Butterfly Farm In Aruba

Go Here In The Morning

On my first full day of my Aruba vacations I usually try to get up somewhat early in the morning and make my first site seeing destination the Butterfly Farm. Located on J.E. Irausquin Blvd., it is quite easy to access as it's located just at the start of the high rise area, on the right hand of the road while heading north. This tiny oasis of a rain forest sets your vacation off on a great relaxing note.

Most times I use the public bus to get there as I tend to stay in the low rise district so for about $ 3 round trip you can get there and back. If your on a cruise ship - they'll help you make arrangements to get here, as it is only a 15 minute cab ride from the city. When I visit there I tend to go early in the morning as the butterflies seem quite active then. Upon entering the Butterfly Farm it hits me, yes I’m on vacation !.There are benches to sit with fish ponds to add to atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, and tours run as often as needed with the staff explaining to you the propagation and metamorphosis of these thousands and I mean thousands of lovely flying creatures. The staff keeps a good variety of plants that attract them and overall you’ll find it a peaceful way to start you Aruba vacation. When your planning your itinerary I’m sure everyone will like going to the Butterfly Farm, it is an excellent stop for kids and adults.

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