Airline Safety

How Safe Are Airlines and Planes

        Airlines overall are very safe.   It is still safer to fly than driving a car.  There will always be accidents.  

       A lot of the accidents are preventable and they happen because of fatique of the pilot and the plane. 

      The pilots have to always be at the top of their game, because you never know when they will need all of their senses to be used. 

      Just because they weather might be fine before they leave a plane can encounter all kinds of different weather rather quickly.

      You also have to aware for terrorists who could also cause damage to the plane and passengers.

     The planes also have to be maintained properly and follow all of the FAA laws and rules and regulations.  This might be hard and cost more, but it is always safety first no matter what.


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slamboy69 7 years ago

If I wanted the FAAs view on what could have happened I would have watched the news. Give us some theory, not what you read in the paper. That's if you can read!

bfishgold profile image

bfishgold 7 years ago Author

Nothing I write comes out of the paper. I swear. I just write what I know and will prove my points with theory.

If there is one thing I am very good at that is theory to prove all my points.

The only problem is theory can be boring

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