5 MUST to do at Taj Lake Palace Udaipur

Take the Shikara

The shikara is a peaceful and non-polluting way to traverse the lake Pichola, but if you can do it at night, it is simply beautiful.

the hotel staff will tell you it isn't safe and that there might be fishing nets in which the shikara may get caught, dont listen to them.  they got so used to the moon in the those parts they have no clue what an everlasting memory it is.

do it.


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    James Bond

    the pond that was used in the bond movie as a pool is now just that, a pond.

    it is used to sit around and serve delicacies, but if you can manage a dip in it..that would be wonderful.  the water not clean anymore so it isnt for the faint hearted.

    what you can do instead is wake up early and listen to the flute or the jal tarang played live

    Breakfast with the sun-rise

    some of the suites at lake palace have a private terrace.  the space is ethereal and fit for the kings, but just for this one morning, choose to be one.

    what you eat will not matter, but 25 yeas later (like the master card ad) you will still savour the early morning wind, the sun rays and the company of the special, very special person by your side.

    Pontoon Meal

    ah to be alone with the one you love!

    the pontoon dinner lets you float away from all that you know is for real.  you want to savor the tastes of the perfect rajasthani meal, but in a setting so unique you will wonder why no one sells this more.

    floating there, in the middle of the lake palace and the city palace, every thing you want will be delivered via a boat.  so if you are already used to people waiting for hand and foot, you can add boat to that!


    Oh the highlight!

    The one experience that comes close to topping seeing the lake palace itself for the first time.  the Gangaur is a old boat, still rowed by turbaned, royal outfitted men, the meal is a celebration of everything that is royal.

    dont forget to look at the sky coz around the time when you think there could be nothing more peaceful, comes a dazzling display of it in the darker than any night night.

    its beautiful and a must do!

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