Baby Beach In Aruba

Great Swimming Here

During your time on the island of Aruba, you'll want to consider a side trip to Baby Beach. Located on the southeastern end of the island, this beach is famous for it's calm-clear warm water and silky sand beach. Being that the beach is sheltered by coral from direct oceanfront waves, this is a favorite spot for locals or tourists to swim at. I have always stayed within the area protected by the coral, never venturing out beyond it. There is a breach in the coral to the sea, and this is one of the better general area’s to snorkel in.

Getting to Baby Beach can be accomplished a few different ways. The first time I went there was via DePalm Tours, this was for an approx hour long visit. On my next island visit, now that I knew how to get to Baby Beach I used a rental car to get there. Being a smart traveler I never tend to leave to many person items in the car-I tend to carry them with me-although I’ve never had a problem in Aruba of this nature. You must bring your own towels and snorkel gear and the food and drink available there is a bit limited. In the past I’ve seen many folks bring either a picnic lunch or use a small barbeque grill. Be sure to bring the sun tan lotion/sunscreen - I usually pore on the #30 when I’m there !

Oceanfront Video I Made In Aruba

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Thank you for sharing the Baby Beach hub, I appreciate it. thank you for very informative hub. Godspeed. creativeone59

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