Bhangarh is a place between Jaipur and Alwar in Rajasthan state of India. Today Bhangarh is known for its ruins where nobody dares to go after dark, but is worth a visit; in fact the place is beautiful and tranquil. What remains though, is a shadow of a once beautiful kingdom.

Bhangarh in the state of Rajasthan India. Local mythology says the place is haunted, coz they have to say so. But in this case, the Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI) in charge of it warns people off the area!

The ASI is the official government body in charge across India of all the monuments and ruins.

Take a look at this ASI signboard in Bhangarh. The signboard is placed 1 Km away from the Bhangarh fort, which has been in ruins since the 17th century, when Bhangarh was deserted overnight. People do not enter the area as it is believed that if you do, you do not return.

What does the signboard say?

What does it mean----

The Government of India
The Archeological Survey of India, Bhangarh

Important warning:
1. Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.
2. Shepherds and woodcutters who enter Bhangarh area will face legal action.
3. The Kewda or Pandanus trees found in Bhangarh area belong to the Archaelogy Survey of India. Is it forbidden to subject this tree to any kind of harm.
Note: Anyone flouting of the rules mentioned above will face legal action.
By order
Incharge, Archaelogical Survey Board

One of the stories say that the Bhangarh  was cursed by a tantrik (a wizard who practices dark arts), Singhia, who was in love with the beautiful princess Ratnawati of Bhangarh. Singhia added a love potion to a bowl of oil that belonged to the princess, but Singhia’s hopes were dashed (literally) when Ratnawati hurled the bowl on a wall that collapsed and buried Singhia.

A dying Scindia cursed the kingdom of Bhangarh saying that the city would be wiped out overnight, and would never be inhabited again, except for the temples. Shortly after the death of Singhia, the whole city was sacked and destroyed in the Bhangarh-Ajabgarh wars.

Bhangarh was built in the 17th century, by Raja Madho Singh, younger brother of Man Singh, a general of Emperor Akbar’s army. At that time, Bhangarh had a population of over 10,000. Now, not a soul lives in the ruined but still beautiful city. Bhangarh was the precursor of the exquisite old city of Jaipur, with its havelis, colorful bazaars, and temples.

Havelis are elaborate residences, almost miniature palaces, built around large courtyards. The walls are painted in bright colors with detailed frescoes. If the old city of Jaipur is anything to go by, Bhangarh must have been an extremely prosperous city. Today nothing remains but the temples

One is a dusty village and the other a ruined city; both are less than 10 km from the super-luxury resort Amanbagh, hidden deep in Alwar district. Book yourself into the delicious resort and then go tramping around these beautiful but dusty relics of princely Rajasthan. Ajabgarh, meaning ‘place of mysteries’, is an appropriately ghostly village, dotted with abandoned old houses where you’ll find the odd, stunningly carved window frame of picturesquely decorated doorstep. Prepare to be startled by the scale and beauty of Bhangarh – the abandoned city’s marketplace areas, temples and gardens are in surprisingly good repair as well. Legend goes that the city was abandoned after it was cursed by a holy man. It’s perfectly serene; you’ll have only stray dogs and ancient temple-keepers for company.

Passing by Bhangarh, banyans and temples dot the landscape and one chhatri can be seen up on the hill. The most remarkable are the temples of Gopinath, Shiva (Someshwar), Mangla Devi and Keshava Rai. Other more or less preserved buildings are e.g. shops along the main road, several havelis, a mosque, and a palace. The palace was protected by two inner fortifications across the valley. The town is separated from the plain by ramparts with five gates. Bhangarh is also a pre-historic site.


This town was established in 1573 (VS 1631) during the rule of Raja Bhagwant Das and it became the residence of his second son Madho Singh. Madho Singh was younger brother of Emperor Akbar’s General Man Singh I of Amber. Madho Singh participated in many campaigns with his father and brother. The next ruler of Bhangarh was his son Chhatr Singh. Bhangarh slowly declined after Chhatr Singh's violent death in 1630. Near Ajabgarh was founded by Ajab Singh, the son of Chhatr Singh. When Mughal Empire became weaker after the death of Aurangzeb, Jai Singh II attached Bhangarh to his state by force in 1720. After this Bhangarh diminished in population, and when the famine of 1783 (VS 1840) fell on the land the town was abandoned, and has remained a ruin ever since.




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yasir 6 years ago

afte reading i dare to go bhangarh

Azhar 6 years ago

I am planing to visit bhangarh after sunset

if anyone intrested to go wid me

mail me at

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AdhdinAdults 6 years ago

Bhangarh in Rajasthan is very famous for its historical ruins. This place is rated to be among the most haunted places in the world. Amazingly, the Government of India, does not allow the visitors to stay in the place after and before sunset. Moreover, the a signboard placed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) reads, Entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and after sunset is strictly prohibited.

Vinod 6 years ago

Abbe kisi me dum hai to akele jaakar dikha do raat me

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vishnukumar7 6 years ago

Nice article on Bhangarh...though most of the information about the town is still mystery..some is highly touted..may be just to attract tourists..

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Aprajita singh 5 years ago


I am interested in spending some time in Bhangarh. Please let me know if any one interested in doing so.

aisha 5 years ago

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rajasthan me realy ghosts hai purane forts me its really scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashutosh 5 years ago

yes aprajita i m interested

avinash kumar 5 years ago

haunted house do exist this time the age of modern science

varun sharma 5 years ago

i am also ready to go Bhangarh after sunset with u frnds (ashutosh, aprajita..etc)

Mahendra Patel 5 years ago

jab se bhangarh ke bare me suna hai, tab se me exited hu waha jane ke liye! No doubt woh ghost city kehlata hai, lekin woh hai bahut khubsurat place.

palak kappor 5 years ago

@ above commnts...did anyone go dere aftr sunset???

kapil 5 years ago


i m from alwar rajasthan i want to spent some time in bhangarh after n8 .i want to know what r ghost i want to be a good reasearcher of ghost

rajrdx 5 years ago

awesome place

Gurpreet 5 years ago

Don't comment guys right if someone has guts than visit over there and speak up right i am going to go this week if some one interested let me know

Sanjit Chakraborty 5 years ago

I wana go and explore there, any person / society who is interested to take the document of explore bhangarh in night alone is welcome for the perpose of sponsorship !!

Directly contact with

Mr. Sanjit Chakra

+91 8101455673

Vijay sahani 5 years ago

I am going to visit this place soon. Can't we get an overnight stay permission from Archeological department.

......RAJASTHAN 5 years ago

..ya go n visit ths plc........after sunset n before wl knw after going thr....

for all who r exited to go thr just ....3 word for u all

may UR SOLE........ RIP

Annu Sain 5 years ago

Sab bakwas h... Ghost wgera nh hote...

K R 5 years ago

Tum sab ki fategi.

Kuldeep singh gurjar 5 years ago

I link from dausa and many times i go bhangad.not any evil and ghosts , bad soul are not present in really.,experience .so go and enjoy.

Daku gabbar 5 years ago

Ghanta bhenchod

pinu 5 years ago

is any of u gone bangarh house after sunset. please tell me about Ur experience.

Swarn 5 years ago

Actually this may be just an over-exaggerated thing by ASI to KEEP THE PLACE protected and untouched.

jatin singh 5 years ago

hey frnds i had visit bhangard its aasum place..evry1 shud go for it..

ranjeet singh bhati 5 years ago

m ready hu bhangarh me ek bitane ke liye with my frnd

Lucy 5 years ago

Can you tell me more about when did you write?

Eman ali 5 years ago

as all'like

Kajal 5 years ago

I reallie dnt think that there must b anything lyk sumthing over dr, evn i expect it to b a mesmerizing place..

Devang 4 years ago

I agree with swarn because these days nobody cares of any historical monuments

Suchitra 4 years ago

Please let me know if anybody visited this place.

dhulu 4 years ago


Vijit 4 years ago

There are lots many travellers who want to vijit hunted places this is one of the place...visit us on

vish 4 years ago

i visited....this site.....awsome in starting but fort not so good....but hidden places r there......i cant go there....but next time with proper gadgets i will go for....

sheru the don 4 years ago

kounse bhut bhut wut kuch nahi hota

Xxx 4 years ago

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hi hi hi

come to me

ghost 4 years ago

bakwass band kar.. aur koi jokes hai toh update kar..

Gaurav Chamoli 4 years ago

Dharm hai to Adharm hai, Parmatma hai to Atma hai, Sach hai to Jhoot hai aur Bhoot hai to....!!!!

Ronit Mishra 4 years ago

I am intrested in doing this, anyabody intrested,, conatc me 7503888478, nexe month we will go

neeru sethi 4 years ago

mast jagh h.......... wow.. or bhut khubsurt bhi h....

Amit Godara 4 years ago

I will go for it after my exams

any of you dare to be with me at night

dakshata 4 years ago

wow! really intresting i wanted to visit their

Varun Kumar 4 years ago

me & my three frnds are going to see that place, hum august 25 ko waha jayege.

wapas aa kar bataoga kya sach hai kya jhoot.

agar koi or group interested hai to plz tell me.

Narender 4 years ago

yes i want going in Bhangarh after in dark night, if any body interest then msg me on my no. 7503546121.

avi 4 years ago

ha haunted ki evil spirit hogi bhangarh mei,ayer.

shruti bole 4 years ago

aammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that in rajasthan there is a real ghost and yes when i got chance to visit this bhangarh i will shuarlly visit

Abhipur 4 years ago

achha khasa darane wala article hai ya nahi pata nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boring place to go .Plan your trip to New York or Disneyland

abhirag 4 years ago

sab bakwas hai!! there arnt any ghosts in the world..

well, it is a nice joke!

Sonia Malhotra 4 years ago

I dnt Believe in Ghostt!!!!!

Yo Yo Honey Singh 4 years ago

oye yaar i think i should go there for my next video shoot..

raj 4m delhi 4 years ago

after reading all the cmnts of people i m going to visit tht place very soon..

lalit chabhra 4 years ago

aaj tk nhi bhula skta main vo tour....ha frnzz vo tour bhangarh k liye....puri family k sath gya main hi wapas laut paya..agr apko meri baato pr vishwas nhi hota toh aap bhangarh k official fir register check kr skte h 2007 ke.....its realy dangerous guyz...

Ritesh dhabhai 4 years ago

Bhangarh m bhut itz all like rubish yr. I m stay there 2 days aftr sunset bt un 2 din m muze janwro k alawa kuch ni dikha.. M bs yhi sochkr gya tha ki jb sb bol re h to dkhta hu real m wha kuch hota h ya ni aftr snset. Without entry andr gye bt fir b aj hm 5 vese hi h jese gye the. Mans r biggest ghost ok guys. Agr kisi gl ko esi treap se dr ni lgta to plz cntct me babs 9602115886.. Nd tak xprnc yr. Im ready again yr...

mohak 4 years ago

i am also want to go with my frnds

shona 4 years ago

cant comment anythng until i myslf visit d i do beleive in paranormal activities..

sakshi 4 years ago

i'hv already visitd the place bt can't get much time to stay aftr sunset bt i mst say "place is really intrstng"

banwari 4 years ago

hame jaan he bhai kitna doge it's cheleging for every youth

ajitesh 4 years ago

baatein chodne se bache peda ni hote..

ajitesh 4 years ago

baatein chodne se bache peda ni hote..

Sudhir 4 years ago

I belive that story hmmmm nice i like it.

Sudhir 4 years ago

I belive that story hmmmm nice i like it.

siya 4 years ago

its really a nice place to visit......but verry scaaaarrryyy.....


hi my name is Buryansh laudihaar..,i visited and never returned back....


hi my name is Buryansh laudihaar..,i visited and never returned back....

SAPNA 4 years ago

Hi...i just visited the place n clicked many pics of the fort....but the overnight stay might be dangereous for a person like me.......

siya 4 years ago

hi...i want to know more abt that place .....i have visited it but i didn't find any was a nice trip with the family.....yes...ek do bar car raste me kharab ho gyi thi when we entered that area.....or 1 bar kisine rasta bhi galat bata diya tha...but i think it was by chance.............

Tanuj Verma 4 years ago


Our Friends Group going to Bhangarh Fort in 20 july 2012 some one want come with us then contect me on my Cell number 9560399202

And mail me on

Akash 4 years ago

Ek investigation to banta hai. May ek bar to jarur jaunga waha our ek rat to bitaunga.

Akash 4 years ago

Ek investigation to banta hai. May ek bar to jarur jaunga waha our ek rat to bitaunga.

By the way, agar kohi mere sath jana chaha ta hey to especially ladke kuki ladki yo mein himmat hi nahi hai,to mere yis I'd pay jarur message karna.

mani 4 years ago

hey guyz dn't be so selfish , i hve visited der at night it luks gud in D day bt terrifyng ....!! nd i know hw to col ghsts !! hve ya watch PARANORMAL ACTIVITY , jst watch it it is real stry ... it ws srsly dne wid a family 1962 , gyz i hve researcheD on D ghosts they r in D real life ,, mst be u ol r thinkin dat hw foolish i ' m wat i m syng is right gyz i wanna telu 1 stry it VRY CAREFULLY ..UM IN THE RAJHISHTAN ..DER WS I LADY NNMD WHITE LADY I MEAN SHE WS VRY BEAUTIFUL JST LVE YR TUM SABH DR JAOGE CZ KHENE AUR KRNE MEIN DER IS DIFFERENCE LYK ZAMEEN ND ASMAN LYK IN

sourav 4 years ago

Sah Hai damru bhaya ad-tarapur bahhur bHaya ke dost log gayatha sab ke pant gele hoge gis din jaao ge us din pata legegajai hanuman

NAVEEN SHARMA 4 years ago

??????? ??????

  ???? ??? ???? ??.

???? ?? ?? jante ??. BHANGAR ??? ?? ??? ??.

?? ??

, ?? ?? ??




monu 4 years ago

tomorrow night i will be here in bhangarh and that too all alone if you see my comment here i am alive or else i am not and i don't care because don't wana leave anymore so better giving some experience wish me good luck friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shubh 4 years ago

monu are u still der? its been more than 24 hours...;)

roshani 4 years ago

monu u still there????????????????????

sanjay 4 years ago

if one pretty girl go with me,i will stay all night their to send messege me at 8813817110

hitesh 4 years ago

aisa kuch b nei h bhangr mai khi br gya hu nit mai frnds k sth

jack 4 years ago

Monu R ya Alive???????????????????????????????????????????

harshal jain 4 years ago

it is a most bautiful place......nd very dengirous honted plc....

SAJAL 4 years ago

guys i also planned wid my girl frnd to visit bhangarh on next sunday, kya waha gf ko le jaana safe hoga

ankit Sudan 4 years ago

Hello Friends, My name is Ankit I have been to Bhangarh So many Times and along with my friends. we have given Bribe to guards and they allowed us to enter. we were 7 friends and when we entered we had a torch.

we took some beers and packets of Cigarette there we bussed in ground after that we smoke there and then we entered into fort we have saw all the places in and out of the fort but didn't find anything. Yes bhangarh is dangerous because of wild animals that's all. there is no ghost. If you want I can share pictures with you. you can check out photos and after 2'o clock we have been to ajabgarh as well to find you ghost but didn't find anything.

So nothing is there it was nice journey and good spot to visit.

If some has doubt can talk to local people who live their and can check with guards as well.

if ghost is there, so how come guards are alive? basically it is picnic spot in day time. why ghost didn't turn up in day.. is he/she scare of children, who come for Picnic.

Enjoy each and every movement of life. Human is the biggest ghost. human needs money, blood, sex, bribe and many other things.

siddharth jain BAJ 4 years ago

i live in jaipur nd !!! still haven't seen it as of now but hav a dzire to hav a look very sooon!!! i luv haynted places with beautiful (female ghosts) i hope to find them when i visit!!!! luv!!!!!

yadvendra 4 years ago

hey guys hi to ALL OF U, as u so many comments of d same fort, i really like to go over thr once in night time and wna spend some scary moments its nt bcoz main darta nahi hun bt its just bcoz i wna see all such, and that will really be a wonderful moments of my life........if u have any knowladge regarding such thing let me know on my mail and u can cal me or buzz me as well on 9509060309............ if any body interested as well just plan along with us, well guys and gals lets see life main bure se bura kya hota hai...................

Sharad (( Shaddy)) 4 years ago

Hi am also realy want to see this place....jahan bhoot rehte ho...ha ha ha ha....

Rajput gaurav 4 years ago

Fck that Plc

riya 4 years ago

yes;i also exited to know the histiry of bhangarh;which is haunted place.

tina 4 years ago

Fear files mai aai thi story

tina 4 years ago

Fear files mai aai thi story

rahul yadav 4 years ago

i will go to bhangarh soon who is intersting can go wth me my email

ABHAY SHARMA 4 years ago


RAHUL 4 years ago

i will go to Bhangar very soon.Hey guys i really want to know about Bhangar. I really want to know about that place.

RAHUL 4 years ago

i will go to Bhangar very soon.Hey guys i really want to know about Bhangar. I really want to know about that place.

DON 4 years ago

Bhangar ke bhoot agar dum hai to mujhe dara ke dikhao.............................

Deepti Guness 4 years ago

From Mauritius

I see that sme of u dn't blive in it yet sme want to visit it.I'm quite curious about zis place now after having done much research on it...but the one which is haunting me is who can be zat princess.I've done research to know who she was n even tried to have her images but the images are pictured in a cartoon like way...People say zat she has taken birth somewhere else whereas z legend says zat the 'tantrik' gave a curse zat whoever living in zat palace shall die and never take rebirth.......I don't believe in these things yet i feel like if something is pushing me to investigate the place... :)

Bollywood 4 years ago

Matru ki Bijli ka mandola ka shooting wahi par hua hai :)

9999910979 4 years ago

i am going to bhangar 25 and my frnds

nitish yadav 4 years ago


AvinashMishra 4 years ago

monu bhai tu kahan h

kavita 3 years ago

Tonite im going to this place let's see wht happen, im going with hubby...

kavita 3 years ago

Tonite im going to this place let's see wht happen, im going with hubby...

pradeep jangid 3 years ago

I am rady iI going to bhangad fhort . very good placed. I am very happy 3 years ago

i wanna go there ......right now but i can't go ri8 now .......after two month i will come back india at my home then i will must go there really i hv more interest in ghost.....DEKHA TO NAHI HAI but manti hun ....

anil 3 years ago

no there is nothing haunted I have stayed there in night

rahul vijay 3 years ago

Bhangarh is haunted place please friends those who dare to go their after the sunset.or before the sun rise now.their news are coming that some.abnormal activities Are taking place in bhangarh fort some wizards are cutting animals and giving their balli

and all those who have gone

their they have not come ever so ,be dare to go.their and take care and i want to tell to you that that it is dangereous to go their not only for it iw haunted but there are many wild animal and parannomal activity centre had also made 1km back then the bhangarh fort because they also afraid

susheel yadav 3 years ago


what a joke guys

aesa hota h kahi,,

i m going bhangarh with my fends on that Sunday...

lets see what is hunted der...

hope something will b adventurous der,,, aesa na ho hum ja kar bore hokar bapas aaye...

if anyone wants to join my gang, he/she can contect me on or my friend

or on 9540970697

mohit 3 years ago

tum pagal hoo

pukharambam sagar sinha 3 years ago

sab jhant he

summi 3 years ago

Hi, i was going there on 5 july 2013. and stayed there 1 night. there is no ghost. all r lie. it's not hunted place

kashyap 3 years ago

are hu tya raate jaai ne avyo

Siddharth Mukherjee 3 years ago

Hi guyz ! i do belive in ghosts and today visited some forts in jaipur . Guyz i know may of u wont agree and might abust abuse on this comment on this statements but to be very honest i have a god gift of sen

kr imran 3 years ago

waha k bare jo bhi kaha gya hai or likha gya hai wo sb such hain

jb waha puri raat rukho ge tab pata chele ga kya hai or kya nahi.

santosh kshirsagar 3 years ago

our gis team ar most intrested to go the bhangarh in diwali vacation . our gis town incharge sanjay bhutkar lead us to reach bangarh .I belieave that he will catch bhoot in lap-top . its big challege for us to catch it laptop oherwise we will go another place to catch another booth

hitesh 3 years ago

ya its true these all people who don't believe this kind of place they all must have to stay one night over there coz i know that about the world which in darkness.........its a one type of door which connect us to spiritualist world.....but now up to you you want to believe or not???????????

for more information contact me on

coz i face this kind of world:::::::::::::::::::::::::

riddhi 3 years ago

i want to know about that guy monu

anuj 3 years ago

kal jauga bhangarh

sanju 3 years ago

Bhangrah jana tho jaruri ho gya hai ..kaisi hunted jaghay hai ye tho pta chale

Siddharth 3 years ago

Kuch bhi nahi hai waha i had been there for whole night although gatekeeper had not allowed us but after bribe we spent whole night over there .

Anonymous 3 years ago

What if the government doesn't allow people to enter at night because of dangerous animals?

arjun singh chouhan 3 years ago

The most haunted place in tha word.......r bhangrd......

Abhi 3 years ago

Guys better don't visit its not false to say it the top most haunted place around the world so.don't go at n8

Shekhar 3 years ago

Iam leaving tomorrow to bhangarh to spend a night,, kucch nahi hua to fir milenge.. cheers n rock on

Shikha 3 years ago

Hey shekhar, Iam also willing to join.. Send me you telephone details

Sumon 3 years ago

Amra kono juki uthate-e prostuth nohe !!

jyoti 3 years ago

i rllyyy...wn to go bhangarh,

mast ravi 3 years ago

Gone on 17th dec.. Very nice place in day time. Beautiful viees. And seems haunted in evening...

pritam kumar 3 years ago

jo jana chata hai waha rat ma ja wo maro ga

hardik 3 years ago

kuch nahin hoga main to aaj raat ja raha huuu

Abhishek 3 years ago

Hey Friends I am Going tomorrow, I will share my experience with you All....


Ashish Kumar Rout 3 years ago

after knowing abt all this ,I would definitely visit this place

Titli Chakraborty 3 years ago

Hey guys is it,really very haunted..

Most importantly such ruined place will surely create some abnormal activities..and regrding the sounds,they may also generate due to the cracks of the ruins...and grasses dwindling due to high spark of air..

So wat is thre so para normal about it...ya i do agree that paranormal activity do exists because i had been a victim of such threat...but do u really think ghosts or the atma's exists

riya sharma 3 years ago

if you really have any experience tell me

manisha arora 3 years ago

i believe in ghosts i want to go bhangarh

Wapang 3 years ago

neva seen a ghost wid my own eye. must b intresting in bhangarh...

afazal 3 years ago

me teyar hu aprajita kyu ki hum h teli nhi hote kisi k beli so u can come with jheli.....

Indian Ghost Stories 3 years ago

Very Good Information about Bhangarh . We also have the Largest Database of Haunted places in India as Well as in Hindi So If You want to Read in Deep about haunted places

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Shalini Simon 3 years ago

I would love to go to bhangarh. I am looking for an opportunity to go there

Amar sankar 2 years ago

i m a college student...we had a trip to bhangarh....we have taken a lot of pic...but the strange thing is that almost all the pic we have taken was scary...fewer of our friends even fall ill...

Amar sankar 2 years ago

i m a college student...we had a trip to bhangarh....we have taken a lot of pic...but the strange thing is that almost all the pic we have taken was scary...fewer of our friends even fall ill...

ronak sharma 2 years ago

I want to stay a night in bhangarh.....

Anyone wants to come with me ..plz contact 9982827570

elakkiyaas 2 years ago

i am dare to go soon

elakkiyaas 2 years ago

i am dare to go soon

Tuntun 2 years ago

The locals believe that the princess Ratnavati has taken birth somewhere else and that the fort and the empire of Bhangarh is waiting for her return to put an end to the curse

ashu nagpal 2 years ago

I want to stay in night in bhangarh.anyone wants to come with me then call me.


MOHIT PAL 2 years ago


IT IS REAL .........


RANK NO. 5066898


MOHIT PAL 2 years ago


IT IS REAL .........


RANK NO. 5066898


shreyash chinchore 2 years ago

I feel that it is just nonsence... Their may be some people doing illegal activities their and to not get caught they may have spread some fake stories...

Sandeep Patil 2 years ago

I feel Bhangargh will be a beautiful place during day time, as per the above review. But in the night it will be pretty scary as nature takes opposite direction. It will take lot of guts to halt there during night!

Sujeet 2 years ago

hey friends i think ki accha hoga agar hum sabhi asi ke rules ko follow kare aur bematlab apni jaan ko jokhim me na daale kyunki mera manna hai agar bhagwan hai to buri sakti bhi hai tabhi ye duniye balance par chal rahi hai , aur jitne log bhi dum dikha kar wahan raat me ja rahe ho god bless to you all

Uday 2 years ago

So boring

Badal 2 years ago

i m very interested.... bcz there is no electricity...which create more fearness. I m very exited to drewover the


anil suthar 2 years ago

hallo frands yh sb real hy purani stories hmesa se real hoti hy bt hmm hy ki bhs ise paisa kmane ka ak zriya bna rakha hy so plz yh shb purani yaade aur storyes mind may mt laao to jyada better rhega an my all sweet frands god bless u n me ok by tak care

Tpash 2 years ago

I am also interested to experience is, there is nothing around the world called ghost okey.......yah sab maan ka dar hain or uch nahi.

somesh 2 years ago

Bhosadi walo jana na Waha nhi to fat Haifa??

namandeep singh 2 years ago



nishu khan 2 years ago

Hii ..

yes iam interest in bhangharh fort coz it is a real story

abhijeet 2 years ago

One of the haunted place in the world ..

Kwthang jamatia 2 years ago

I wud lyk to visit.......I love mystries

sheldon 2 years ago

Is it real

ranbir 2 years ago

There is no vidieo on you tube of bhangarah in night check out

Dhiraj 2 years ago

Yes I wAnt to stay night..nd to feel the,pain of ghost.

Ramsunder verma 2 years ago

I go there in the night

prashant upadhyay 2 years ago

Ragini mms me suna or dekhayar me yaha jsna chahunga

Plece id so hunted

abhishek sharma 2 years ago

i want 2 go there in night, hum v toh dekhe kya hai aakhir ye bhanghar fort....

awanish ballia 2 years ago

i m horror

monika 2 years ago

you r scared

Subhankar Debnath 2 years ago

Beautiful place.I want to stay in night in bhangar..


hell 2 years ago


ambu 2 years ago

Its true my friends...Please tell me...becos im living I don't know anything about this..Please if anyone now please tell me please. .

DIPTI 2 years ago


rana mahendra pratap 2 years ago

nice story. but something is wrong I don't believe in this story

pankaj 2 years ago

i don't belive in this story..........friends tell me in real life ghost are present....plz tell me.........

sagar 2 years ago

One of the most haunted place in the world?

Worth a visit

Anyone up for a visit after dark?

Agr sahi me gaurds are still alive at night then what all can happen to us?

Chiku 2 years ago

I really wanna go to bhangarh................... It sounds very interesting......

ram sharma 2 years ago

I would like to go bhangarh . I m very interested to see ghost.Pl let me know if any one is interested. Contact me on

Mayur 2 years ago

I also like to go bhangadh, In fact, ragini mms movie dekhane k baad, I am excited to visit bhangadh nd also want to stay night.

atul 2 years ago

hey guys myself atul....nd i saw bhangarh fort and had a lovely night in indias most haunted place...nothing was there....its only the stories made by chill.

vinay kumar 2 years ago

Dhosto bhagwan he to shaitan bi hote he.......

Mano ya mat mano....

But ye such he......

aarti 2 years ago

I want to go bhangarh

kundan singh 2 years ago

Those persion who become oversmart,even they cannot.if you have tobecome oversmart you should join any force departmnemt

Augniv Dutta 2 years ago

guys wanna make a documentary film on this mind blowing haunted place. need some strong heart people to join me.

i really wanna see them...

aditya 2 years ago

I want to go to bhangarh

Rajesh prasad Behera 2 years ago

Hye friends,

I am Rajesh , Iam interested to travel Bhangarh. I am researching in Ghosts and in Hunted places. I want to see how hundent the place is. Who will interested to company with me please mail at

ayush mishra 2 years ago

mai a rha hu.

Abhay Raichand 2 years ago

I had visited but there were no ghost. Wha pe avaje ati hai wo is leaye jab hava chalti hai tab waha ki lion type banaya hai waha pe se muh khula hone ki wajah se avaje ati hai waha aisa kuch nahi hua hai koi tantrk wageta ka kuch nahi hai. Ye bas ek kaha ni hai jo logo ne aafae failae hai. Pic se samaz mai aata hai ki waha pe kuch nahi hai raat mai bhi kuch nahi hai. Kahte hai bhoot prate par insano ka shikar karna accha lagta hai par wo direct le hummala nahi karte. Jab unhe kuch kahne hota hai tabhi waha pe dekhte hai. I had investicated it but yaha pe koi lover hoga ancient time pe par yaha pe ye sab bhoot prate nahi hai uska maksad pura hogaya hai is leye wo bhi yaha pe nahi hai.

Archita 2 years ago

Muje vahan pe jana hey... Hum sab colg mein plan karey... So guys any one intrsted lets go ther


Paras.. 2 years ago

Iam already visited this site it is only an old fort..yar raat ko to tb rukoge naa wha kuch hoga..wha to kewal pathar ka ek killa h..

Vishal sharma 2 years ago

I am going to this place mujhe lagta hai k such me vha kuch galet hua tha jiske kaen vo jagha shrapit hai

dips 2 years ago

i have already visited the place twice with my friends as nyt..there is something definitely mysterious about this place.....we found tht we reach at the same place every time when we were in the fort...i don't know whether its ghostly or what ..some something unusal usally happens there...some strange voice is there in wind..thought we didn't see any ghost there...

to know more mail me

aisha 2 years ago

It is funny

Raghavendra Singh 2 years ago

total chutiyapa h vha ... 3 years se newyear party vhai kar rha hu m.. whole night fort m spend ki h .. hume to koi negative energy nhi mili .. its nice and peacefully place

ROHIT 2 years ago


chirag 2 years ago

i rly wanna go thr in night ....if anyone wanna go thr wth me cntct me on f.b .... jst typ chirag.papneja haryana hansi ..n google pe srch kro...h dm to krna

chirag 2 years ago

i rly wanna go thr in night ....if anyone wanna go thr wth me cntct me on f.b .... jst typ chirag.papneja haryana hansi ..n google pe srch kro...h dm to krna

Kunal Jhade 2 years ago

Bhoot Hote Hai.

rahim shaikh 2 years ago

Ilike this but very interesting place

bhushan 2 years ago

I rly wanna go there aftr sunset

sandeep 2 years ago

That place is realy haunted

I want to go there

call if u want come


Jasminder 2 years ago

All bags packed to visit Bhangarh on 14th April . No plans to experiment with ghosts. Wana see this place and come back



omar 2 years ago

Bkwas bnd kr....

Hta savan ki ghta ....batti bujha...mut kr so jane ka....

Sb chutiya bnane wali bte h...

Ratnawati singraj 2 years ago

Jab rat ko waha thandi hawa bahti haina tav thand nehi garmi lagti kiyuki waha ghost ka taqwat bar jata hai tav. Jinda rahna chate hoto yaha maat aao warna wapash jaa nehi paoge. Get ready to die. ;-)

pari 2 years ago

hi, is any one went there , if yes den plz tel me how is place and paranormal activity are there or nt

pari 2 years ago

send me and mail wd the story .... if any one have realy gost exprc story

pari 2 years ago

abhi 2 years ago

Ha ha I will stay only if sunny Leone spends the night

akanksha vihan 2 years ago

Don't know much abt dis yes I do believe in ghosts. ..nd I guess dis is really a haunted place. .

meet 2 years ago

hmm now i hve to Go

saifuddin 2 years ago

hey there stop talking lets go and find out that what is going on

vijayshree tripathi 2 years ago

I visit this place once in my life positively but in morning because if we believe in god then we should believe in super natural powes also

aryan sharma 2 years ago

I wanna visit bhangarh in evng

Anyone who comes with me

Call my no. 9982069868

ARYANS 2 years ago


dharmendra 2 years ago

dar hi bhut hai waha ja kar dekho

deepu 2 years ago

Arree yr kya darna..jakr dekhte h kya hota h..

N that monu is missng??

k.k.dash 2 years ago

Me bhangard me reheta hun.esa kuch to hai jo rat ko hamesa hota hai.job hawa ruk jati hai to awz ani suru hoti hai

santosh verma 2 years ago

hi frns i'm a student n l will go to bhanghar. if ew want to go then join me

Bhupali 2 years ago

Its very scary but I wanna know more about this hunted place so, how its possible.................

DEVANSH SHARMA 2 years ago


Salman Khan 2 years ago


sahil ansari 2 years ago

I like hunted story.

But not this is funny

I belive it bhangar story this is really haunted fort...

RajuKanjilal 2 years ago

May be some unknown scientific reason are here but I don't believe in this type of myth. I can go along there and also can stay night along. If anyone can bet I 'll go. Raju Kanjilal , Kolkata (09062414937). Bogus.

Nidhi 2 years ago

I read all the above ...........................................but i found its to be very interesting. Most of ppl asking where is Monu?

i want to know really where is monu? but I think he don't want to answer to create some mysteries for him..........................hehe....really funny monu. But I believe in paranormal activities but it is not compulsory that they will harm be positive and enjoy the trip............good luck all of u

yashu 2 years ago

I think I have. To go there in night as soon as I can go. I belive in the ghost but iwill go and stay for a week

ketan gangani 2 years ago

i like hunted story

but bhangadh story is not fake. is truelr story.

I want to go to bhangarh.

hemant yadav 2 years ago

Nyone for ragini mms3 :/

charchit 2 years ago

Hum vha pr rat ki 2 bje gae the ab btao or puri rat bhir vha pr ghum te rhe or pure 3ghenty ghme the

Ankit kumar 2 years ago

i think that it so krazy otherwise is bare main kuch na kuch mystery jaroor hai

Fredrick Hastings 2 years ago

I believe that GOD can only take my life. So I don't believe in this shit. I'm not so rich to go & proof that no evil can hurt u or come close to u if u truly believe in GOD. If u r an arise then trust me no evil can ham u. My number 9716798328 & e-mail ID is

Jiya bhatiya 2 years ago

Mujhe bhanger ki mystery janni he agr kisi ko

Pata he to mujhe fon karo 7696341739

Mahesh 2 years ago

I want to go to Bhangarh in May 2014.It is really a haunted place in all over the world.If u believe in ghost then must travel at least one times to this place.

Smriti Jain 2 years ago

I am a tourism student and want to do research on Bhangarh and promote this destination as a tourist spot to help the local community to earn through tourism. Please those who have real information about it then mail me at smriti1801@gmail.

uttam boro 2 years ago

I Belive in God and also know about Evil Sprit present in this world but I do belive in lord Jesus Christ that he will deliver us from all the evil sprit that he has promise all his children to save from it, that whoever believes in his name. so never be afraid to walk in the darkness in that particular place. Take Jesus Name.

vimal gurjar. 2 years ago

Its true .... friends .

deepak soni singer 2 years ago

ye sab jitne log bol rhe h bakwas hai to wo plz ek bar wha jakr dekhen and ajmaye ye sab i belive it bcz me isi state ka hu

nanak hooda 2 years ago

Hai gays l believe in such historys and I wants goes there

shiv 2 years ago

yrr my hometown was bhangarh nd my grandfather tells me tht thing is really true because of tht princess nd frnd age ki story kissi ko janani ho to call kare 9033571600

vishal Bhandare Latue 2 years ago

I always belive on my eyese.But the sixth sense is very important in this case I always try to understand ghost"ATMA;Parmatma physical women live at your around every time.Now few days after I will come to Ajabgarh and Bhangarh.Because I am untreated in this matter.Now I am searching how to understand GHOST feeling and that object.There are not only ghost object is kill to harm somebody but also good object or signal to person..........Thanku VMB

joydip chowdhury 2 years ago

mo- 9614391120


soyab 2 years ago


i love ghost story ...nd more then muje eshi jagaoo pe jana behat pasand hai ...nd pls more pic bhanghar so pls contec me ya send my

pls contec me ...982461864 ...

nd my mail id



rowdy 2 years ago

Me bhangarh ja raha hu 10 din ke ander kisi ko join kerna hai to mail kare at i am from delhi age 28 profession swimming coach

rowdy 2 years ago

Contact for night stay only

souravn91501416 2 years ago

I Really want to go in this place...

jJunaid 2 years ago


Mosin bijali 2 years ago

Yar ek no place hai bhangarh but utni realy hounted hai yar ham frends rat mai gaye the waha 2 baje tak kuch nahi laga but mai jab akela return hamari gadi ke taraf chala tab mujhe aihsas hua I sach mai bhoot rahet hai yar tum sirf akele jao rat mai tab pata chalega waha asal mai kya hai

vishal singh naruka 2 years ago

I live in bhangarh i like in place

amit 2 years ago

Me unme se h ek hu Jo waha jaane ki baat kiya tha or gya v magar koi fayada nhi jao

devendra 2 years ago

frnds mera ghar hi bhangarh me place fattu logo ke liye hunted he.

ajay namdeo 2 years ago

mi ajay in writer with love but in intrsting honted hauos plze call mi freand all dittel 9039186009

darpan 2 years ago

I am so excited to go there and enjoy the palace

Ranjeet and rakesh thakur 2 years ago

Ye sab bakwas manta hu mai

saanvi 2 years ago

ya this is so amazing i also wants to go after sunset ...its realy full of fun i wnna go there.....n wnna know tht its real...........i wnna see tht shadow n wnna feel its presence.....

tatsi 2 years ago

its really if ASI hs wrnd.....thn all should keep away frm tht vry plce....specially aftr sunst n befr sunrise...

vineet 2 years ago

Hey all above Is saying that the gonna visit this place but nobody is saying he/she visited is place at night.. Is this really scary place at night?

dinesh 2 years ago

Bhangarh is a beautifull place but it's really hunted scary place after 6 pm

It's not a joke

aArYa 2 years ago

aBBe gAdhOo saaLo maT jaANa kOi waHa... maNe aPne aAnKhO sE dEkHa H uS dEviL kO... pLz YRr in sB kO haLKe mE maT Lo.. uN sB kI V dUnIYa hoTii H....

aGR kOi fR sE jaNa cHaHTa tO m V cHLunGa saaTh mE... Ye meRa fB iD H rQsT senT kRo

ruman khan 2 years ago

I know very well.,

Mob: 8171021119

akash 2 years ago

I would also like to visit the place and know about it .

vicky 2 years ago

rly i believe in haunted place ek br to mai surely jaunga

aradhna chand 2 years ago

Wow.... Nice but now i desperately wn to visit ds plc n da 2 at ni8 :-P

Bhoomi 2 years ago

I also wanna go bhangrh n stay aftr sunset but aftr my final yr xm. . In august or sept. I ll defintly go..

suresh 2 years ago

Sub log dur te hai so they ask as mere saat aengey.

Ajay gurjar 2 years ago

i want to go visit bhangarh fort after sunset

subham raj 2 years ago

i belive in hunted place.......

Niti 2 years ago

Muje to pta b nhi ta is place k bare me bt aj meri mam ne hme drama script bnane k liye kaha or kaha ki is place k bare me search kro, mai to jst apni script bnane k liye search kr ri ti bt bhangarh ki stories itni interested lgi ki sham se kb rat ho gyi pta he ni chla.maine sbke comments pde or almost persns jinhone ye kaha mai ja ra hu or dekhta hu wha kya h n all..unme se abi tk kisi ka experince pta ni chla.kaha gye wo sb???????wo sb gye b ya nhi ya fake rhe te....??????

n i also wnt 2 know about monu?where z he?????

I believe in ghost or paranormal activities.....

niti 2 years ago

hey mr.aarya.....i really wnt knw abt ur experince???????/

biju 2 years ago

plz don't go there one of my friend go there but still he was not returned

supreet 2 years ago

I have also wanted to go n look in such places if really any ghostly activities exist anywer but guys hum sab chale toh gaye wat if the ppl with quit even b4 entering yhe palace in night puri mood ki baand baj jayegi

praveen kumar 2 years ago

ye storry puri nhi hai '

contact for if u want to read full story and ....

Jo log us house me gae h un ki statement b us me hai....

my id on Facebook...

amar singh 2 years ago

Frds jise bhi chlna ho bta dena

Night stay bhi krege bhuto ke sath

ruman khan 2 years ago

i will go bhangarh

joydip chowdhury 2 years ago

Bhangar is haunted place bat beautiful place.

mis col mo.--9614391120

koel 2 years ago

monu yaar satao mat jaldi saamne aao......bhangar really interstng place hai...koi sacha exprce batao na...wo missin offcrs n missin ppl kyahaiye it true? koi akele gaye wahan par? pl reply

RuPali 2 years ago

I Dnt Knw Tht Itz Rlly True Or Not........But Yeah Itz Interesting N I Think Who Believes In Ghosts Only Those People Sees Ghosts Coz Itz All About Mind.....If Our Mind Thnks Tht Ghosts Exists Den Our Mind Starts Making D Sketches......So Itz Juz All Abut Our Thnkng....

prasenjit bhadra 2 years ago

Archaeological survey of India is not a puts signboards after much research.....


I have visited Bhangarh fort after sunset.

It s a really nice place and the bullshit stories about Bhangarh is proved to be non sense!!!!!!!

profile image

Trilok Kumar 2 years ago from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Nothing like that.. I have already visited many booth bungalows and places so far in my life. and this one is not scary. I have done research and found there is one reason behind it. Making it habitant means exploitation of the place. so they have wrote that. and second thing. there is no curse on it...........But friends.. if u want to explore let me know.. we can go there and research it... best place to do research

shubham 2 years ago

Will be back in few days and let u all know the truth

vivek 2 years ago

I believe its all fake........ And they r hiding smithing frm us.... It can be treaser.....

SOURABH 2 years ago

I want to go bhangarh..

ruman khan 2 years ago

have you seen sprit? Hare is sprit.

Anam S ayyed 2 years ago

guys its all rot bhoot hote hi nahi yeh sab logo ki psychological problems hai aur kuch nahi...........

subhojit dam 2 years ago

I think there is nothing for fear. Kuch log ki mental problem ha yea aur kuch nahi.

vicky jadon 2 years ago

bhoot naqhi hote hai agar hote to hame mahsoos hote

Debashis DJ 2 years ago

i like hunted place .me or meri girl friend jarur jaenge.

ruman khan 2 years ago

Mujhe bhanger ki mystery janni he

Mob 08171021119

amit rabi 2 years ago

Bhoot agar hote hai to dikhai kiun nahi dete....

pranay 2 years ago

is the story of bhangarh is original?

can we go before sunset or after sunrise?

if no then tell us why?

Manoj jadhao 2 years ago

Ya story of bhangarh fort is true. What ever comments this people were mentioned is of before sunset and after sunrise but in between this time it is very haunted......

yash soni 2 years ago

Wow yrr vese koi esa he jo ja kr aaya ho

aniket rai 2 years ago

Bhai itne log bole ho ki ja rhe ho koi gya bhi tha ya bs bhaukal mar diya

Vidya 2 years ago

It is supposed to be real. There is even a book coming out about it with tantric and queen. But I think the sign is for people's protection. What if they fall or vandalise the place.


hi hello bhoot hai k nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii OOh kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OOOkkkkkkkk oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh

good bye bhooooooooot gayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaysurya 2 years ago

it's very scary to go bhangarh fort travel alone

pranav vyas 2 years ago

if i have to go to bhanghar i would like to go there because i like to servy old fort and bhanghar fort is more historical and some says its scary to so i wish to go there and survy is there any ghost activity there or not i have some of my friends through out world who can help me to find the mistory of bhanghar fort ......................................

prashant 2 years ago

Any 1 up for da trip..????? Let me knw..lets make a group n visit der.... 9975632286

radhika bhardwaj 2 years ago

Some people and a.s.i said that bhangarh is a most haunted place of india bt i also go wanna there after sunset or before sunrise nd i trust there is not any ghost, bad sprits or evils and i wanna spand some time theere

rahul gupta 2 years ago

i want to go there because i believe in ghosts and i want to know more about ghosts

nabeelah 2 years ago

i would also love to go there seems interesting

katli pandit 2 years ago

i am also heard a story of this fort it seeems vry scary

ankur 2 years ago

Kya jaoge yar.sbki phat jati hai.vahan k logo ne bhut kucch jhela hai. Pta hai pehle to vahan k log b aisa hi sochte the.aur ve vahan gye rat me.par aj tak koi vapas hi nai aya. Mai vahan gya tha apne do dosto k sath.but yar rat me jane k. Permission. Nai hai.but vahan ke logo ne kuch kahaniyaa sunai.aur tm logo ko kch aur janna hai to ghum aao ya muje phone kr lena.aise hawa me bate mat kiya kro plz.9905278006

Anchal 2 years ago

Everyones say k bhoot hain to dikhte kyu nhi and all dat stuff.. hv u ever seen god.. hv u ever seen the air.. coz dere r many things jo sirf mehsus hoti hain .... so dese things really do exist .... I don't knw abt bhangar by yes I do knw k yeh cheeze hoti hai jst feel dem ... spirits do exist...

Raghav 2 years ago


ankur 2 years ago

Anchal I quite agree wid u.n I know bad spirits do exist.n I know these bcoz I hv spend time there n hav got to know a lot of things.

kaushik Paulash 2 years ago

This Place is really beautiful but its the most haunted place in the world after sunsets. . . so honestly say i suggest those people who are planning to go there over night. Guys, DO NOT play with the nature it is a part of it . . .one of my friend tried to do so !!!! n he was with us !!!!! but when we saw the first mishap with us i.e. he suddenly disappeared so at the same time we left that place and the city soon !!! so he is not with us anymore !!!! personal experience hai !!! So "DO NOT PLAY WITH IT"

krishan gupta 2 years ago

i realise this place is vry scary i suggest those people who are planning to go there over night. Guys, DO NOT play with the nature it is a part of it .

Ajay sathua 2 years ago

kya hota hai raat ko bhangarh mai, mai aa raha hun. Frnds lets go fore a picnic trip to bhangarh

annanya 2 years ago

may b spirits do exist...but it seems to b intresting...if i got a chance i want to go there....

Abhay Chauhan 2 years ago

Bhangarh me ghost ya atma ya or kch h ye pta nhi bt me apne experience se keh skta hu wha kch to jrur h

Abhay Chauhan 2 years ago

hum 5 friends gye the wha jan-14 me ,humne b boht kch pda or suna tha wha k bre me so hm 5 frnds wha day time me its realy bful place kafi sukun mila wha jakar ek dum shant jagah sirf nature ki khoobsurti thi wha,hmne sbne phle se plan bnaya tha din me entry krenge or raat ko whi ruk jayenge,surayast hone k bad koi security guard andar nhi ata wha,but hmne sbse samajdari ka kaam ye kiya tha wha entry hone se pehle hum darga gye the or wha k phool apne sath rakh liye the or alwar se pehle bhiwadi ati h wha boht famous mandir h mohanbaba ka wha mandir par jakar thodi si rakh apne sath leli thi,hm din me 2 bje wha pohach gye the ,aram se hum wha ghume fire or fir suryast ka w8 krne lge,hm kafi exited ho rhe the suryast hone k liye ,jo ajtk sirf suna ya pda h wo fill krne wale the

mayank Ajmera from nathdwara 2 years ago

Very beautiful fort in rajesthan

KABEER 2 years ago

I am a scientist, i have also visited that place in April..

believe me gyse waha kuch na kuch paranormal to hai.

me and my group stayed whole night there after taking the permission ...

hamare pas hamare equipments bhi they and....

and hamne asi strange or diff readings mile jo earth pe milna bilkul possible nai tha...

so that's i am telling you never take these things for fun.....


yatharth 2 years ago

yes; it is haunted place

Dushyant Singh 2 years ago

hi guyys..

and there r 2 story abt bhangarh fort

1) was of tantrik and black mazik who cursed the fort and

2) was that . there was asadhu who use to meditate the.. the king asked him to built the fort there hi allowed and said that the fort will be fine till its image(parchai) don't touches him..

the architect's forgot this and built the fort so high that its image touched the samadhi of sadhu and every thing finishes there..along with a war btwn bhangarh and ajabgarh..

i m nt sure abt the ghost in bhangarh bt it is true tht who ever visited that place he/she never came back... so y u peoples r interested in doing the things against the nature...

if god exists then ghost do exists...

so i suggest u plss dont' show ur foolishness bt try to show ur bravery ... go n enjoy the place in the day time only.... be safe.. tc

-dushyant singh (9762365580)

Papa 2 years ago

Ol r rumours spread by our gov.

Cuz aisi jagah pe bhoot nai khazana hota hai

monu 2 years ago

Finally I'm back. I'm alive. I stayed there. 3 Nights. I dared to stay there alone. At one time I pissed in my pants. I didn't care about my life that's why I dared to take this step. I didn't see anybody there. Nobody killed me or harmed me in any way. Total silence. The only sound I heard was of the animals or to some extent of the wind. Everything is hyped about this place. If any person could have been missing there, it could have only been missing on account of some human beings involved in some activities like tantra saadhana or poachers. Fear is in your mind.

hemraj 2 years ago

Very intestineg story I'm going to bhangadh

Yashdeep 2 years ago

Its real story. Aur jo Bhoot,Pret me vishwash nahi rakhte me use vishwash dila sakta hu. Its true.

keshav 2 years ago

Money aur general equipment jis crew ke pass ho vo muje call kar sakta muje in case me kafi knowledge

My no is 9919046743

pratibha 2 years ago


its a real story don't dare to go there at night...........

ruman khan 2 years ago

who is there?


i like it.

raj 2 years ago

thanx god monu!!! ur back comments padhte time mere gand fatt rahi thi cos its already night alone in ma room monu can u give ur tel. no. pls i want know it in detail ma no. is 8180887302 k also any1 help me to go over their

Naseem 2 years ago

Jo mr hi gye h wo kya bigad skte h kisi ka????? Insano se dro wo hi sbse bde bhut h..

akash sharma 2 years ago

Sir yanhaa kuch nhi hai main khud puri raat yahaa reh chuka hun lekin yaahaa na bhut hai aur na hi kuch darane wali jagaha

harish kumar 2 years ago

this place realy haunted i want go bhangarh that place after sunset

jatin khandal 2 years ago

Are yar hindi language ma to nahi ha

manish krishna 2 years ago

me 1 month pahle bhangadh gya tha ,,,,,rat ko rukaa ........wo snnata mujhe aajj bhi yad he .........kyoki uss din me wanha friends ke sath waha rukka tha .... .dosto bhngadh ki sachai tabhi pata challegi apko jab app wanha akele rahenge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dhruvi rai 2 years ago

wow sun k bht excited hun.... really wanna go....

Anand Krisuh 2 years ago

I am also interested to visit this place.....anyone going do e-mail me at

profile image

Siddhartha Pati 2 years ago

I want to spend one night over there. Please if anyone interested thn plz let me know .my self sid mobile 08895577750 e-mail

Vishal Singh 2 years ago

Hey My name is Vishal I hv rade all of yours comments .I really want to visit that place At Rajasthan .I really want to visit there and want to spend 1 ni8 over there .So those who are intrest to go over there plz contct me my mobile no is +919851966593 plz tel me I want to go over there.

radhika bhardwaj 2 years ago

hello monu tumhara comment do

subrat 2 years ago

Me iske bare me ek rajstani se puchhatha usne ye bataya tha ki wahan really ghost hote hain

shruti 2 years ago

i dare to go bhangarh.

Harishlonely 2 years ago

I am here. And its 11:10pm. Abhi tk to sahi hai sb kuch.

kanhaiya yadav 2 years ago

main duniya ke kitne bhi bada haunted place ho wahan ja bhi sakta hoon aur ruk bhi sakta hoon akele main kisi bhoot se nahi darta

sachin rajak 2 years ago

it is one of the most haunted place don t go there

vivek soni 2 years ago

I think I wanna visit that's place its so wander

hunted place

bob patil 2 years ago

nice plac to hang out anyone is coming with me at night

Vikram 2 years ago

Akshu, Sachu and Ajju we should visit this place

pramod 2 years ago

I went bhangarh i feel there is some think dangerous.u can also visit u will also feel something.

ashwani tripathi 2 years ago

Pls. Frnd take it seriously, anything can happen so pls don't stay in bhangarh after sunset,always be cautious about these type of things.

kumar raikwar 2 years ago

I want to go bangarh at night but my patentd will not allowed me because i am small

anshul 2 years ago

i spend lots of time in bhangarh

plz guys its not joke

bhool ke bhi yhn visit na karna

wse i dn blv in ghost

but bhangarh fort majboor kar deta h vishwas karne par

khud pair ruk jate hn saam hote hi bhangarh me entr karne pe

saare sine board chiillaa chillaa ke apko rookte hn yahaan sach me kuch h gov bhi maan chki h is baat ko..!!

kanai singh 2 years ago

bhangarh one of the most hunted place im very intrested in this place and before i will come me an my friend tubai...........any one join us (

Dhirendra Singh 2 years ago

i like this place

vikas jaswal 2 years ago

I went there on 29th of June and spent a night there all alone except for the fact that I took three shots of vodka and although I heard different unusual sounds but was able to go through the night with fire alongside, that was great

Rajesh Kumar Gupta 2 years ago

its a real story don't dare to go there at night.. Rajesh Kumar Gupta

village- Madubani Bazar Tola Pathardewa Distick Maharajganj

nancy agarwal 2 years ago

Well i really wana b dere atleast once to knw d real fact.....n truth ....m interestd in finding out wt d mtr if d place is nt haintd hw com in one ngt ol of it....get destryd dere must b stdy

Really luking frward to it

nancy agarwal 2 years ago

Well i really wana b dere atleast once to knw d real fact.....n truth ....m interestd in finding out wt d mtr if d place is nt haintd hw com in one ngt ol of it....get destryd dere must b stdy

Really luking frward to it

aaryan kashyap in 6 A ciass c block 2 years ago

hiii abe yaar miene suna hei ki vahaa pur koi raat mei nahi jata meire taau ji japuir mei reheite hai to unhone kaha ki vaha par ghost rehete hai but i don, be beilive this mei khata hu ki ghost nahi hote kya aap bhi ghost par vishvash rakhte hei ya nahi tell me please

atul verma 2 years ago

hay miene suna heiki vahaa pur koi bhi raat ko nahi jata.paar kay vahaa koi bhuot he bhi ki nah?mia is ka pata lagane ke lie vahaa kea bara jana jahauga

shadab 2 years ago

Mai bhi jana chahata hu wha par.

Jara mai v to dekho agar koie jarha

Hai to plz contec me?

mohammed.sameer 2 years ago

Frends this is a real

Pleas yahan pr raat mat rukna

Government ka a.s.i.board laga hai yahan.

So b caerfully.


hemant 2 years ago

There is nothing...i have been there for night.only u have fear is in ur mind..the ambience around u make the presence of something is we had heard the stories of bhangarh...u feel what u heard and we keep beilieving that some spirits r there...kuch nai hai yaar...

amit singh rathore 2 years ago

me ek raat ruka tha jungli janbaro ki awaj k alaba kuch bhi nahi tha mere saat mere do frnds or bhi the kuch bhi nahi he bharat sarkar chutiya bana rahi he or raat me to khali ghar me bhi dur lagta he or fir bhan garh kila to jungal me sunsan jagaha par he

harihar udit aamir sachin chandan charchita kashinath khan john swain mohapatra 2 years ago

I had there for three years but nothinh to see besides rat and cat

pankaj 2 years ago

stores stores stores fake fake fake any one give me any proof this place is really haunted ????????

rajveer singh banjara 2 years ago

This is real bro .because its my family story

Aminul 2 years ago


raja 2 years ago

Do you belief on god............I saw something in their

samiksha 2 years ago

Hey frenzzz plzzz tell m that i s this a real story of ghosts. ???

I mean reallly......!!!!!! Thers something like that. ?????????

michaeljsmithh profile image

michaeljsmithh 2 years ago from New York, New York

nice article..

we will visit bhangarh soon..

i like this blog too

krittika 2 years ago

Guyz i think koyi hai us place me ni to (ASI) ye note ni kadte.... mujhe jana hai us place me....... becz mujhe dekhna hai ghost hote kesay hai.......

Dev 2 years ago

Hey krittika...dat's not a scary place even its a best picnic or trip spot . i visited so many times and one another thing that night stay in all historical places is Prohibited in India by ASI T and C.

Anupam 2 years ago

Hey.. I am planning ro visit the place after 30th September. Krittika u can join Me if u want and anyone else who want to join. mail me at

akash 2 years ago

Bhangarh is far from my house something 30-35 km nd read every weak in local news paper that in bhangarh somebody's dead body founded near queen's room or pool of queen

Rajat Mishra 2 years ago

Bhangrah agar vaha bhut hai toh mai vaha jana chahunga.....

Rajat Mishra 2 years ago

Agar bhangrah me bhoot hai toh mai usse milunga

And 1 more thing any of the girls r interested in sex pls contact on:


Sahil Gupta 2 years ago

I am coming to India in December. Let me know if anybody wanna join us. We are going to visit this place in a group of school frends. Mail me at

Hari krishan 2 years ago

Party with bhootnaath

govind singh 2 years ago

Bhai taiyari mai kar raha hu 7august ko mere dosto ke sath dekhana hai qya hota hai

bhoot 2 years ago

Monu mere laal margaya kya, lagta hai monu ko bhuto ne maar diya , ya to monu ko naukri laggaya hai bhangar mai,,,,

pooman 2 years ago

yaa I also want to visit bhangar................... :)

Vikarm Singh 2 years ago

Yes this is haunted place

sunil 2 years ago

Babu kuch to he waha

Varna eise hi khaniya nhi banti...


karthik 2 years ago

Wow chalo agar kisi ne apna maa ka dudh piya he tho mere saath chalo dekhte hai kya hai vaha .agar jana hai tho plzz mere iss number par call karke mujha batao .7874004039

manuraj 2 years ago

idare to goooooo.............

HARSHAL DESAI 2 years ago


krittika 2 years ago

No guyz me ni ja sakti... and thanx dev and anupam... and ager tum log ja re ho to jao and baad me batana kesa laga... me baad me jaungi ager sab ek sath jayenge to bhoot ko acha ni lagega...

raj jangid 2 years ago

it is so hunting place but i want to go there and enjoy there

ali 2 years ago

hy frd yeh sab bas ek dhook hai, tourisam ko badav dene ka yeh bat aap ko nahi samj m i, agar waha bhoot hai to waha itne khubsurat place nahi hoti, bhoot to apne sat aas pass ki jagh ko sarvnashkarte hai to woh pleac kyo butiful hai. think and b proud v r indian apne pas bhi kuch i se jaga hai jo ham proud mahsus kar saktey hai don't comments that place is haunted. pls comments that place is beautiful.

jeevan 2 years ago

Asi apna board tbhi lgati hai jab koi jgh really haunted hoti hai

C.k.prasad 2 years ago

are yar waha sahi me bhoo hai to ek bhoot ka photo post ker do....... pata chal jayega ki waha sahi me bhoot hai ya nahi............

Vinay 2 years ago

A.S.I ka board laga he to...sach me kuch na kuch hoga's Not a joke ....

Simona 2 years ago

omg......sachi main kuch toh hoga hi tabhi......videos upload hue h.............plzzz bhooth ji eek pic toh banti h

rohit kumar 2 years ago

I think go in bhangarh and tray the experience of ghost place

Johne178 2 years ago

Hey very nice site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds alsoI am happy to find a lot of useful info here in the post, we need work out more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . . edgeeakadaag

Harsh Saxena 2 years ago

Varun Kumar ka comment padha kisi ne??

usko bhangarh gaye hue 2saal hogye abtk wapas ni aya comment krne.. lolz

gaurisha 2 years ago

yeh bahut beautiful place hai

avanish 2 years ago

Its fact when asi approved

mehul 2 years ago

Hai BhangarhKilo ke bhoto please jab main aonga tab please

muje dikahi dena Iam reqesting you.

krittika 2 years ago

Vinay and jeevan u r ri8. A.S.I koyi jocks ni hai guyz bhangar sach me ek haunted place gayi ni hun bt i'm sure..

Jatin 2 years ago

Hello Everone, Main apne dosto ke saath yaha gaya tha jab main apni study kar raha tha jaipur me, maine bahut se haunted place dekha hai, lekin bhangarh is baat kuch alag si thi kuch ajibo garib sanatta sa tha logo ke hone ke bawjood bhi, main apne dosto ke saath ek ke place gaya jaha kamre(room) ke ander maine dhekha hajaaro ke tadad me chamkadar (Bat) udd rahe the maine apne dost ka haath pakad ke piche kia aur zor se kaha bhago yaha se.. waha koi sadhu, crimnal nahi ruk sakata kyuki waha din me bat udd rahe the agar aap ander room me jaynge to to socho raat me kya hoga. ho sakata hai mere mitra Akhil Sharma ke point of view se dekha jaye to woh bhi ho sakta hai, lekin waha rukna bhaut bari chunauti hai apne aap me, aapka sathi Jatin.. :)

nidhi 2 years ago

nthing is haunted in bhangarh...ridiculous place

shamik seth 2 years ago

I am go to next month bhangarh. Mein dekh chata ho kya hunted hai o ha pe.

shamik seth 2 years ago

Mujhe bhan garh ki history janni hai . Jo koi bhi mujhe details main bata a ga mujhe call kare. My ph no. 8420698268. Thank you.

MOIN 2 years ago


sandeep sishodia 2 years ago

Main manta hu ki bhangarh jgh bhutiya h.....maine dekha h

jitender 2 years ago

bhangarh is biggest joke on the name of haunted places. very beautiful but not at all haunted

Niranjan 2 years ago

Huh..! Cray i will also be there with u all guyz and will have fun..!!

sadik mansuri ahemdabad 2 years ago

Dost mere sath ana raat ko hukka party karenge bhangar m dar k age jit h

Dada Thakur 2 years ago

abe is mein kuch bhi nahi hai ,main to abhi kal raat se yahin hoon

sajid 2 years ago

trip to bhangarh movie dekho

Abhishek bhattacharya 2 years ago

I want to go bhangar alone.

And I will go there.

M a young explorer and adventurer..

Let's c wat wil happen wid me....

shagun 2 years ago

Muje bi ye jgh dekhni h sb khte h hontd h es trh ki jgh jana or dekhna us chij ko mhsus krna muje bht acha lgta h

shanu khan 2 years ago

Agar ajab garh aur bhangarh ke bich Asi ka bord laga hai to kuch to sachchai hogi aur Maine ajab garh ke bare me suna hai ke vaha bhoot hai

kinal 2 years ago

I will never go there after sunset......above somany comments are there that they will go to bhangatu....did they went?????

kinal 2 years ago

Did any one went to bhangarh???????

debraj 2 years ago

ithink it is real that that placs is haunted .

pamela 2 years ago's really a hunted place is interesting..... I want to known more.......about it..... HAUNTED.....

vijay 24 months ago

boot-woot kuch nahi hote , ye to man ka vaham hai

surya 23 months ago

I think it will be more thrilling..!!

shubham 23 months ago

yaar night me entry krne ka kya jugaad hai vaha pr plzzz jo gya ho night me reply kro plzzzzz...........

Ravish 22 months ago

This is not such a place in real but interesting.I would like to go there but alone.

fareen 22 months ago

Pls dnt go there ....for u it's a joke n fun but. U don't knw actuly these types of things are there .. n who all r becoming so smart na to ye dhari reh jaegi....

nafisa 22 months ago

Hey everybody after reading everybody's comments I can see some of you do believe in ghosts and some do I respect that but I also want to tell you that I can see ghosts and I have had quite a lot of experiences with them you may not believe me but it is true I have had many many experiences mostly bad but some good so don't ever say that there is not something becuase there is always something!

This place just think if it was not true whY was such a story made Obviously something happened there the story cannot just come from anywhere and if it is not true whY is no one living there now whY were there no new houses made obviously something has happened there that no one acctually wants to live there so just think about what I have said before you comment.

subrata Dey 22 months ago

Dear friends,

Everybody can't see spirits by open eyes. You have to feel it just like we feel wind. i have a friend who is working under South jersy ghost research. You may get some prove of existence of spirit when you find the electro magnetic energy around you is not normal & the temperature around you gets up or down, for that you have to take powerful night vision camera, EVM & other important instruments to measure temperature & to get image. spirits may be harmful or may not be harmful, you can't be sure............

But can any one of you tell us the reason why ASI put the warning board & their office 1 kilometre away from the fort ? why our gvrnmnt. can't build a boundary for the safety of tourist from wild animals of the forest ? why let them enter into the area ? why our gvrnmnt can't manage electricity in the entire area for the safety & security of tourist as well as the fort area ? why ? why ? why ?

Please don't make yourself an Educated fool or a Brave duffer .

Still if you have guts then go there & stay at night alone

Dude truth is not depend on your belief........Truth is Truth....

Please DO TAKE CARE......May God Bless You.........

Subrata Dey 22 months ago

Dear friends,

Everybody can't see spirits by open eyes. You have to feel it just like we feel wind. i have a friend who is working under South jersy ghost research. You may get some prove of existence of spirit when you find the electro magnetic energy around you is not normal & the temperature around you gets up or down, for that you have to take powerful night vision camera, EVM & other important instruments to measure temperature & to get image. spirits may be harmful or may not be harmful, you can't be sure............

But can any one of you tell us the reason why ASI put the warning board & their office 1 kilometre away from the fort ? why our gvrnmnt. can't build a boundary for the safety of tourist from wild animals of the forest ? why let them enter into the area ? why our gvrnmnt can't manage electricity in the entire area for the safety & security of tourist as well as the fort area ? why ? why ? why ?

Please don't make yourself an Educated fool or a Brave duffer .

Still if you have guts then go there & stay at night alone

Dude truth is not depend on your belief........Truth is Truth....

Please DO TAKE CARE......May God Bless You.........

jasmine rao 22 months ago

Mujhe bhuto m bhut intrst h m waha jana chati hu mujhe ye jagah dekhni h

Subrata Dey 22 months ago

Yes i am planing to go there for research with my friend who is working under South jersy ghost Research, but the date is not yet fixed. jasmine Please let me know if you really want to explore. Because after recording the video you can share the truth with everybody. anybody can join us. we'll arrange every requirement for self protection.

floraa Roy 22 months ago

Mai kavi jaa paunga yeaa nhi pata nhi pr kass mai jaa pati.......

Ku ki mera ghr bohat dur h.....

Prr main yeahi bolungi ki all of u frndz aap logo ko interest to bohat hi aaraha h isilea aap log gana chata ho... Lekin agr bhangar m ASI ka sine bord h to pbir jarur kuch na kuch galat h.din m jao bt nitr m mat jaya karo.. Kuch galat v ho sakta h...

vikram singh 21 months ago

Me kai bar bhangad gaya hu ham vaha khood ghoome h akdam mast jagha h our ad ham phir jane vale h savan me so friends jo bhi hamare sath jana chahe vo aa sakata h con.9636747415

satish dhawan 17 months ago

Going to visit bhangarh this diwali 2015 any one intrested can join us

Shrutii 11 months ago

Hiii guys

I also want to see bhangarh. Wht is it. I dont belive on ghosts but i want to see this place. Its my dream to go bhangarh if anyone going so pls tell me......

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