Travel Guide: Brisbane & Canberra, Australia

Howdy folks from the Down under. If you are thinking of coming to visit us for a vacation or holiday Let me share some with you. There are many beautiful sites to see while you are visiting Australia from the Great Barrier Reef, wonderful thick rain forest, and the sublime desert. Of course when most people relish the thought of Australia what is the first thing that comes to mind? Kangaroos, Koala, or prairie dogs is the usual answer. But, there is so much more to see and do for everyone in your family. There are great affordable options all over the country as well.

Brisbane & River
Brisbane & River
Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef


There are lots of things to see and do in Australia and the most popular is to hire a local touring company and have them explore the outback. Some of the more famous sites located in the outback are Alice springs and the Alice Desert Park they offer a wide range of natural and artistic beauty only mother nature could share. The tours take place at regular intervals and you will learn a lot about the natural wonders and history of the park as well as a look at a lot of the local wildlife that can only be seen in Australia.

Another must location in Australia for everyone is the Great Barrier Reef it is the largest natural reef in the world. You can take a swim, dive or snorkel in this gorgeous underworld and see it up close and personal. You will see a Sea life that only inhabits this reef and nowhere else in the world. After your dive you can have a great lunch in any of the fine restaurants along the coast and then in the afternoon head over to the Canberra or the national gallery of Australia for some relaxation. In Canberra, and the National Gallery you will see many famous paintings from a wide variety of international artist. Some of the rarest art on earth can be see here as well all the way back from da Vinci so if you are an art lover I definitely recommend a visit.

Canberra is also home to the national Australian film and sound archives. It offers many opportunities to listen and see some of the oldest films ever made from around the world. You will find they have meticulously labeled and scripted each of their entries including those from television, radio, and famous film shows. Many are from historical archives in Australia from pre-world war one so if you love film or history this is a great place to learn a little extra about Australia and how it came to be the country it is today.

After you have exhausted your time in Canberra and seen all there is to see its time to travel a little more west to one of Australia’s largest metro areas Brisbane. Brisbane is the epicenter of Australia’s historical architecture as well as world renowned nightlife. Brisbane has wonderful museums old world architecture from British colonization as well as amazing scenery at night when the city really goes into full gear and is a must on any Australian vacation.

One of the most important ahistorical architecture locations in Brisbane is the old government House. It comes alive with volunteers dressed in period outfits for those touring and you can watch and see how life is played out as it was 300 years ago in old Australia. . It continues to have a vital and important role in Australia’s history. There are tours for kids in some of the great museums in Brisbane where they learn about science or space as well as world history.  Another great location is the Queensland Cultural center where you can visit the original library and museum of Brisbane that was first built 200 years ago. Then of course for the adults there is the buzzing night life that never seems to slow. Brisbane has some of the most famous clubs in the world with live music drinks and great food, so don’t miss out while you are there.  If you would like additional information on Australia or are considering a vacation or want to move there come visit my website at

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kaltopsyd 6 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

I've told my mother several times that I wanted to go live in Australia or New Zealand. I haven't decided which I want to live in yet but I definitely want to visit. Great Hub!

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Thank you for a veyr inpsiring hub.

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