Bondi To Coogee Walk-The best walk along the beach

This is in Syndey. This is one is a local favorite, walking 6 kilometers/ 3.72 miles from the famous Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach . It takes about 2 – 5 hours based on pace at which you walk and amount of stops you take. If it is your first time, pack up a snack bag, picnic mat and your camera and it will for sure take 5 hours for you. The views you get to see are one of the best anywhere in the world. There are loads of places you’ll want to stop varying from beaches, to cafes, to scenic spots, to eateries. You might even want to stop and take a swim in one of the rock pools right next to the ocean.

Bronte Beach Rock Pool - Tony Sernack for The New York Times
Bronte Beach Rock Pool - Tony Sernack for The New York Times
Waverley Cementary
Waverley Cementary
Waverley Cementary
Waverley Cementary
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bronte Beach at Dawn
Bronte Beach at Dawn
Coogee Beach
Coogee Beach

It is not a very tough trail and can be handled by everyone quiet easily. The walk will take you through several beaches. Starting from Bondi Beach a very popular destination. Tamarama which is like the Malibu of Australia. It is frequented by locals and rich & famous. You will also see Maroubra beach in a distance. Bronte is another beautiful beach with a lot of pubs, cafes and eateries. Clovelly is yet another small but beautiful beach. You also see the Waverly cementary located on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This where some of Australia’s famous rest. What a way to RIP! Close to Clovelly is the Gordons Bay, where you will find people snorkelling and scuba diving. Final stop will be the Coogee. After Bondi and Bronte, Coogee is a large beach with lot of bars, pubs, cafes and eateries. All three beaches Bondi ,Bronte and Coogee are so perfectly placed so you can take a break during the walk. If you are bitten by the bug you can walk back to Bondi or if the beauty was intoxicating take a bus.

Even if you are not a fitness freak, please take this walk and you will not regret it.

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CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 7 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

I love this walk - unfortunately I forgot to take my camera out that day!

BundleBoy profile image

BundleBoy 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

I am not sure if tourists know about this place but it is a local favourite for sure. I would love to snorkel in Gordon's Bay some day.

Tom 6 years ago

These pictures remind me of the ones on my Camera.

Great food in Bondi too :)

Ahmed 2 years ago

giu11 complimenti ha chi l'ha pentasa e8 fatta per far godere il mare non c'e8 nulla che possa distrarti dall'ammirare l'opera pif9 sraordinaria che e8 la natura su cui si affaccia. Fa sognare

Ahmad 2 years ago

Hi lateraleating - I've tried the Brazilian ratneurasts I've linked to above. We found more variety (and quantity) at Churrasco but we also dined there on a Friday night. Cafecito is great for its daily specials and the cassava chips at Boteco are amazing!Hi Shaun - Churrasco had more things to eat (including cheese bread! yum!) but we went there on a Friday night so there were a lot more people (and it was much noisier too). As a local, it's a pretty good option.

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