20 Fun & Interesting Facts about New York

1. The first ever chess tournament held in the US was held in New York

2. New York has the longest toll road ever constructed I90 was built as a express toll highway. It reaches from one side of the state to the other in less than 6 hours

3. A New York college was the first college in history to have permission to study in china in 1979. That college was the Vassar private college.

4. Manhattan is home to the fashion world and its fashion schools the Fashion institute of technology is the only school in the world offering a bachelor’s degree in cosmetic and fragrance marketing.

5. The first fraternities and sororities were started at a number of colleges in New York. Some of the major societies include kappa Alpha, Sigma Phi, and Delta societies.

6.The most famous music festival of all time was in Woodstock New York. However, it was actually held in bethel.

7.New York is one of the most important dairy states in the country. Every year, thousands of gallons of milk are shipped across the country.

8.The first steam boat to ever turn its paddle wheels was the Clermont, New York. Its first successful voyage went from New York City to Albany in 1807

9.New York has the most dedicated track for subways with over 800 miles of track

10.The power mill outlet just outside of Rochester New York is an architectural wonder. It is made in the shape of a mushroom

11.New York is also home to the author that created the Wizard of Oz. His home town is decorated in themes from the famous TV show including the Yellow Brick Road

12.New York is also famous for having the world’s smallest church. The church is actually only three feet by 6 feet.

13.The longest continuous running newspaper is still in production, in New York City. The small daily Yiddish newspaper.

14.The first ever international boxing champion was from the state of New York. He won the first showing of the new boxing franchise from over 20 participants from around the world.

15.The first reliable indoor rowing machine was invented in New York City. The sliding seat allowed rowing enthusiast to continue to train and stay in shape during the off season.

16.Alexander Hamilton started the New York Post which is New York longest running weekly newspaper.

17.The capitol of the United States was first in New York City. However to appease the south it was moved to its current location of Washington DC.

18.Rip Van Winkle had its inspirations as a children’s story from the hills of the Catskills.

19.The first 3D movie every played to a public audience was first aired in Manhattan at the Astor’s Theater.

20.The Genesee river located near the finger lakes of New York is one of the few rivers in the world that travels from south to north

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brittanytodd profile image

brittanytodd 4 years ago from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I always wanted to visit New York, but haven't had the chance to yet. I guess I am on the other side of the country. Thanks for sharing these interesting facts! Voted up, useful, etc.

Kiwi Max profile image

Kiwi Max 4 years ago from New Zealand

Great hub! I'll have to email this to my aunty. She lives currently in New York.

Kadmiels profile image

Kadmiels 4 years ago from Florida Author

i grew up in new york i loved it. But had to move because we were being taxed to death

Kadmiels profile image

Kadmiels 4 years ago from Florida Author

cool i know she will love it too

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