Commercial Real Estate: Hawaii and Oahu

If you have ever vacationed or visited the big island of Hawaii, then you know that the potential to make money in this island paradise is a huge possibility. Whether you are thinking about catering to the tourist trade or you are playing with the idea of a business that will cater to the locals, then big island commercial real estate is for you. It is not as expensive as you thing, and the economy on the big island does not just revolve around the tourist trade. There is big island commercial real estate that will meet your every need. Whether you want to set up a retail outlet, manufactured goods, or a restaurant, there is land and buildings available that will cater to your every dream. On Hawaii, it is always a buyers and sellers market at the same time and you are the catalyst to bring your investment and future profit together on the island of paradise.

Hospitality Industry

One the main markets in Hawaii is the restaurant and hotel industry. There are thousands of restaurants and you have to have experience and dedication to make one succeed here. The good thing is that there is many people like you, who want to own a restaurant, and they have neither the experience nor the business sense to make it happen successfully. This leaves a gaping whole in the big island commercial real estate market. There are plenty of empty restaurants that are ready for your cuisine and your style of service. Research the area you want to lay foundations to and finesse your way into the hearts and stomachs of tourists and locals alike. You can buy a burger joint in Hilo, or a beach concession at one of the beaches. No matter what venue you want to try, there is commercial real estate here for the taking.

Be Island Friendly

If you want to set up a manufacturing plant or other industrial service, it is good to keep in mind that you live on a island. Off island imports are expensive and some raw materials are very costly. You need to research what kind of products that you want to make and if the market of Hawaii or the export buyers are ready for your market. In Hawaii you are closer to the Asian market and there are a billion plus people ready to buy your goods. You have to remember that you are still apart of the United States and you have to buy, sell, and trade under her laws. The big island commercial real estate market is ripe for an idea that will island friendly and at the same time generate large profits. There are plenty of locals for affordable labor costs and the cost of a manufacturing site is cheaper than you think.

Finding the Right Property

Big island commercial real estate can be located on the web and a little research will land you that perfect site. You can even try to get a home on the same mortgage which saves you a lot of money. Once you locate a site, contact a real estate agent to fly you out and show you the property. Fill out the paperwork and you and your family can live in paradise for the rest of your lives.

Why Not Oahu

The island of Oahu is a diverse island that offers a little bit of everything to either the tourist or the resident. You have beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and both urban and rural environments in which you can play and live. Oahu land is a great investment and a great way to have a piece of the island that you can call your very own. You can enjoy everything that the island has to offer and at the same time you own a piece of an island that millions want to be at all year round. The weather is beautiful and the locals are friendly. A piece of Oahu land will give you the self satisfaction that you own a piece of paradise and with this ownership you are guaranteed a laid backed life style that few enjoy.


What Business is Needed

When you look at a piece of Oahu land that is for sale, you have to ask yourself exactly what do you want to do with that piece of land. Do you want to use it to build a house? If so, what are your options? Do you have a commercial interest in mind? Do you wish to start a building on the land or a business? These questions are important because where you buy the land can dictate how you use the land. Some people buy Oahu land just to have a place they can call their own when they are on the island. They can set up a campler or a camp site and come and visit Oahu without paying for overpriced hotel room or expensive rental property. They can camp on their land and still have the same fun and adventure as any other tourist on the islands.

Finding Zoned Land

If you are thinking about a business venture in which you will use the land, you need to find out if it is zoned commercial. If it is, other things that you might consider are the nature of your business. Is it to provide goods and services for the local population or do you want to go international and service the four continents in which you are in the middle of? Hawaii is the gateway to Asian goods and vice versa with America and South America. Your piece of Oahu land could be the bridge that meets the trade gap and with this bridge your Oahu land will bring you the fortune and success that you deserve.

Time to Search and Buy

Whether rural or urban, Oahu land is ripe for the taking. Go online and see what is available and if you see something you are interested in, call a real estate agent and set up an appointment. You can find a nice lot to build a home on, buy a large piece of property and sub-divide, or set up a business that will provide for you and your family for the rest of your life. Your choice of land and its purpose is for you to decide, so don’t wait. Start researching today and make the move that many want, but are afraid to try.


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