Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle History

Bodiam Castle is in East Sussex, England. The castle was completed in 1388 and was one of the last medieval castles to be built. Bodiam was built for war, though it was lived in for 250 years without attack, It was however captured twice without resistance. Bodiam was originally the fortress and residence of Sir Edward Dalyngrigge who was a Sussex Knight.

Bodium is a true fairy tale castle and although still looking formidable from the outside, the inside is another story. Somewhere between 1640-48 during the Civil War, the inside of the castle was demolished. In a weird way this makes the castle more beautiful, on the outside still a tough shell of defense, and yet inside, an empty ruin whose inner walls have crumbled. It's an amazing contrast to see.

Facts About Bodiam Castle

In the late 14th century Bodiam Castle would have been one of the largest buildings in Sussex, and one of the largest building sites in England during its construction. As many as 1000 men are believed to have worked on the building, the craftsmen were recruited from all over England.

Inside The Walls

The outer walls are still standing strong, however, the domestic buildings surrounding the courtyard are now ruins, and it's really hard when you're standing in this empty space, to imagine how this castle used to be.

Murder Holes

Murder Holes (that's actually what they are called!) are situated in the ceilings of the vaulted passageway in Great Gatehouse, which is the entrance. These allowed missiles and boiling water to be dropped onto people without detection.

The Great Gatehouse Entrance

The original woodern portcullis is extremely rare
The original woodern portcullis is extremely rare

A Production of Shakespeare's The Tempest

Special Events At Bodiam

Like many National Trust properties, Bodiam often has special events held there, from battle re-enactments to theatre productions.

There is also a new museum located beside the mote which is dedicated to the history of Bodium Castle.

How a Sussex Knight Would Have Looked

Getting To Bodiam Castle

A markerBodiam Castle -
Bodiam Castle, Westfield, Hastings, East Sussex TN32, UK
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The Beauty of Bodiam on a Misty Evening

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TravelinJack profile image

TravelinJack 4 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

Bodium castle was on my list for top British castles!! What a beautiful place

Kalmiya profile image

Kalmiya 4 years ago from North America

Very nice hub on Bodiam Castle, moonbun! There is just something about stone fortresses; I think I had a past life in medieval times as I find them of great interest and always enjoy reenactments. Thanks for the lovely photos.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

It's unlikely as parts have been semi restored over the centuries, but I couldn't say for certain.

stevejohns55 5 years ago

I was curious if Bodiam's current portcullis and wooden doors are both original to the 14th century?

Steffie 5 years ago

I was wondering how big it is, does anyone know the size in meters?

moonbun profile image

moonbun 5 years ago from London Author

It is beautiful alona, if you get the chance to visit you really should!

Thanks for the comment :)

alona 5 years ago

well,all i can say about bodiam is really beautiful.I am filipino from philippines visiting your country.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Sorry for the late reply David. You can find out what's on at Bodiam by following the link:

David 6 years ago

What sort of medieval activities take place at Bodiam castle ?

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Thanks for commenting soumyasrajan :)

soumyasrajan 6 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

Hi! Moonbun

I enjoyed very much your article. Pictures are so pleasing. It is amazing that so long back they made a castle so strong and beautiful.

Reminds me of some of the ancient temples and palaces in India. Though of course very different architecture, style in a very different weather pattern.

I some how always feel that countries like India have gift of God in having much more human weather. My admiration for for North Europe and UK etc. is much more considering that in a considerably harsher weather people there tried to make life quite comfortable.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Hi Amanda,

Of course I don't mind :) I love your Sussex hub, that county happens to be my most favourite place in the world!


Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 6 years ago from UK

Hi Moonbun, I hope you dont't mind, but I've included a link to this hub in my Hubtrails capstone hub for Sussex. Please let me know if you'd rather I didn't include it.

Many thanks


moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Hi Katie,

Sorry I couldn't reply sooner.

According to my National Trust Bodiam Castle book, the castle was built with stone and lime and took 3 years to build. A licence needed to build Bodiam was issued in October 1385 and the castle was finished in 1388.

Let me know if you need any more information :)

Katie 6 years ago

Murder holes... How evil

Katie 6 years ago

One quick question:

was is the castle made out of? And how long did it take to build the castle?

Katie 6 years ago

Thanks that helped me a lot,

I tell u how it turns out!!!!

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Hi Katie,

Here's a link to the National Trust Bodiam page:

Hope that helps!

Katie 6 years ago


I am wondering if you can give me any other helpful sites on this castle?

Katie 6 years ago


moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Hi Charles,

I've been lucky enough to see the hot balloons taking off from there too, really magical. As for the carp, the last time I visited which was around 5 years ago, the carp were back and looking very happy in their Bodiam moat!

Thanks for stopping by.

charles lee 6 years ago

for forty years i lived within 7 miles of this castle , I HAVE BEEN IN THE USA FOR 10 YEARS ITS still my favorite castle . I used to watch the hot-air baloons take off from there and watch the carp in the moat until they got stolen!

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

I would love to see the finished model of Bodiam that you are making!

Hope you get a great score. Good Luck!

6 years ago

Im doing a civilization prokect 4 the middle ages and i chose this project! We had 2 build a model and I chose the Bodiam Castle! I have learned a lot from these facts, pictures and the video!

moonbun profile image

moonbun 6 years ago from London Author

Hi Katie,

Glad you found it helpful!

katie 6 years ago

I doing a project on it. This was very helpful! Thanks

alex 7 years ago

this castle is truly a fairy tale castle!

moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

Hi Kate,

You can have a wedding reception in the Terrace Room at Bodiam. Here's a link:

Or if you're looking for somewhere different to actually marry, which doesn't seem possible at Bodiam, here are some other National Trust properties that you can marry at:

I know what you mean about Bodiam though, it does have a certain magic about it. Good luck with your wedding!

kate 7 years ago


I am trying to find a castle to get married at, and there is just something about Bodiam that has my heart. I can't find information about this type of thing.... anyone know? :)

moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

Hi Happy,

Sorry that you can't visit Bodiam. I'm still on the lookout for the dimensions. If I find then in the next few days I'll post them here.

happy 7 years ago

i would love to go there. im afraid i dont have the money though. but it is a remarkable castle.

moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

I'm afraid that I don't have any information on Bodiam's dimensions, and I can't find any mention of them anywhere either. Probably best to go visit with a tape measure! A lot of people seem interested in this information from my searches.

Thanks for the comment :)

happy 7 years ago

this si the castle i chose for my project. it was quite hard to find the demensions of it though. i still cant figure it out. i have looked everywhere!

may 7 years ago


moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

I hope that you and your brother both enjoyed visiting Bodiam Castle, I love visiting there, it's a fun place to see :)

Banafsha 7 years ago

my brother has been to it today with his class scotts park primary school. he is in yesr 2. i went to it when i was in year 2 now i am in year 4.

Ari 7 years ago

This is very helpful.!

keep up the good work :DD

Xianghua 7 years ago

wow the castle looks pretty as it is. ^_^

Xianghua 7 years ago

what Bodiam Castle is from?

moonbun profile image

moonbun 7 years ago from London Author

It was destroyed by parliamentary forces during the civil war as it was seen as a threat.

Person 7 years ago

How was the inside destroyed?

moonbun profile image

moonbun 8 years ago from London Author

Bodiam is truly amazing Eve, and yes, those murder holes are rather evil! I'm glad that you love reading about castles, me too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

evemurphy profile image

evemurphy 8 years ago from Ottawa

I love your photos and I love reading about castles! Murder devious! ;)

moonbun profile image

moonbun 8 years ago from London Author

Thank you both :) It really is an amazing place to visit, especially with kids as you say Zimbra. Great day out.

zimbra 8 years ago

Bodiam Castle is a wonderful place, I've taken my children there quite a few times and they always love it. Very often the kids get to dress up in medieval gear, which always goes down a treat!

Good Hub :)

monitor profile image

monitor 8 years ago from The world.

A very interesting hub on the history of Bodiam Castle, moonbun! The pictures that you've chosen are beautiful and enchanting. It's amazing how the castle has held up over the years. And the 'murder holes' really do have a foreboding feel to them. Thanks for the fun read!

Your fan.


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