Budapest, the city of spa's


Have you ever considered going to Hungary for a vacation? To some it may sound strange, but if any of you ever get a chance to go to Budapest you’ll be pleasantly surprised, let me tell you why.

Budapest is a cultural adventure that can be for anyone. Budapest is a beautiful place, it heritage speaks a thousand words. Some have called it the city of spa’s; the city has been home to many natural springs of thermal water possessing various medicinal properties, and it is these which supply the many thermal baths around the city. One of the gems of the city are it’s sixteenth century Turkish baths, among the many baths you can find glorious historical architecture. Through out the city restorations have been done to bring new life and modern amenities to this thriving city of over 1 million people.

Budapest is not only known for its thermal baths and beautiful historical life, it also showcases fantastic art and music. Many museums can be found through out the city featuring artist from all over the world. During the spring an autumn festivals the city showcases international music, theatre and film festivals. The grand opera and ballet can be found playing at the famous opera house. During the years regular shows a held for year round entertainment. Besides the many festivals and shows Budapest has many other aspects for all to enjoy. The restaurants have some of the best food in country many styles and variations to fancy your taste buds with delight. The night life is also thriving thanks to the many very popular night clubs through out the city.


Budapest theater
Budapest theater


Other fantastic places to visit in and around d Budapest include some ancient ruins and castles.  The Buda castle is one of the most popular places to visit in Budapest. It is a Unesco World heritage location, featuring many interesting attractions, museums, evocative streets, squares lined with restaurants and shops. Another fantastic place to visit is the royal town of Esztergom, the first capitol of Hungary and the birth place of King Stephen, the first king of Hungary. Today the castle has been restored and is used as another museum and has a great hall that is often used for scientific conferences. On top of castle hill is Hungary’s largest church, The Basilica. One of its chapels, The Bakocz chapel, is among the finest monument to the renaissance found anywhere in Hungary. This place is beautiful.

            Another amazing place to Visagrad where you can find the royal palace built at the foot of the hill. It was originally a gothic design but was transformed into a renaissance masterpiece, as described by King Matthias. It’s beautiful red marble carved fountains that use to have, not water but wine flowing from it’s mouth, they have now been fully reconstructed and the surrounding by beautiful gardens replanted with flowers that were known to have been present in the past. In the summer visitors from all over the world can see the equestrian events, contests of strength and the medieval festivals. This place is so magical and there are so many things to do and see, if you ever get a chance to go you won’t be disappointed. For More information please see the links below.


One of many thermal baths and spas
One of many thermal baths and spas
Buda Castle
Buda Castle

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felicitylovespari profile image

felicitylovespari 6 years ago

Great share! just published a hub about Budapest also. check it here

Iammattdoran profile image

Iammattdoran 3 years ago from Manchester, UK

I love Budapest! That picture of the baths is a place I really love. They have lots of pools at different temperatures and also a sauna. Its a really cool place to spend a day. Voted up for reminding me of this place!

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