A Quick Visit to Niagara Falls--deedsphotos

In case high gasoline prices keep you off the open road this summer, here are some pictures taken at Niagara Falls July 16 and 17, 2006.

If you want to go first class book a hotel with a view of the falls from the Canadian side. The best hotels are there. This, however, isn't necessary in order to see the falls. We managed to find a room for $75 on the American side across the street from a big casino and within walking distance of the falls and a good restaurant (The Red Coach Inn). The pictures on the American side were taken before dinner between 8pm and 8:30. After dinner we spent an hour at the casino and actually won $36 on the slots.

The next morning we crossed to Canada, parked our car across from the falls used the walkway for a good view of the river and falls. The pictures might have been better if we had gotten up earlier. They were taken around 9am. We had a late $3.99 special breakfast on the road home to Detroit.

On our way away from the falls we saw a huge construction project and learned that Canadian Power is going to be diverting a lot more water from the Niagara River. We were told by the owner of the restaurant where we had breakfast that the additional water will be diverted only at night so that tourists' views of the falls will not be affected. The project involves drilling a huge tunnel from the river through rock to a nearby power plant reservoir.

A good looking lady above American falls.

American falls early evening

Accidental tourist, American falls

American falls around 8 pm

Canadian Falls


Americna falls

The best hotels are on Canadian side.

Canadian Falls

Maid of Mist, passengers in rain gear

Canadian Falls

Canadian Falls

Maid of the Mist, American falls

Maid of the Mist, American Falls

Abandoned Canadian power plant used as set in Superman movie

Cormorant fishing below the falls

Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist with tourists in rain gear

U.S. falls from Canada

Park employee, a rare Canadian Bush supporter

Observation tower, Canadian side

Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist and Cormorant

Canadian Park Service employee doubles as tour guide

Maid of the Mist

Maid of the Mist

American Falls

American Falls

Canadian Falls

Observation Tower, Canadian side

Canadian falls from Park Service Restaurant

Tourist dressed for a hot day at the falls

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jamestedmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco

I liked em all, but I loved the last.

Wiz 10 years ago

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I've always admired the Queen's logo & her "property!"

[That's a Cap'n's shot if ever I saw one.]

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Belated thanks for your comments! I'm using the new, improved system to catch up on the ones I missed.

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