An Inexpensive Family Vacation

A great inexpensive summer family vacation is one close to home. If you have children and you are looking to make great memories with them, choose somewhere they will have fun with you. You provide your own food, some treats, lots of fun, and some great memories, and the kids will want to return next year to the same place.

Choose a location within 100 miles of home. If your family likes to swim and the area you are going is hot, consider the beach, a lake, the local river, or any other water inlet. You do not have to spend each night of your vacation at the same place. Use only a portion of your time at one destination, then stay home and find something new each day together.

Camping is a great summer vacation idea!
Camping is a great summer vacation idea!

Camping is the least expensive way to go. If you have a trailer house, use it. But if you are not prepared for camping with the right gear, you can sleep under the open sky, borrow a tent, or create your own tent with sheets. Just like playing fort in the living room. Be creative and use your imagination.

You will need gas for the car, a reservation sometimes, blankets, sheets, pillows, flashlights and an inexpensive lantern. Don’t forget to take enough matches for a fire, and some firewood. You will need a camp stove unless you plan to cook over an open fire. In that case take simple, take easy to heat and cook foods.

For meals take along one coffee pot. You can heat water for coffee, cocoa, soups, or an instant add water meal. Take along easy to eat foods such as energy bars, sandwich items in an ice chest, drinks, marshmallows for roasting. Long forks or long sharp sticks.

For the first nights meal take bite size pieces of good steak to roast on long forks. Also good is a package of hot dogs and buns. Serve chips, ready made potato salad, kool aid, soda, or good old water. Healthy is not the focus of this trip. Good fun and good memories with the kids is the focus.

When you are ready to relax for the night a good story brings a family together. If you are worried you cannot provide a story, check out your local library for a book to read to the kids or ideas for camp stories. Learn a little about the stars and teach your kids different constellations and groupings. Keep it light and happy and if you have little kids, don’t scare them.

This night will create wonderful life time of memories for them and will be real easy on the budget. It is the perfect family fun vacation.


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