Best Beach Town in Florida

Beach Life in Florida's Best Best Town

Best Beach Town in Florida

Siesta Key Beach

DR. Beach, also known as Dr. Stephen Leatherman, is known as the worlds foremost beach expert. For over 22 years he has studied beaches around the world and every year he puts about a list of the best ones. Siesta Key Beach on Florida's West Coast had been ranked near the top for years and in 2011, it was finally named the best in the world.

I know this beach well because I've personally visited it dozens of times. I lived on the west coast of Florida for over a decade and have visited probably every beach there is. This was my favorite. The beach is wide, long and has beautiful clean white sand.

Being on the west coast of Florida, The Gulf of Mexico waters are clear or translucent blue with gentle waves and water warm enough for winter swimming. In summer the water temperature often reaches 90 degrees or so. While that may not offer much relief from hot summer temps, you can walk to the Key West style village at the edge of the beach for cool refreshments.

The Warm Clear Water at Siesta Key Beach


The Best Beach Town in Florida Siesta Key Village

Siesta key village is a quaint beautiful beach-side area filled with interesting and unique shops, tiki-bars and restaurants. Maybe Dr beach was sitting at the open air Daiquiri Deck or the Siesta Key Oyster Bar"sipping a cool cocktail while mulling over which beach to choose. The village is has a very tropical vibe to it similar to the Key West and the keys, but much intimate and safe. The The village has a relaxed Island kind of feel where everyone from locals, college kids, and bikers to CEO's, celebrities, and wealthy yacht owners mingle and enjoy the food, drink and weather.

Siesta Key Village Video

Siesta Key and Sarasota, FL Map

Visiting Florida's Best Beach Town

Siesta Key has a wide range of accommodations to offer, from older Florida style mom and pop bungalow motels to ultra luxurious suites right on the beach. You can find a place to enjoy the tropical island lifestyle that will fit just about any budget, but prices are much higher "in season" from December through March when northerners flock to the island to escape the cold winter weather. Summer rates are the most reasonable, but it will be warm and humid. That's not a problem if you plan to spend most of your time at the beach and pool.

Living in the Best Beach Town in Florida

There is a wide variety of single detached homes and condos available for those who want to live an amazing island lifestyle. The cost of housing fluctuates wildly in the state of Florida compared to most other states. The cost to purchase a home on Siesta Key can be a bargain during recessions compared to when the economy is strong, but can still be out of reach for most buyers. Since barrier islands take the brunt of any hurricane that may affect the Florida, the potentially high cost of homeowners insurance must be considered. There is another option.

Just across the bay, the mainland section of Sarasota has homes and condos that are very reasonable that almost anyone can afford, as well as multimillion dollar homes. Sarasota is considered by many to be one of the best places to live in Florida. It's also thought to be the art and culture capital of Florida. There are many fine colleges, museums, parks and even upscale dining and shopping areas such as St Armands that rivals Rodeo Drive. The Siesta Key and Sarasota area may offer the visitor or prospective new Florida resident more of what you are looking for than any other area in Florida.Thorough research is recommended before any permanent move to Florida.

Siesta Key Weather and Travel Facts

  • The average daily high for December through March is in the 70's and the average low is in the 50's.
  • The rest of the year the average high is above 80 degrees usually accompanied by higher humidity.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded was 100 degrees in 1998 and the lowest was 20 degrees in 1983.
  • The rainiest months are June through September with August averaging the most rain.
  • Hurricane season runs from June 1rst through November 30th each year.
  • Siesta Key is less than an hour south by car from the Tampa International Airport and only minutes from the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport.

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