Bed Bugs Are Back: 7 Tips To Help You On Your Next Vacation

There are many things to worry about while vacationing, but bugs in your bed shouldn't be one of them. Bedbugs are making a comeback in hotels and vacation spots all over the world and they are even showing up in some of the nicest vacation resorts here in America. As world travel is becoming second nature in our global community, many people from all corners of the globe are sleeping in the same beds night after night. The hotel industry knows about this problem and most are doing all they can to prevent it, but you never can be too sure when it comes to bedbugs.

Here are seven tips to let you know if you have bedbugs in your hotel room before you lay your head on the pillow for bug free nights sleep.

  1. Look for black or dark red stains on the bedding and sheets. Bed bugs bite their human host during the night and leave their waste on the bed sheets. This is fecal matter and digested blood. If that is not enough for you to seek a manager asap, then nothing is.

  2. Bedbugs leave a unique sweet smell that you can detect immediately. If you sniff the mattress and sheets, you will definitely notice a difference.

  3. If the hotel manager tells you that the room has been renovated or that no one has used that room in sometime, you might want to know that bedbugs can live without food for almost a year. You can be the food for some very hungry bugs ready to feast after a long famine.

  4. The hotel room is not your only worry if you find that it is inhabited by bed bugs. Bed bugs love to hitch a ride in your luggage, on your clothes, and even embedded in your body. If you find bed bugs in your room, wash your clothes in hot water and vacuum your luggage out thoroughly.

  5. Watch out if you are staying in hostels. Hostels are a low budget place to stay when you travel but they are also a nightmare when it comes to bed bug infestation. Many young people stay in hostels and there is a lot of traffic from night to night.

  6. If you room is equipped with a suitcase stand, use it. Many times bedbugs are embedded in the carpet and they would love nice fresh clothes to bed down in and go home with you.

  7. Your hotel will only know about the bedbug infestation if you tell them. Sometimes a traveler will bring the infestation in and the management is never notified. Make sure that you don't leave the room for the next traveler to fall into a pit of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Experience

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LaMamaLoli profile image

LaMamaLoli 6 years ago from London

I have been unfortunate enough to have experienced bed bugs. Apart from anything else you can't sleep because you are paranoid there is one on you! I would definately make a complaint if I was in a hotel, then I would tell everyone about it. Eugh!

hardinflash profile image

hardinflash 6 years ago from Montana

I don't even want to go on our summer vacation now. Definitely going to going to end up paying more for a little higher class hotel now though. So much for saving any money on rooms, not after I read this hub.

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