104
Phone 08352 – 224871


Facilities :

A Dharmshala is here with 14 rooms having all facilities.
Bijapur has many hotels of all hues and budget fitting all types of pockets.
Means of approach : Bijapur is 101 Kms from Sholapur and 579 Kms from Banglore. The Bus service is available from Banglore and Belgaum
Bijapur is the first district head quarter while we travel from Solapur (Maharashtra) to Banglore (Karnataka) on N.H. 13, at 90 km away from Solapur.
World famous Teerth Shravanbelgola is also situated on this highway.
Bijapur is also a main station on Solapur-Banglore Railway Line.


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