Ocean Isle Beach, A Week To Remember!

The Beach

A puppy and owner enjoy the ocean
A puppy and owner enjoy the ocean | Source
June on her first beach trip!!!
June on her first beach trip!!! | Source
The Pier at Ocean Isle Beach
The Pier at Ocean Isle Beach | Source
The Beauty of The Ocean
The Beauty of The Ocean | Source

The Joyous feelings

What is it that makes us fall in love with the beach. Is it the awe of the ocean? As we see the waves crash on the shore and the sunlight glisten on the blue water we feel a since of peace, that something higher than us is in control and we let go and become a child again. We become at peace with our world and never want to return again.

I can stand with my toes dug into the stand and watch the water flow away from my feet and never tire of the feeling of oneness with the ocean. As the water washes the sand beneath my feet I feel a little dizzy in a fun childlike way.

Walking on the shore recaptures the joys of our childhood as we look for that one perfect shell. It's like playing the lottery .Who knows what treasure lies ahead.

Seeing young children screech and shout as they run along the water's edge while their adoring parent's watch a shadow of themselves again and smile.

I love to lie in a raft and close my eyes as I dream about where the ocean's current may take me, usually back into the surf!!!

Then there are the hours the drift away as we sit with a friend and talk and read and lay back in our beach chair and just sleep. Our senses take in every little thing, the feel of the warm ocean breeze, the salty smell of the air, the sun on our body, and the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore. Is there anything more glorious that God has brought into our lives?

Yes we will return to the ocean side again and again. We will build sand castles with our children or grandchildren and each time it will all feel new again, like the first time our parents first took us to the beach as children and once again. Yes for another precious moment all will be right with our world. We will feel once again at total peace.

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