Thoughts About Winter in Texas

The rosemary survived the freeze.
The rosemary survived the freeze. | Source


How do you handle winter?

  • Most people love snow but it is really tough after a long winter.
  • We never see snow and I would love it, but have no idea how I would love with it.
  • Winter is fun and I love it.
  • It is all the same to me.
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Cold Weather

The weather was unusual here. After weeks of taking the plants in and out of the garage we gave in and let the inevitable happen. My ferns...oh my poor ferns! I know they will grow back in the spring but for now they look bad. The beautiful hibiscus plants are merely stems now. Amazingly the rosemary has survived untouched. How did that happen?

We were ecstatic on our snow day but that passed and left us a cold holiday season with freezing temperatures for weeks. The weather has not been this cold in years. Now that the holidays are behind us we can look forward to weeks of dreary weather.

The weather is still cold according to us, although this is a little chill to everyone up north. I can only say that you have my sympathies. I am not tough enough for that kind of weather.

Winter Blues

Dreary weather
Dreary weather
Oh my poor ferns!
Oh my poor ferns!
What is left of the hibiscus
What is left of the hibiscus
The sage survived
The sage survived
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera
Our baby oak tree
Our baby oak tree
Another aloe vera
Another aloe vera
Even the wreathe looks sad
Even the wreathe looks sad

Dreary Winter Thoughts

I feel like a whiner when I think of those poor souls in Haiti. The earthquake death toll continues to rise on a poor country where most people do not even have running water. As I searched YouTube for relevant videos I was appalled by the ugly comments made by so many people who feel it necessary to insult anyone who comments in the most vulgar way while totally ignoring the suffering of these people in the videos they are watching.

Perhaps I have the winter blues but at the moment I am disappointed that so many of the youth of our country and around the world have fallen into the way of demonizing and insulting everyone with no regard of real suffering that is around them.

Meanwhile, I am here in the dreary weather with a warm home, running water, and food to eat. I thank God and pray fervently for the welfare of the people of Haiti. I will also donate to the rescue fund.

Ducks at Engeling

Update October 2013

Last year Texas was in severe drought with no rain at all and we had a warm winter. It seemed that there was no winter at all. It passed so fast that I had the winter blues all over again. When you live in warm and hot weather, winter is a welcome break and is generally a happy time. Fall has brought about much needed rain and we can't wait for winter weather to arrive.

The Bayou City

A markerHouston, Texas -
Houston, TX, USA
[get directions]

The Bayou City, called this because of the many gullies and bayous that criss cross the entire city and around the metro area.


A markerHaiti -
[get directions]

Area where massive earthquake took place.

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Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

I think the result of the earthquake for the people of Haiti is going to be very long term in regards to recovery of the nation. People should count their blessings as they have no idea what it is like to live in the abject poverty that the people of Haiti experience, let alone a tragedy of this epidemic proportion.

Tom Whitworth profile image

Tom Whitworth 6 years ago from Moundsville, WV

I agree with your observations on the people of Hatii. They just can't seem to get a break. I fear the ultimate death toll will be staggering.

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