About Hawaii


A Guide to Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii soon? Or simply fascinated by this beautiful taste of the tropics? Here is a simple guide about Hawaii.

Hawaii is part of the United States of America ( it is the 50th state) and is composed of various islands. It is full of picturesque beaches and exotic plants and flowers. It is warm weathered almost all year round and wonderfully sunny. The islands also have active volcanoes present, but they are not usually a cause for concern to tourists.

The aloha spirit is a major part of the Hawaiian culture, and when visiting Hawaii many times a lei will be place around your neck as a gesture of welcome. A lei is a necklace made of flowers which celebrates the aloha spirit.

Hawaii is full of multiculturalism and various ethnic backgrounds. It has survived not only to embrace these different cultures, but incorporate them into their own culture. They welcome thousands of tourists every year from all over the globe. These tourists enjoy both the cultivated urban areas of Hawaii and the natural beauty found around Hawaii. Hawaii is a popular vacation spot as it is known for it's relaxing and carefree effect on visitors. Visitors often take up the local activities and festivals, such as surfing, snorkeling, or a luau. Tourists can stay at any number of resorts found In Hawaii, many of which are high -end and cater to the needs of wealthy visitors, but there are other cheaper resorts and accommodations available which are just as enjoyable .

Hawaii has become home to a diverse and undeniably unique cuisine and delicious food scene. If you are visiting you should try both the traditional Hawaiian cuisine as well as some of the newer restaurants that have been popping up in Hawaii. Hawaiian barbeque is something not to be missed!

Surprisingly, Hawaii has strong ties to the East Asian community and even has a Chinatown with authentic Chinese products.

When in Hawaii you may see a large amount of farmland and tropical fruits. This is because Hawaii is one of the worlds largest pineapple and sugar cane producers. It houses some the the largest plantations and provides much of the raw sugar we use today.


Things to Do and see in Hawaii

Sight-seeing in Hawaii is an easy task as there is a variety of unique monuments and attractions everywhere. A good idea for traveling to Hawaii is to pick up a tour guide before you leave and mark the places you wish to see so you do not miss any of the amazing sights. If you do not have time to pick up a guide, simply ask the attendant at the hotel you are staying at for some recommendations on where to go and what to do, they should have plenty of advice and may even be able to set you up with surfing lessons or other activities.

Since Hawaii has such a rich cultural history and celebrated indigenous people, there are many monuments and festivals to attend. These monuments/ festivals may vary depending on the location in Hawaii you are visiting so be sure to ask around for local festivities.

Some ideas for Hawaii most people do not think of are to visit the local museum and local historic sites, yet these places are often full of fascinating historical items that cannot be found anywhere else.

Some simple recommendations for enjoying Hawaii are :

  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Various water sports (surfing, swimming, etc.)
  • Beach sports (volleyball, frisbee, etc.)
  • Exploring the local markets
  • Exploring nature
  • Barbeque on the Beach


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