Ebay Timeshare Sales - Tips for Buying Cheap Timeshares on Ebay

Many people buy timeshares and then things happen and they would like to shed their vacation property. Actually timeshares often show up on top ten lists of things not to buy new. You can get a much better deal if you are buying a timeshare from someone trying to offload a timeshare property than buying something new at a high-pressure sales presentation. When you buy at a presentation, you are paying for all of the developer's marketing costs and they are quite hefty!

Ebay Timeshare Sales

And if you are going to buy something pre-owned, where else but on eBay? (Go to the Real Estate portal and click the Timeshares Homepage link.)

As of this writing there are about 1,300 timeshare listings on eBay. Aruba. Hawaii. Nevada. (I had to take a few minutes there to check out one that was selling for $95. Yep. $95. It had pictures and a note that upon the closing of the deal, the buyer had to also pay $608 in maintenance fees. The week for sale is in November and you get the Warranty Deed. This means that you are guaranteed free and clear title with no encumbrances.

While this might seem too good to be true, the same seller had even better deals. Some timeshares sold for a couple of bucks. Mind you there are other costs involved. In the case of the $2 sale, the buyer also had to pay a maintenance fee of almost $700, a closing fee of about $400 and a resort transfer fee of $75. Nevertheless, this is a good price for what they got which was a week in August in the Catskills.

Since the Catskills isn't any place I'd visit on a regular basis, I'd look for a different deal, but there are plenty to be found on Ebay and many of them are less than a grand once you factor in all the costs. I bought my Royal Holiday Club timeshare on Ebay for $100 and by the time all the transfer and maintainence fees were paid it cost me less than $800. And since it is a membership club with multiple properties, I've already used it to vacation in Del Mar, California, Puerto Rico and Atlantic City, New Jersey -- all within the past year.

I also was able to pick up my Wyndham Timeshares for very cheap on Ebay as well, costing me just over $1000 for 105,000 Wyndham Fairshare points.

The Pool overlooking the Ocean at my timeshare in Del Mar, CA
The Pool overlooking the Ocean at my timeshare in Del Mar, CA

Due Diligence is Important

Before you buy, as with anything on eBay (and also with any real estate transaction), check out the seller and see how many positive feedback remarks they have received and check the auctions to make sure that the positive feedback is for timeshares.

Do not be too eager to bid on a timeshare on eBay unless you know something about the location. Perhaps it is not the kind of place that you really would like to have as your vacation spot every year. If you are dreaming of sandy beaches, then a timeshare in Oregon may not be for you.

It is also essential that you have a full understanding of the timeshare rights you are purchasing. Check out the codes, covenants, and restrictions which set out the rights of property owners and how the timeshare will be managed. There might be fees, charges, and restrictions on using the timeshare. Call up the resort itself and double-check the details.

A final warning, carry out the entire transaction through eBay if you want to have the extra protection that eBay provides.

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t808 6 years ago

Hi Emma,

I really enjoyed reading your article about timeshare resales. Currently, I am in the initial stages of buying a timeshare on ebay. I am trying to do my "due diligence" and I am wondering if you have any advice as to how I can research the actual property for sale. Meaning, can I call the resort company to make sure the property actually exists (for starters) and how can I research the deed? We have looked up the seller/closing company under the bbb, we have also looked up the seller on ebay, both areas look good. We have also done exstensive resaerch into the resort we are buying from, and we know the ramifications according to that. I just don't want to get stuck with a property that has problems or could possibly noty exist!. Thank you in advance.

embitca profile image

embitca 6 years ago from Boston Author

Hi T808, yes, you should definitely contact the resort company to double-check things. Contact your seller and ask them for the contract or membership number for the resort. They may need to pre-call the Resort for you to give them permission to give you the information you need. Then you just want to confirm the details of the Auction and make sure there are no special assessments or past due maintenance fees, etc.

April Showers 6 years ago

I purchased a week on ebay last night and don't want it. I wonder if I have a right to rescind it? The state law where the timeshare is located requires 5 days, but I don't know if that applies to ebay purchase. Do you know? No contract was provided, and I already paid like $250 for it. My husband is angry at me. Please help me!

embitca profile image

embitca 6 years ago from Boston Author

April, I don't think the rescind laws apply since this would be resale. But timeshare sales on Ebay are non-binding. "By participating, you are not entering into a contract to purchase this property. You are, however, expressing serious interest in the property and in pursuing contract discussions. " is the official Ebay policy.

My guess is that if you haven't signed anything yet, then you are probably better off just blowing it off as a Non Paying Bidder. You may have trouble getting the $250 back since you've already paid them, but that may be preferable to signing a contract for a timeshare you don't want to get stuck with. If they do give you a hard time about giving you the money back though, you should open up a dispute with Ebay.

Phil 6 years ago

I'm a Canadian considering purchasing a TS. A lot of the ads say: "This transaction will be assisted by a licensed broker." Does the broker work for both parties? Is there a conflict in that case? Can the broker be researched? Can I assume if the resort is a RCI Gold listing it is reputable, and in good condition? Should I take any contract I receive to my lawyer (who probably knows nothing about TS) or would that be covered in any closing costs? What is a reasonable range for closing costs?

Sorry there are so many questions. Hope you can answer some.

embitca profile image

embitca 6 years ago from Boston Author

Hi Phil, I'm not familiar with Canadian real estate laws, but in the US it is not unusual for the broker to work both sides of the transaction. I'm assuming you are buying resale and not from the developer, right??

Timeshares are much simpler than buying a house though, so I wouldn't worry about conflict too much. All the agent is really going to do is facilitate the transaction. Last two timeshares I bought, I did everything through email!

That being the case, you should do your own due diligence. RCI Gold Crown doesn't guarantee anything. I would find out whether there are any special assessments due on the timeshare and make sure the maintenance fees and property taxes (if there are any) are paid current.

Also, check TripAdvisor and TUG for timeshare reviews to get an idea if the property is really worth that Gold Crown designation. TUG requires membership to see their reviews, but I think it is only about 20 dollars a year. TripAdvisor may tell you everything you need to know though.

I personally have never used a lawyer to look over a timeshare contract.

Closing Costs on US timeshares can run anywhere between $200 - 500. $500 is HIGH. I think the average is probably around $350 or so. If the seller is desperate, you may be able to get them to pay it.

Axel 4 years ago

I am looking at a wyndham timeshare and have attended one of their sales presentations. After doing more research it seems to me that most (if not all) time share after market sales are for vationing at a specific property. Wyndham stresses that when you buy from them you can chose from the entire wyndham and RCI network to use your points. So is this true? Can you buy after sales point packages that you can use for their entire property network and not only for the one property it is deeded to?

embitca profile image

embitca 4 years ago from Boston Author

Axel, you can use Wyndham points at any of their properties. It does not matter which one you buy. I own Alexandria and have never been there. I usually use my Wyndham points in Fl. Now, you can use them in RCI too, but it works a bit differently and in my opinion is not the best value. You are better off using them in Wyndham's system.

timeshare wanna be 4 years ago

Just bought a timeshare on ebay. Do I need a closing attorney. I see you mentioned closing companies. who gets the closing company,the seller or marriott? I know he is doing the title now, is that part of the closing company? I'm really confused

Navin Johnson profile image

Navin Johnson 4 years ago

We were pitched a retail timeshare in Cocoa Beach Florida and we declined. But, we liked the idea so we started researching re-sale. And that indeed lead us to to E-bay. We also liked Wyndham since they have over 80 resorts around the country and we like to travel a lot. Wyndham points, though deeded to a particular resort, can actually be used at any Wyndham resort at any time provided they have availability. And most do, especially if you book 8-10 months out.

So, we went to e-bay and over the next 18 months we spent less than $2000.00 (including transfer fees/closing fees and auction fees) and we ended up with 525,000 points (deeded to three different resorts).

We have used the heck out of the points, going to New England and New Orleans. BUT, what is great is we live in Orlando. And, we have relatives coming in from out of time all the time. With so many Wyndham resorts within an hour drive from us, we can get a resort for not only us to stay but the visitors, as well. Its a mini vacation for us and a great vacation for them!

I have been impressed by Wyndham's resorts and I always have a good experience staying with them.

BUT, I recommend buying re-sale.

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