Bike Racks – Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a good idea to have a bike rack whenever you have a bicycle. Whether you are traveling or simply strolling around town, you would want your bike to be placed in a bike rack. Here are some bike rack FAQ’s that will help you to buy the perfect one for you.

Can a Bike Rack be Installed to a Car?

Many bike racks can be installed to a car. If you own a car with roof rails, roof racks will be a good option for you. There are many designs offered in roof racks for cars these days. Roof racks are better than trunk racks because with the trunk racks, you will have a hard time accessing your trunk. If you own a car that has a hitch mount, a hitch mount rack will be the best choice for you.

How to Secure Outdoor Bike Racks?

When you want to place your bike rack outside, you would want it to be heavy and unmovable. Bike racks secured on large stationary objects is also a good option. The bike rack will be too heavy to carry when about one or two bicycles are attached. You should also position the bike rack in well-lit areas. However, the best thing to do to keep your bicycles and bike racks secure is to place it indoors.

What Bike Rack Type should I Choose to Avoid Scratches on my Car?

Though it will be very difficult in your part to move your bicycle when you want to use it, a roof bike rack type will be the best option for you when you want to protect your car. A bike rack that is mounted to the car’s roof will also have rails for the bike to rest on. This means that your bicycle is not mounted on the roof of your car. Rather, it sits upon the rails of the bike rack. Hitch-mount types of bike racks also offer protection to your car when bringing along your bicycle. A bike rack that is a bumper type offers good protection to your car also, depending on what type of car you are using.

Installing A Roof Rack

What Type of Bike Rack to Use when I Live in an Apartment?

When you live in an apartment, a door-mounted type or a wall-mounted type of bike racks will be the best for you. You can hook your bicycle on the wall-mounted type or you can simply park your bicycle in a corner. It really depends on how to use your space.

These are some of the many frequently asked questions about bike racks. Before buying a bike rack, make sure that it will protect your bicycle and it will not be a hassle on your part as well. Bike racks come in different types and designs so that you have many options on what to buy.

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