Blow Up Travel Pillow - Airplane Travel Pillow

TravelRest - The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow (tan)

Supports the whole upper body. Attaches to seat back or neck rest.  Packs up easy and only weighs 5.6 ounces and takes up so little room in your carry-on.  The optional Micro-fleece cover is super comfortable.

Blow Up Travel Pillows for Airplane Travel

There are a variety of airplane travel pillows available in the marketplace today. New designs have been introduced that can make the difference between arriving rested versus restless. The TravelRest brand is an excellent design that gives support to your upper body and is my favorite of all of the products reviewed.

The newest design is by SkyRest. They have designed their product specifically for airline travel. It is a novel idea. The pillow is inflated and is designed for the passenger to sleep in a forward position. The idea is that most travelers are awakened when their head falls forward. This forward sleeping position is more comfortable for many travelers on longer flights.

Samsonite Double Comfort Travel Pillow with Pouch

Dual chambers for maximum comfort. Adjust each chamber to adjust cushioning for head and neck. Nice soft materials. Comes with storage pouch. Easy to pack.

SkyRest Travel Pillow

A new and very different design idea. SkyRest have specifically designed this as an airplane travel pillow for a comfortable sleeping posture on an airplane. It is surprisingly portable for its size, weighing in at only 20 ounces. Inflation is easy with the one way air valve. The valve is removable for quick deflation. This size is most comfortable for people between 5 feet and 6 1/2 feet tall.

TravelRest - The Travel Pillow Reinvented for Kids & Adults

Great support for your child's entire upper body and the micro-fleece cover is so snuggly! Attaches to seat back and is great for car or airplane travel.

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Compact Comfort Travel Pillow

Eagle Creek is my favorite brand for travel gear. They have several travel pillows, but I prefer this one as it is fleece lined and is more comfortable.

Comfort Plus 240 GSM Microfleece 3 in 1 Travel Blanket, Blue

The 3 in 1 is a blanket, neck roll and nap pillow.  The microfleece material is very comfortable and at 240 grams provides comfort in all seasons.

Blow Up Travel Pillow
Blow Up Travel Pillow

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Great review of blow up travel pillows - lots of good choices here for what can be very uncomfortable on a long flight.

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

I never heard of these, but I am glad I did now. I want one for waiting in the car for my wife to surf the mall.

surf traveler profile image

surf traveler 6 years ago Author

Thanks Billy. I travel a fair bit and lately my flights have been overnight flights and it gave me the idea to write about the different travel pillows available.

surf traveler profile image

surf traveler 6 years ago Author

Hey Steve. I have about a 20 minute patience span when I shop in the malls, then I'm done and need to get out. I wait outside as well. I'll have to remember the travel pillow next time I'm in Canada. Not many malls near where I live in Costa Rica.

jeremytorres profile image

jeremytorres 5 years ago

Very helpful stuff in having airplane trip.Great idea.

surf traveler profile image

surf traveler 5 years ago Author

Thanks Jeremy. The TravelRest while it costs more than the typical pillow, is my favorite brand.

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