Be Naked on Castro Street in San Francisco

They have, oddly, become a sort of perverse tourist attraction for those visiting San Francisco, CA. Yes, the Golden gate bridge is there, the European style city is there, Fisherman's Wharf is there, fog is always there and mostly naked gay men, also.

Why? I am not sure. If you want to see naked bodies buy a magazine or rent a porn movie to get your jollies, but to see fat, hairy, ugly middle aged and worse men, sit and walk around the Castro gay area is sick. It is NOT sic.What is appealing in that? A penis is a penis, flopping around along with the balls. What are they trying to prove? Just seeking some attention and admiration? Huh, think again dudes. You are getting the wrong attention and wrong whispers you cannot hear, like, "OMG, that is so disgusting", "pervert", "the guy has boobs, sick", "he's so hairy, yuck", "sicko".

Finally, even the liberal city of SF has decided to curtail the increasingly growing population around the stores and parks of Castro Street. Many businesses are silently welcoming the a new law that will ban nudity in most public places, should it pass. The funny part that SF already bans nudity in public parks, is the Castro district exempt? I guess some gays have no common sense and think going nude in public is a sort of statement. Maybe they hope to find a mate? What happens if one gets a hard-on? OMG!

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lovebuglena profile image

lovebuglena 4 years ago from Staten Island, NY

Wow! This is insane... Why would anyone wanna see naked men, especially those that are anything but attractive. Very puzzling to me that they've become an attraction for tourists.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Yeas, hubpages just decided to unpublish it because of the photo? bad SF press? Hubpages is in SF. I don't get it.

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