A Look Inside The Cockpit of a Jet Plane

The Cockpit

There is usually room for 2 pilots in the cockpit. There is two types of equipment that the pilot needs to know how to work. One type is the controls that are needed in order to fly the plane, and the other is the instruments that show how they are flying. You have the main pilot and the co pilot, who will assist the main pilot in any way neccessary.

So what are the main components of the cockpit?

  • Control Column - This is always right in front of each pilot. The control column works the ailerons on the wings and the elevators n the tail plane.
  • Rudder Pedals - Rudder pedals control the tail rudder and change the direction in which the plane is moving.
  • Artificial Horizon - Tells a pilot the height in which the plane is flying at, and whether is it getting higher or lower.
  • Engine Power Controls
  • Engine Information - This is information needed to explain the condition of the engine.
  • Cabin Controls - These will control the cabin features, such as lights, seat belt signs etc.
  • Navigation Computer
  • Radar Screen - Useful for the pilot to know their whereabouts and what is closeby and far away.
  • The Key Components of a Jet Plane

Did you know?

  • Did you know that you have more chance of a Jumbo Jet crashing into your house than you do of winning the national lottery.
  • There is enough fuel in a jumbo jet to drive a car around the world 3 times over.
  • You can work out how far away a thunder storm is by counting the seconds from when you see lightning, till you hear the thunder. If it takes 5 seconds then the storm is 5 miles away.

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