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If you love Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but are looking for some new travel ideas, you can still enjoy that Disney touch of magic even when you are nowhere near a theme park. Adventures by Disney is Disney's foray into the package travel market -- featuring family friendly tours to destinations all over the world.

Adventures by Disney currently has 20 different guided tour programs to choose from and they suit a range of different tastes. Some are designed for people who like to go cycling or rafting or hiking and others are designed for those who love great cities and great food. All of their tour package include your hotel accommodations, your meals, taxes and gratutities. There are always extra special Disney touches, like private tours and and a peek backstage at various attractions that you might visit.

Your guide is also Disney-trained and is a local so you get an authentic experience with someone who really knows their way around and can bring that Disney touch to your vacation.

Disney Adventure Travel with Adventures by Disney
Disney Adventure Travel with Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney Preview

Adventures by Disney US Trips

In the US, the Adventures by Disney itineraries include Alaska, the Southwest, two different Northern California trips and a trip to Washington DC and nearby Philadelphia and Williamsburg. I know I have seen Boston on their itinerary before so I'm sure they change things around each year.

One of their itineraries includes Disneyland and would be a great bet for serious Disney fans as the prime attraction of the tour is all of the backstage access. There's an opportunity to visit with Disney's Imagineers and a private tour of Jim Henson's studio.

Machu Picchu photo by
Machu Picchu photo by

Adventures by Disney International Destinations

Some of Disney's international destinations are among their most popular itineraries.

For example, the Italy Family Vacation visits Rome, Tuscany and Venice. The trip includes a private tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, which is about what you would expect on a Rome tour. But there's all some fun hands-on activities -- a pasta-making class and a mask-making class.

In addition to various European destinations, Adventures by Disney also has tours going to Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, China, Australia and South Africa.

Going to Disney World?

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For tips on how to enjoy all there is to do at Disney World without having a meltdown, my guide to surviving your Walt Disney World Vacation should help!

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Good video clipping. Looks as if we are trekking in a historical arena.

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