Beautiful Bohol

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Beautiful Bohol

Bohol is famous of its natural spots and sceneries that capture not just the taste of the tourists but the heart as well.

The province is a popular tourist destination with its beaches, resort and other tourist spots that can attract the tourists. The most popular among these spots is the numerous mounts of limestone formation, the CHOCOLATE HILLS. Another is the island of Panglao which is located southwest of Tagbilaran City that has plenty of white sand beaches and where diving spots is located and caters different divers coming from the different places around the globe.

indigenous to the island and is considered as the second smallest primate in the world is located in also in Bohol, the Philippine Tarsier. Several waterfalls are also present in Bohol like Mag-aso falls that is popular because of its scenic nature.

River cruises are found also in Bohol such as the Loboc River Cruise which create an attention for the different tourist that are fond of natural beauty in the environment like rivers. Another is the newly developed Abatan River Cruise that is found in the first district of Bohol.

The island of Bohol have a wide variety of spots that tourists will be enjoying and a series of nature parks. In bohol you can enjoy, relax and have fun with the hospitable boholanos.

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