All Inclusive Cruises

Anyone who works hard all year round deserves a vacation.  This is the time when relaxation, pampering and entertainment has been truly earned.  Although road trips and flights around the world can be very exciting, they too involve driving or sitting uncomfortably for a while.  All inclusive cruises provide the traveler with everything necessary to have a great time.

There are many different cruise lines that market to exclusive crowds like Disney Cruise Lines for instance.  There are honeymoon specials and couples cruise packages advertised.  Still, there will be something designated for kids or adults to do if they travel along.  New deck activities are added frequently.  So there is fun for everyone in the family.

Cruises are great for groups to celebrate special occasions as well. 
Some examples of common groups that cruise together are.

°Family reunions   °Class reunions  °Fraternities  °Sororities

Group rates are discounted in lieu of the increased number of passengers traveling together.   Interior and ocean view state rooms are chosen during the reservation process.  Guests have the opportunity to sit at the captains table for pictures and a meal at some time while at sea. 

A smorgasbord of delicious meals are served 3 times a day.  The artisitic presentation on some dishes make them difficult to cut into.  Snacks and beverages are available between meals, and no one is counting the number of trips to the buffet table.  Tips to the waiters and waitresses are optional.  They certainly earn them with exceptional service.

Many are familiar with several cruise line names like Carnival and Princess, but are they familiar with the many exotic destinations and port of call? 
* Bora Bora          * Stockholm       * Tunisia     * Barcelona
* Island of Malta    * St. Petersburg  * Corsica     * Glacier Bay

These are just a few of the place that are not mentioned everyday.  Some may even be familiar with Alaskan Cruise Lines.  When many think of cruises, they immediately think of islands in the Carribean; where it should be noted, some of the most beautiful places in the world are located.  Having the opportunity to feast one's eyes on these places makes them very fortunate. 

Once back on the ship, its back to the numerous activities that await.  Casinos, fitness gyms and swimming are just a few.  The ships keep getting bigger with aqua parks in place of pools now.  The only thing that could possibly get in the way of one of the most memorable times in life is to brush it off and miss the boat.


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