20 Fun & Interesting Facts about Norway

1. Two years after WW 2 the people of the city of Oslo sent a Christmas tree to the prim minister in England as a thank you for their support during the war

2. During the Norwegian summer on the west coast you can have up to four different seasons

3. The reindeer is from Norway

4. The country is very far north the sun only stays out for 21 hours during summer and during winter only 3 hours

5. Harlem Brundtland was the first female Prime Minister in Norway

6. The most popular souvenir of tourist is the popular is the “moose crossing” signs

7. Legos were invented in Norway

8. Norway is only slightly larger than New Mexico and the land is mostly mountains

9. Norway has the highest gas prices in the world even though they are a large oil exporter

10. The mountains of Norway have been found to contain a large number of mammoth bones

11. Skiing was invented in Norway

12. Vikings were actually a peaceful people that had immigrated to Norway known as the Norse

13. Norway means Path To The North

14. Krisi Larsen, mother of Gesher, was fined for US$ 420 and jailed for 2 days for naming her son Gesher

15. Drunk driving and getting caught in Norway they will revoke your license for life on the first offence

16. The government of Norway is Republic of Socialist

17. Norway has one of the most on time public transient systems in the world

18. Norway has many lakes and mountains which are popular ice finishing spots

19. Hornindalsvatnet is Norway's and Europe's deepest lake, at 514 meters. Its surface is 53 meters above sea level, which means that its bottom is 461 meters below sea level.

20. Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier in Europe

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SusieQ42 5 years ago

My ex-husbands family are Norwegian (Their last name is Lund and blue eyes are dominate) so my children are part Norwegian. I love this country. Thanks for the useful info.

Vacation Trip profile image

Vacation Trip 3 years ago from India

Interesting hub. I enjoyed reading your hub. Thanks for sharing.

tastiger04 profile image

tastiger04 3 years ago

Very interesting hub! Norway has always been on my bucket list....can't wait to make it someday. I didn't know skiing was invented there! Voted up!

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