Best Ribs in Isando, Johannesburg (jhb), South Africa, Rhodesian Rawhide Restaurant wins

Ribs from the 80's

Back when I was a young lad in the early eighty's, the greatest treat was when my Dad would load us all into the car, a canary yellow box shaped Toyota Corolla (I did say it was the 80's), with the promise of "steamy bones".

"Steamy Bones" where these enormous spare ribs from the Rhodesian Rawhide Restaurant in Brambly Gardens Johannesburg. The rawhide was a land mark, renowned for their succulent meat and dinosaur size spare ribs.

They prepared the meat in a delicious basting sauce, the legend is that it has something to do with Coca-Cola, and a heap of crispy chips and served it up Rhodesian style!

We would feast and roll home a full stomachs, vowing not to wash our hands so we could remember the smell of the bones on our fingers.

In its heyday, even with a booking, you could expect to wait 1 -1.5 hours on a busy night.

Steamy Bones
Steamy Bones

The Ribs disappear

I took some of my first girl friends to dinner at the Rawhide, only the ones it really likes, it it was not a cheap date! The Rawhide was a special place for me, a treat.

About 15 years ago the Rawhide closed down, I had moved away from the area and did not know, when I moved back and tried to get my fix of "Steamy Bones" the disappointment was monumental.

I thought I was doomed to drool over the memory for ever.

Rawhide's to the left
Rawhide's to the left

Ribs Re-emerge

Last year a friend of ours mentioned in passing that the owner of the Rawhide had re-emerged and was running the diner next to the Formula One Hotel in Isando, I was incredulous, I knew that diner, it was a ratty old place with as much décor as an old rugby boot.

But she was adamant that that she had had the ribs and the where the old Rawhide ribs, and where just as good as ever.

So with much trepidation I ventured forth, while the décor was as bad as I remembered, the smell of roasting ribs was stupendous. I ordered a full rack on waited with bated breath, in the car park I gingery opened the box, bliss, I was transported back to my youth, these where the Rawhide ribs and they where just as good as I remembered.

A markerRawhide -
Kruin St, Germiston, South Africa
[get directions]

Its just next to the Formula One

Ribs every week

So there you have it, the best ribs in Johannesburg are in Isando, next to the Formula One Hotel, don't believe me, go try them for yourself. Be warned a full rack is about 900g of full cage rib, and very addictive.

I usually get takeout as the décor really creeps me out, all beige, chrome and glass, the ribs taste just as good on the couch in front of a good movie.

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sns2000 profile image

sns2000 6 years ago from Benidorm

Thanks for this nice hub now iam really getting home sick ha ha thanks for this natasha

MetalLemon profile image

MetalLemon 6 years ago from Brisbane, Australia Author

mmm, braai vleis and beer, or does that make it worse ;-)

sns2000 profile image

sns2000 6 years ago from Benidorm

Yes it does ha ha dis die ergste van alles speak to you soon natasha

Angelo Metsos 5 years ago

You are 100% right the Rhodesian rawhide was famous.i was so disappointed that the Greek owner let us down by selling the business.We had to wait for hours to get in on Saturday evening. Worth the trouble.

olive 3 years ago

hi. hubby and i tried to EAT OUT last week and found the "rawhide" all closed up! tried again on the week-end. still closed! has something happened to this wonderworld of ribs??

MetalLemon profile image

MetalLemon 3 years ago from Brisbane, Australia Author

Mmm will find out and you know

wjpsa 2 years ago

The owner Costa is back in business serving up his famous ribs once again. At wanna know where?

MetalLemon profile image

MetalLemon 2 years ago from Brisbane, Australia Author

Where, where?

wjpsa 2 years ago

He now owns a little italian restaurant in edenglen called iL Capo. His ribs are available there and on special at the moment for R95 for the 600gram and R135 for then 950gram. Go see for yourself :)

MetalLemon profile image

MetalLemon 2 years ago from Brisbane, Australia Author

Awesome, il capo is a better location

Mike 16 months ago

The Rawhide ribs were not beef!

They were pork spare ribs!

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