Burlington, Vermont Insomnia Theater

A Weekly Program

 I worked at Rite Aid in Burlington, Vermont for nearly two and a half years. During the last six or seven months we had the weekly inventory truck on Tuesday night. In order to prepare for Tuesday night I would stay awake on Monday and sleep through the day.

Originally this was the first of what I hoped would be a weekly "program" inspired by Dave Attel's show on Comedy Network but of course I figured that no one was going to be interested in Burlington after the fifth episode.

I bought two new movies. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Twilight and some ice cream and soda to get me through the night but first I needed to clean my apartment.

 After my apartment was mostly clean I decided to go out for a walk to film some of Burlington late at night. But first I had to put some extra layers on as it was a little cold out and my plan was to go down to the lake.

 Bom Chica Wow-wow!

 We begin the night on Cherry Street.

Look for Part Two to see the rest of the night.

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