20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Finland

1. Finland is considered the second most stable economic country in the world behind Switzerland

2. There are over 248 different bird species in Finland

3. Finland is longer than it is wide with a distance of over 900 miles from the southernmost tip to the northern most tip

4. 25% of Finland is considered to be part of the

5. The official Christmas city of the world is located in Finland the city of Turku

6. Santa clause made his first appearance on the world scene from Finland

7. Finland hosts World Championship events such as mosquito swatting, wife carrying, mobile phone throwing, boot throwing and swamp soccer

8. Over 3 million people travel through Turku, Finland annually

9. The mobile phone maker Nokia is based in Finland with 2 billion in sales annually

10. The Country has a constitutional republic li

11. The country Reelects its presidents every 6 years and parliament every 2 years

12. Saunas in Finland are the national past time to relax and spend time with family

13. Finland was accused of working with the Nazis during WW2 when in reality they were very subversive

14. Finland has more national parks than any other country in Europe it is considered Europe untouched paradise for natural observations

15. Finland has the highest “sin” tax in the world

16. The Finnish language was the language of the elves in the lord of the rings movie

17. Finland adopted the euro in 2003

18. 68% of Finland is still covered in untouched forest

19. Finland is the 5th largest country in Europe

20. Finland’s population is quite smaller than other European countries around 5.1 million

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Very interesting facts--fun to read through them!

thranax profile image

thranax 5 years ago from Rep Boston MA

I have never even thought of Finland being 68% virgin. Now it sounds like a type of olive oil.

"68% of Finland is still covered in untouched forest"


DTR0005 profile image

DTR0005 4 years ago from Midwest


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