A Country Road

A Country Road
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A Road to Remember

I will always remember a beautiful country road in Menlo Park, California. When I was young, I loved to walk along its edge, breathing in the clean country air and holding onto my mother's hand. It was a little winding road which passed through a deeply wooded park, and it was lined on both sides with eucalyptus and acacia trees which cast their shadows where we walked. Near by the road, flowers grew in abundance. They were all kinds and colors, and I used to love to pick them and make bouquets or daisy chains.

St. Christopher

Further down the road we would stop to rest at a little shrine, where a picture of St. Christopher carrying the Christ child across the river was painted on redwood. Often, I would leave the flowers I had picked at the base of the shrine, before turning to go home. I know that I will always remember that road and the quiet things my mother taught me there.

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bearnmom profile image

bearnmom 4 years ago from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This writing conjures a vision of simplistic beauty in these few words.

signgirl profile image

signgirl 4 years ago from Palmetto, Florida Author

Thank you for your sweet comment.

Christopher Price profile image

Christopher Price 4 years ago from Vermont, USA

I wish I could enlarge the photo. I must explore more of your work.


signgirl profile image

signgirl 4 years ago from Palmetto, Florida Author

Thank you. I will try to make it available on my facebook page.

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