Amber Dominican Republic

What is Amber ?

Amber is considered as a semiprecious stone.It is a hard translucent fossilized resin which originate from extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary era.

It was formed more than 40 millions of years ago when sap oozing from trees dried and hardened. Many insects and small animals were trapped and are perfectly preserved in many pieces of amber.

Insect in Amber

insect in amber
insect in amber | Source

Dominican Republic

Amber From the Dominican Republic

It is estimated that amber from the Dominican Republic is very unique because nowhere else in the world this gem can be found with the variety of colors and density such as yellow, red, blue and black. Inclusions of leaves,insects, drops of water and even reptiles make amber a very special find for collectors and jewellers.

Amber Dominican Republic


Amber History

According to some historians, when Christopher Columbus landed in the Hispaniola he received a pair of shoes embroidered with amber from a Taino chieftain.

In return Columbus gave him a necklace made with amber from the Baltics.

Archeologies have uncovered Taino burial sites that have been packed with decorative amber.

Insects in Amber

Amber with insects inclusions
Amber with insects inclusions | Source

Insects and even tobacco plants preserved in amber

Researchers are finding many types of insects trapped inside pieces of amber: psocptera,diptera , hemiptera and spiders. The have discovered also spores, pollen and even blood and hair from rodents.

TerraTreasures La Toca Amber Mine Dominican Republic, 32 pound giant amber stone

Amber mining

Amber mines are mainly found in the northeast and northeast of the Dominican Republic. Experts claim that this gem offers different characteristics depending on their geographical situation due to separation by movements along major faults,

That is the reason why the amber was formed differently in the Septentrional range than in the hills of Bayaguana and Sabena. In the north, it was formed by caustic rocks or sandstone accumulating in deep water and in the east it is found in sand, clay or gravel.

The amber fossils secret - Dominican Republic

Amber Gallery - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Dominican Blue Amber

Amber, how to identify it from other stones

Amber museum

Puerto Plata Amber Museum

The most famous amber museum is located in Puerto Plata, in the northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

It is housed in a magnificent Victorian mansion which belonged the Bentz family who migrated to the island and made a fortune in the sugar cane business.

Later on, the Costa family purchased the house and stablished an amber museum as part of their multiple tourism business. Visitors can enjoy the most complete amber collection you will ever find in the Caribbean. The Stephen Spielberg producer of the movie .Jurassic Park visited the area searching for material for his dinosaur blockbuster production.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the most impressive pieces known to the scientific world; important pieces that have been studied and catalogued by such institutions as the Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Institute. There is a boutique for those interesting in purchasing jewelry crafted with Dominican amber considered as the most transparent and beautiful in the world.

Amber World Museum

Amber World Museum
Amber World Museum | Source

Amber World Museum in Santo Domingo

Jorge Trinidad who is one of the most prestigious amber jewelry craftman created the Amber World Museum, a private Museum in the city of Santo Domingo visited by thousands every year..

In this gallery the visitors will get in touch with the historical and scientific data travelling back to the time of the creation of amber, the animals and vegetation of that era that were trapped in resin and fossilized in the amber.

A visit here becomes a great learning experience because everything has been organized in a modern didactical way using the latest technology with dioramas, audio and microscopes to look very closely to the most amazing inclusions.

The tour of the museum is like a journey into the dawn for time.

In addition, there is a workshop in the premises where you can appreciate the work of expert Dominican craftmen creating magnificent amber jewelry mounted in gold and silver..

Amber Mine trip Dominican Republic

Windows On a Lost World: Researchers Scour Dominican Amber for Clues to the Ancient Past

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