5 Places to Visit in Minnesota

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes and notorious for their bitter cold winters. However, in the summer it is beautiful. There are many places see and encounter across the state. Being outdoors and experiencing the wilderness is a must. If it is your first time in Minnesota, it won't be your last. Here is a list of 5 places you should visit while in this magnificent state.

Itasca State Park

As Minnesota's oldest State Park it marks the beginning of the mighty Mississippi. It encompasses 32,000 acres. Within Itasca State Park there around 100 lakes, 50 miles of hiking trails, 100 electric campsites, and over 200 drive-in campsites. You can enjoy plenty of camping, fishing, and hiking. If you feel overwhelmed you can also receive a tour of the park. Additionally, there are plenty of historical sites to see as well as guaranteed sightings of wildlife. Itasca State Park is located 4 hours north of the Twin Cities near Park Rapids.

Boundary Waters

The Boundary Waters is located in the arrowhead region of Minnesota bordering Canada. The Boundary Waters is for the camping enthusiast. You will experience plenty of camping, canoeing, and fishing. It is very popular to canoe down the river during the day and camp on the shores at night. This is a beautiful way to relax as you experience the peaceful scenery around you and listen to the sounds of the river at night. It is recommended that you have camping experience since the area is populated with bears. You will experience few other campers because the area is so vast. As a result it will be one of the most tranquil and serene camping trips. 

Mall of America

The Mall of America is the second largest mall in the United States yet it is by far the most popular. It is located in Bloomington, Minnesota just 10 minutes south of the Twin Cities. There are 520 stores throughout the enormous three level mall. Consequently, the Mall of America attracts millions of tourists every year. There are multiple attractions such as the indoor theme park Nickelodeon Universe, formerly known as Camp Snoopy. This theme park includes rollercoasters, rides, games, and other attractions. Additionally, the mall includes the Underwater Adventues Aquarium. Enjoy walking through a 300 ft. tunnel and staring at sharks, turtles, stingrays, and multitudes of fish. Other attractions in the mall include; Lego Land, a Movie Theatre, and a flight simulator. There is enough in this mall to occupy you for a whole day or more. 

Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is a 14,528 acre lake located in the West suburbs of the Twin Cities containing 125 miles of shoreline. It is a very popular destination for young and old. You can rent a boat or take a luxurious cruise. Throughout the lake you will see multi-million dollar homes and lavish boats. You can troll the shoreline and fish for walleye, northern pike, muskies, and large mouth bass. In addition, many people water ski, knee board, wake board, and tube all over the lake. Younger people usually tie up their boats together on one of the many islands. These islands typically have sand bars and tree swings. Plenty of people have been known to camp on the islands. Overall, there is never a shortage of things to enjoy on Lake Minnetonka.  

Gooseberry Falls

Gooseberry falls is located by Two Harbors, Minnesota on the shores of Lake Superior. Personally, it is one of my favorite places to visit. The park includes 20 miles of hiking trails and 8 miles of mountain biking. Also, there are plenty of campsites for you to choose from. However, it is not the trails or camping that are attractive. It is the beautiful and calming sights you will see while at Gooseberry falls. There are upper, middle, and lower falls that pour through a rocky gorge. The sounds provide for placid background music throughout the day. One can also walk along Lake Superior's soothing shoreline. Bring a camera because you are guaranteed to see some amazing sights. 

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BrianFanslau profile image

BrianFanslau 7 years ago from Eagan, MN

I've been to each of the best places in Minnesota myself and I can attest to them being some of the best places I've visited in the United States and I have been to 49/50 states

hienergybrain profile image

hienergybrain 7 years ago

i want to go there! my current bf lived there for awhile and i have been dying to go with him to where he spent his childhood and now i am excited by all of that natural beauty showed in those pictures

candy  7 years ago

i love mallof america its so fun i love going all the rides its so cool.awsome!

nic hinshaw 6 years ago

nice place to go to

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Looks like a great place to fish! I love the waterfalls...I'll have to bookmark this one for the future getaway! thanks

idjijnalejvjznsdjz 6 years ago


Leah 6 years ago

Omg. i think mn is lame. im moving to new york. and life will inspire u.

boo 6 years ago

ya i live in MN myself and i love the mall of america its sooo fun :D

kayla 6 years ago

kool im doin a report about minnesota

anna 6 years ago

its asoeom in minnesota

cc 6 years ago

i am doin a report on mn and the mall of america looks so fun!!!!!!

maymay5/16/94 6 years ago

I'm doing a report on Minnesota for the last day of school thanks

kayla 6 years ago

yup im doin a report to on minnesota and a report on mall of america

chuck norris 6 years ago

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Ryan Adamson 6 years ago

mn is awesome and shut up for those of u who thinks mn is lame u know what ur lame

bob dylan 6 years ago

i like cake

something 6 years ago

im doing a report and if i don't get a 4+ i am blaming it on this website

Iambored22 6 years ago

Wow i really want to go to the mall of America!!!!!!!

Julie 6 years ago

I love minnesota!!!

Crowbowmackalau 6 years ago


nelson 6 years ago

come in jan see if ya like it then

134 6 years ago

thx this was very helpful

Linda 6 years ago

OMG how can you call Minnesota lame, there's no place like home and that's our Beautiful state of Minnesota. I am sure I will have more people agree with (me) on this one.

bubblebuddies12 6 years ago

Mall of America!!!!

me 5 years ago

i love me and everything that have to do with me :D

ashtinwoods$$$$$ 5 years ago



mn fan 5 years ago


castlepenn profile image

castlepenn 5 years ago from CA

Thank you for this great list. I think the pictures are beauitful! I have been to the Mall of America, which was extremely cool, but I'd love to have seen Lake Minnetonka on my trip as well. http://wayzatabaycharters.com

james 5 years ago


the man 5 years ago

Dude this place looks so coooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!

plus i have a stupid report on mn.

but its turned out to be a wickedly awsome state!!!!!!!!!!!

bk 5 years ago

if i don't get an a+ im dead and your comeing down with me

ut 5 years ago

wow it was cool

beebee7 5 years ago

it is so cool! in school I have to tell something about minnesota and his sights. good information!

msi 5 years ago

i used to live there but i am doing my report on minnesota :) i love minnesota

5 years ago


aqaaaaaa 5 years ago


Big Slim 5 years ago

Minnesota nice is a very real thing. Some of the nicest people around. By far one of the best states in the country to call home. Lived here my whole life

ricky 5 years ago

Im doing a report and this will rap it up

And it like a great place to go specially when my dads store could be in their

connorrrrrrrrr 4 years ago

creepy but cool

colbyyyyyyyyyyyy 4 years ago

minnesota is the best place ever i live there and i will never move awat



Mac 4 years ago

Oh my.

Derpfish 4 years ago

There are more exciting places to visit like Duluth.

Jody 4 years ago

I HATED Minnesota when i first got here ( a year ago ) because I was used to the mountains of new England. BUT, I have really come to appreciate it's beauty. The people are pretty nice ( except in my experiences ( and this is just ME and MY experience ) the younger the people, the nicer they are. It seems that the older people are less likely to smile, but the younger ones are sweet and smiley. I do still miss the mountains, but the sky goes on forever and it is GORGEOUS!!! Mall of America is pretty dang cool too, lol.

MN 4 years ago

Also, Taylors Falls is a beautiful place ( the wisconsin side of the trails is much longer and deeper into the wild) but the st croix river is a very beautiful river and wonderful for hiking.

Kayle 4 years ago

I just love the mall of america, but know this do not go to leech lake there are bites almost all over my body

DoodleOodle 4 years ago

Great! I am doing my first oral report on Minnesota, and it looks like mine will be a hit!

your mom 4 years ago

i hate wickipedia

Leah 4 years ago

I would love to visit Minnesota, and see all these beautiful sites, where is the best place to stay? I need a safe, clean, inexpensive place, do you have some suggestions?

niki 4 years ago

The winters are harsh, but so worth it to get to the spring and the summer and the fall. There is always something to do almost everyday!!

Sarah 4 years ago

Minnesota is a great state, guys. Its your Opinions, Both New York and Minnesota are both beautiful. I personaly like Minnesota....


Fuzzy 4 years ago

I have to do a state project and I picked Minnesota !!!!!!

(I couldn't pick anything else!!!)

jsharks12 4 years ago

I had to so a state report and an oral presentation with 5 places in Minnesota and this website was very useful for me.

kaira 4 years ago

there are many other places too that they seemed to miss. don't forget hibbing where they have the great iron range, downtown minneapolis and st. paul. Anoka i the world's halloween capitol as well as the wonderful sites in stillwater, duluth, and st. cloud. mall of america isn't the only great thing about minnesota.

adam 4 years ago

I lived in that frozen hellhole for 5 years. it was the worst period of my life... I found the people to be simple minded and easily amused... probably because you have to be when you're trapped in your house 9 months out of the year. I would rather eat yellow snow than ever see that God forsaken wilderness again!!

Min 4 years ago

Beautiful place to visit. Should also include split rock light house

phongyang15 4 years ago

i should go fishing on the waterfall

fdgoidjhlkdnlbndoijnmglk 4 years ago

all of this awsome but my partner doesn't think so

Samantha 3 years ago

I loooooooooooooooooooooove Minnesota. I have been to mall of America and it is great. I am doing a state report on Minnesota, and this is so useful.

Kevin 3 years ago

Stupid website,who cares about Minnesota

Kevinisthestupidonehere 3 years ago

Hey Kevin you are the stupid one here because why would you be on this website if you were not researching about Minnesota?

Kevin 3 years ago

That is kind of rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elisa 3 years ago

Did you see the life of pi! That movie is amazing!

E MENA 3 years ago


Jessica 3 years ago


eee 3 years ago


awesome 3 years ago


Assassin 3 years ago


WolfGirl 3 years ago

I like pie and Minnesota

I'm Awesome 3 years ago

I was born in Minnesota like Assassin (=P)

You know why I was born in Minnesota?


GummyBear 3 years ago

Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, and more Cake

MN, MN, MN, and more stuff about MN

I love Minnesota


hsruyfuyegcdhberufaidgfyauebrhgbaueygfuyabe... 3 years ago

I'm epicly awesome in an epicly awesome way, like Minnesota

I'm Just A Person 3 years ago

I need information on Minnesota for my state report in school...


ChuChang 3 years ago

Gimme All Ya Moneys!!!



Your Name 3 years ago

I like Pie

Minnesota 3 years ago

I lived in Minnesota for two eighths of my life until my mom said my family had to move to Florida.

I still go to Minnesota for vacations though

katie 3 years ago

im doing Minnesota for a state report in school

jim 3 years ago

pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

kk 3 years ago

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bob lol 3 years ago

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bob lol 3 years ago

mah name is BOB haha lol yes haha is my middle name lol is my last

Colby morris 2 years ago


Pinterest princess 20 months ago

Thank u so much it help me on my project

john 20 months ago

thanks it really helps me with my report on Minnesota

10 months ago


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