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Bihać is a city in the north-west  of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the biggest city in the Una-Sana canton. It is on the river Una which is one of the most important treasures of this canton.

The population is around 100.000 mostly comprised of Bosniaks, a little Croats and almost no Serbs. The ratios of those 3 people were different before the war; there were more Serbs and Croats in Bihać. The people are mostly friendly to strangers, even more than to each other. A lot of the younger population can speak English so if you're visiting it's best to ask someone younger for directions if you can't speak Bosnian.

The war has made a big impact on this whole country so it's best to avoid mentioning it because that can cause conflict if you're speaking to a person whose mind is not open enough. It's also best to avoid speaking about nationality and languages in Bosnia.

The city is pretty cheap for a stranger but the hotels might be a little more expensive. Some of the most important sites to see include: The Captain's Tower (Kapetanova Kula), Church of St. Anton, Fethija mosque (which was turned from a church into a mosque by the Ottomans), all of the river Una which has some spectacular waterfalls like The Strbacki Buk.

The city is pretty small but it's worth visiting because it's a few times older than the US. 

Aerial view 1
Aerial view 1
Aerial view 2
Aerial view 2
The Walls
The Walls
St Antons Church
St Antons Church

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i.o. 5 years ago

have been at srbacki buk in may 2009, 5 km upstream another beatiful waterfalls, there are two river confluence, unusual geology, real beauty

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