INDIA is definitely a very popular country to visit. Basically India is a peninsula surrounded by three giant water bodies such as the Arabian sea on the west, the Indian ocean on the south and the Bay of Bengal on the east and it is a country formed by the collection of 28 states and 7 union territories. The names of those states and union territories in alphabetical order are as follows.

Beginning with states:

1. Andhra Pradesh

2. Arunachal Pradesh

3. Assam

4. Bihar

5. Chhattisgarh

6. Goa

7. Gujarat

8. Haryana

9. Himachal Pradesh

10. Jammu and Kashmir

11. Jharkhand

12. Karnataka

13. Kerala

14. Madhya Pradesh

15. Maharashtra

16. Manipur

17. Meghalaya

18. Mizoram

19. Nagaland

20. Orissa

21. Punjab

22. Rajasthan

23. Sikkim

24. Tamil nadu

25. Tripura

26. Uttar Pradesh

27. Uttarakhand

28. West Bengal

And the union territories are as follows

1. Andaman and nicobar islands

2. Chandigarh

3. Dadra and nagar haveli

4. Daman and diu

5. Lakshadweep

6. National capital territory

Pondicherry twenty-eight states and seven union territories.




There are many beautiful places to visit in India and most of the beautiful places comes under the hilarious state of “jammu and Kashmir”. There are many unbelievable and elegant regions to visit in this state such as Gulmarg in Srinagar, pahalgam in kashmir, sonamarg in kashmir etc. the enjoyment will definitely get doubled if the visit to North India is done during the winter season. Along with that Ladakh in north India is considered as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole world. There you will be finding Indians from different regions of the country and of different tribes living together with oneness, this scene of unity is very common in the whole country but unity in such a divine place definitely touches hearts of everyone.

Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in north India are very popular among the international as well as the national tourists. A major portion of the earnings of these regions is through the tourism. The TAJMAHAL of Uttar Pradesh is a well known name to almost every person in the whole world and comes under the top seven wonders of the world, the fans of this miraculous construction are worldwide and even Delhi is also well known for many fabulous ancient forts and tourist attraction places. Some of the most famous forts and monuments of Delhi are Qutub minar, Old fort, Red fort, jantar mantar, humayun’s tomb etc.



Coming to the east, there are very appealing places for the visitors. Places like shilling, Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Jaintia hills etc. in Meghalaya and the places like itanagar, bomdila, Bhalukpong in Arunachal Pradesh mark as the milestones for the visitors visiting east India. Other than those regions there are very important places to visit for the visitors even in the states of Mizoram, Nagaland and West Bengal. In the east, Bihar is the very must place to visit as it has got a very ancient history in the whole country and many beautiful, ancient and fragile historical constructions. The city of patna is one of the ancient towns of india. It was earlier known as patiliputra. There are several sites of Buddhist, jain and Hindus. Devotees both local as well as international visit rajgir every year quite in increasing number. Kolkata of west Bengal is the largest metropolis in India. Kolkata also known as Calcutta plays a very important role in the national economy as the hoogly river is the key to the city’s fortune. Some of the most important places to visit in Calcutta are the Botanical garden, Howarh bridge, Marble palace, Sahid minar etc. West Bengal also has got the very famous “sundarbans” in it. It is the biggest colonies of the “Royal Bengal Tigers”. These evergreen mongrove forests pulsate with a myriad forms of life. The land here is split by various rivers and lakes


Then comes the west, some of the finest and best known tourist sites are located in the western part of the country comprising the states of Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra and the Union Territories of Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The tourist attraction places in west India are among the most visited tourist destinations in the entire country. It is known as the Home to several enchanting tourist attractions, the state of Maharashtra forms an integral part of tourist attractions in the whole country and especially west India. The rich cultural tradition of Maharashtra is finely reflected in its palaces and monuments including the Gateway of India in Mumbai; Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, Aga Khan Palace in Pune; Aurangabad Caves; and the rock cut caves at Ajanta and Ellora. The World Heritage Sites of Ajanta and Ellora are home to some of the finest examples of rock-cut caves built by the ancient artisans. Moreover, Maharashtra is also home to Mumbai -- the commercial and entertainment capital of India. Rajasthan state is also a very good place for visitors with beautiful scenery along with the ancient constructions and forts made of sand, clay and wood everywhere.

Even Goa in north India is a very famous and fabulous place to visit especially the beaches of Goa comes under the must visit places in India. There the places like Alorna fort, Amthane dam, Anjunem dam, Arvalam waterfalls,Banastari bridge, Boca de vaca spring, British cemetery etc must be definitely visited if one plans to visit India and especially West India.


South India is known for its tradition, history and rich culture.The most important destinations of south India include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Lakshadweep, and Andaman& Nicobar Islands. Whether you are an adventure lover, pilgrim, or a wildlife enthusiast, south India has it all to enthrall you. You go to any state you will be finding many lovingly places such as Mysore and Humpi in Karnataka, Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh etc. Kerala is the state that is known for its greenery and beautiful lakes almost everywhere in the state that takes you closer to the nature and this place must not be missed if someone is planning to visit South India.

So, if you are visiting INDIA then hopefully this will be helping you to choose places to be visited and your experience of visiting India will remain in your eyes forever.


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