Budget Travel to Boracay Island During Low Tourist Season

With October already here, Boracay has ended its low tourist season. It is also the end of the low cost holidays. Prices for accommodation, vacation rentals and other services are now back to regular prices. Weather in Boracay is expected to be moderate with little or no rainfall. Since it is beginning to get cooler in the other side of the world, tourists will be traveling to this tropical island paradise.

But wait! Before you book that plane ticket, here are Five Things Budget Travelers Should Know Before Going to Boracay.

Low vs. High Tourist Season

How is low season any different from high season in Boracay, anyway?

Is it that you are less likely to spot a celebrity? I don't think so because we spotted World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinky when we were there.

Or is it the possibility that you would not bump into a Caucasian guy because they are still enjoying summer back in their own country? I am pretty sure I could recognize a Caucasian from droves of Asian people.

Or you picture out that you can have the island to yourself? Well, maybe a part of it. But if you think that the hotel lobby will not be crowded? Well, don't expect it.


Off Peak Yet Crowded

Getting through Caticlan Jetty Port, your jump-off to Boracay Island, was a breeze. There was not even a queue. But when we got off Tambisaan Port, port of entry to Boracay Island during low tourist season, we were greeted by throngs of people getting in and out of pump boats (bangka). If your idea of a crowded places is with people other than your group of friends, then this definitely is massive for you.


A Fairly Windy Weather

Most of the tropical depression occur during low season in the country. Expect hot and humid weather with frequent heavy rainfall. Particular about this season is the wind direction that affects the condition of the beach.

After an episode of windy and fairly rough waters, the beach was sprawled by seaweeds. These were brought by the water currents towards the beach. If it were not during low season, the beach would be pristinely clean, calm with glassy smooth water because the beach will be sheltered by the wind blowing towards the other side of the island.

In preparation for such occasional weather, the beach were lined with windbreakers. These were then taken off once the weather has cleared. Because, lo and behold, people got to enjoy their stay, too.

One thing that always delivers is the nightlife Boracay offers. Always alive and pumping.


The Beach Has Cleared

It is unlikely that vacationers will not be blessed with a beautiful sunny day. After a day or two of messed up hair, the beach cleared up offering white sand and clear blue waters. It was a perfect day lounging on the beach or watching people taking on water sports activities like kite surfing.

If it were during high tourist season, chances are you will be invading someone's private space when you move a feet or two.

If nothing was planned for the day, this stretch of White Beach could already take your day and yet reward you with amazing sceneries . No transportation is allowed in the White beach area. Walking this 4 kilometers stretch will take you an hour one way.


The Other Side

Opposite White Beach is Bulabog Beach. When you set sail along this coastline, you will see that it is decked out with the most exclusive resorts and villas. During our stay, it was the jump off to the water activities like jet ski, snorkeling, reef walking, banana boat, fly fishing and parasailing. If you want to enjoy a calm afternoon before the sunset, you can just linger on one of the boats and watch the sailing paraws (sail boats) off the coast.


There is More

Boracay is a place to be restless. Do not expect to be living like in a lonely planet. If you have to, you need to cope with what the island could offer. There should be no time wasted in exploring the island. Within the island there are "must see" landmarks. Off the coast are reefs and scuba diving sites for the more adventurous spirit. If you need to enjoy Boracay in the air and more money to spare, you have a choice of chartered choppers or parasailing.

The Boracay Sunset

One of the spectacular views of Boracay all year round is the Boracay sunset. It's been captured and always leaves anyone in awe. One gets to enjoy the changing colors and hues as the sun is setting down. This is a spectacular prelude to a night of fun, party or a romantic evening.


If there was anything less of availing cheap holidays in Boracay during low tourist season, it was just the short time we have spent there. If there's anything that Boracay island leaves with you, it is the anticipation of wanting more. So I guess, hope to see you there again next time be it during high or low tourist season.

Are you ready? Read first Five Things Budget Travelers Should Know Before Going to Boracay before you book that plane ticket. Then, you are set. Enjoy Boracay!

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biliph profile image

biliph 5 years ago from Philippines

Haven't been to Boracay during lean months, but I would definitely go given the chance! I miss the calamansi muffin from Real Coffee and the shakes from Jonas! :)

anjperez profile image

anjperez 5 years ago Author

@biliph, thanks for visiting my hub. as a budget traveler, the lean season was a blessing for us because the accommodations were priced lower and there were promo fares offered by airlines. even if we have to go through, Cebu, Manila or Iloilo (a lot of travel) just to get to boracay, we have saved from promo fares. i thought it would be less of an experience since it was lean season. but we got the most out of it. Real Coffee was a long walk away from our hotel. before we got there we already turned at D'mall. so i missed that treat. nice to note anyway. since you have seen a glimpse of the lean season, was it any different than the peak season (minus the beach activities of brands and sponsors?)

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 5 years ago from West Virginia

Voted useful and beautiful. Ithink you did a great job capturing everything. I love the pictures and the tour. Well done friend.

anjperez profile image

anjperez 5 years ago Author

thanks for visiting my hub @thelyricwriter. these are just a few of the pictures from the place. there's more to enjoy. thanks for the vote.(,")

Arlene V. Poma 5 years ago

I haven't been to the Philippines since 1968. Very nice travel piece for someone ready to visit or to just dream about an ideal beach location. Voted up, useful, interesting and AWESOME. Bookmarked!

anjperez profile image

anjperez 5 years ago Author

wow ms arlene! it is nice to know that you have been to the phils already. it was my attempt in making a sort of travel piece (cos i am used to the blog format of personal updates). glad that it was coming across that way. i really appreciate the vote up!

anjperez profile image

anjperez 5 years ago Author

@ ms arlene v poma, it is such an honor getting that comment and appreciation from you. i treat this as my "grading" for my first attempt. i am inspired to write pieces like this. hope i will be able to come up with more.

shawntrelly4u 4 years ago

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Kit Cruz 3 years ago

when traveling to boracay, it is also a great idea to go during the off peak season - less crowd and low rates.

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