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Broome Tourism

Are you considering Broome as a tourist destination for your romantic honeymoon or next family holiday in 2012 ?

Have you spent time Imagining yourself exploring Cable Beach on the back of a camel or lazing on the white sands by the turquoise waters of the north ?

Broome is a very long way from everywhere and thats one of it's many attractions -- the trip to Broome and everything you will see on the way !

For a comfortable visit Make sure you are in Broome between May and September as that is when it is not so hot and wet .

We have chosen May as it won't be as crowded before the school holidays any we should still have access to everything we hope to explore !

So far we have been on a camel ride along Cable Beach with Allison Bird , enjoyed some prawns & chardonay while wathching the sunset , been out to Willie creek farm, and the Malcom Douglas croccodile park which was great !

If you are planning to visit Broome between June and September make sure you booke your Broome accommodation well in advance so you are not disapointed .

Other things to book in advance are car hire if needed , A scenic helicopter ride over the Kimberley's ,or a restaurant if you need a booking for a special occassion .

Croccodile at Cable Beach

We couldnt swim at Cable Beach as there was a croccodile there so went out to the park
We couldnt swim at Cable Beach as there was a croccodile there so went out to the park

Sunset at Cable Beach Broome

Kimberley Map

Getting to Broome

Broome is 2389km north of Perth. Broome is five days straight drive  or take your time and stop over at Geraldton - Kalbarri  or Coral Bay, etc on the way .If you can't spare the time to drive then it is  about three and a half hours flying from Perth.

From Melbourne to Broome it is about a 7 hour flight via Perth , Check out cheap flights about $330.

  From Sydney flying to Broome will take you about 5 hours .

when you arrive there is a choice of car hire - 4wh drive hire for you to chhose from.

Attention business owners in Broome !would you like your tourism business in Broome promoted more ? Do you have a house to sell ?Let me help you get more customers enjoying what you have to offer !Do you have a service that will help travellers or a special deal ? Email me at or phone 0457181275

Camel Tours

Broome Camel Rides
Broome Camel Rides

Broome !

Staircase to the moon !!
Staircase to the moon !!

Broome Sightseeing

Broome has a lot to offer in the way of tourism , Beautiful sights , activities and so on .

Not to be missed if you can help it is the awsome ' Staircase to the Moon' which will be on May 18,19, 20 this year as well as the other months . We arrive in Broome May 18, set up the caravan & hopefully visit the markets before settling down to watch the "staircase to the moon' on Town Beach !

Another activity not to be missed is camel riding along Cable beach at sunset !

If you are a bird lover then make sure you visit the Broome Bird Observeratory near Broome as well as Roebuck Bay, an embayment located at the base of the Dampier Peninsular to see the migratory shorebirds.

If you are like us and love the water then check out the Whales, dolphins, turtles, dugongs, fish, islands, reefs… and on and on either on your boat or a boat cruise !

Explore the mud flats at low tide is a an amazing experience. Go slow, take your time, and every step you will see a new creature such as crabs, a pink sea cucumber, a blue and orange nudibranch, a purple or green sea slug, starfish  or one of the myriad of colourful sea anemones or feather stars. molluscs, sea squirts, , sea slugs, brittle stars, sea urchins and more ! Great for those into photography !

Enjoy A Cable Beach Camel Ride !

Our Camel Ride

Allisons camels
Allisons camels
sitting down for us to get on
sitting down for us to get on
saw dolphins while on the camels
saw dolphins while on the camels

Broome Camel Rides

Alison Bird, Broome’s only true camel lady, will inform you from her wealth of experience trekking in the australian outback and working with camels for over 20 years

You have the choice of booking an "afternoon ride" looking out over the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean or a
"sunset ride" with spectacular Kimberley sunset included at no cost to you

We chose a 3 pm ride as there was a good special on + a free pair of earings .

I was nervous about getting on the camel however Allison is great with the camels & making you feel relaxed.

It was a pleasant ride along the beach, saw dolphins & had an enjoyable time! I highly reccomend a Broome Camel ride with Allison.

Visit the Malcom Douglas Croccodile Park!

Beautiful Dingos
Beautiful Dingos

Pearl Earings

Visit a pearl farm
Visit a pearl farm
Inside the Pearl
Inside the Pearl



If you love Pearls then you will want to discover how the rare and beautiful ‘Australian South Sea Pearl’ is produced at Willie Creek Pearl Farm. Learn about  the intricate processes of today’s modern cultured pearling industry – from the seeding of an oyster to the harvesting and grading of a pearl, right through to the final stunning product on display in the showroom.

The Willie Creek Pearl Farm Tour is one of the most popular in Broome and welcomes over 50,000 visitors each year so you will want to book early.


Cable Beach Broome
Cable Beach Broome

Roebuck Bay

Broome Caravan Parks

Roebuck Bay Caravan Park Located right on Town Beach Roebuck Bay is where we had chosen to stay with our caravan on a waterfront site !

However they were full so we are at the Vacation caravan park which I am pleased about as there is a swimming pool here to cool off in & you can't swim by the Roebuck caravan park .

It is very pleasant here for a holiday in Broome.

Broome caravan park with facilities for the disabled is on Wattle street in Broome.

Cable Beach Caravan Park.

Palm Grove Holiday Resort.

Broom Vacation Caravan Park

great spot to relax
great spot to relax

Thai Restaurant Broome

thai food restaurant  - was delicious !
thai food restaurant - was delicious !

Broome Restaurants- Thai Food

While in Broome enjoy trying out the diferent food on offer at Relaxed, Child-friendly restaurants or if without children try a Luxurious, relaxed restaurant to unwind .

Meals range from from Modern Australian Seafood - Steak

to African, Middle Eastern or Asian, Mexican/Latin American .

We chose to eat at the Thai Restaurant & highly reccommend the crab meal as well as their curry dish !

For our last evening we decided to try some beers at the Matsos Brewery which we enjoyed. However it was curry night so we stayed on .

We were told our order would be taken about 5,30 pm yet at 6pm I had to go find someone to take our order.

If you pay $30 for a curry it is like being in a soup kitchen rather than a restaurant . You have to go pick up your meal which is on a steel tray so the food goes cold fast so you cannot take your time enjoying your meal.

The curries ( the little we had ) were delicious but there wasn't the value or enough there & we went home hungry .We are not the only ones either.

The couple next to us had their chips arrive as they were finishing their dinner & were not happy at having a reserved sign placed on their table while they were still eating.

I would enjoy happy hour there then look for a restaurant with good customer service & a decent value meal like the Thai restaurant .


Broome Restaurants on map

A - Cafe Carlotta

B-Matsos Broome & Brewery

C-Mercure Inn Broome

D-Aarli Bar

E-Divers Tavern

F-Zanders at Cable Beach

Jobs in Broome

If you are looking for jobs in Broome they are here if you look carefully .

There are employment agiencies here however I haven't come across one that is helpful yet so I will keep looking for a job in Broome myself.

You can put ads up in one of the local notice boards or in the Broome Trader .

If you love travel then here is some thing for you !
Work from home or while traveling & save a fortune !

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