California Beach Vacations Rock!

from flickr's frankjuarez photostream cc-licensed for commercial work
from flickr's frankjuarez photostream cc-licensed for commercial work

A primary reason people travel to the Golden State is to enjoy California beach vacations. They come for sun and they come for fun, but not necessarily in that order. They can find adrenaline-pumping activities or laid-back R&R, as well as just about everything in between!

Is "learn to surf" on your things-to-do-before-I-die list or are you more of a shop-'til-I-drop sort of gal?

Does the combination of riding high at an amusement park while looking out on a Pacific Ocean sunset ring your inner yin-and-yang bell? Sounds good to me!

California beach vacations truly offer something for everyone, so let's try to figure out the details that suit you. First, though, can you spare four minutes for a little get-in-the-mood music?

Now, let's take an imaginary trip down the California coast, stopping at several beach towns along the way and doing one fun thing in each...

from flickr's Mr Phil Price photostream cc-licensed for commercial work
from flickr's Mr Phil Price photostream cc-licensed for commercial work

California Beach Vacation Accommodations

Just as personal preference will guide activity choices, people can also design their California beach vacations based upon their budgets. Virtually every amenity level is available -- from camping, to hostels and all the way UP-UP-UP to ultra-luxury, five-star resorts.

Let's look at San Diego, for example. You might choose to camp with your family at Silver Strand State Beach in Coronado (RV camping only) or, perhaps, South Carlsbad State Beach if Legoland is on your itinerary. If you're a student or traveling and partying with a group of friends, the Banana Bungalow in Pacific Beach might be the perfect accommodation for you. And, of course, there are plenty of luxury choices available to you (with the world-renown Hotel Del Coronoado and Paradise Point on Mission Bay near Sea World being only two of many fine alternatives) and some very nice mid-range options, as well.

Virtually all of the state's coastal communities have a similar range of accommodation alternatives, but if you have your heart set on camping and you plan to visit during peak season (May through September), please take note that you MUST plan in advance. Summer reservations can be made beginning March 1 at 8:00am.

Here are links to some California travel planning sites that you may want to check out...

And, here are some guide books that may be useful as you plan your trip...

Do you have a favorite California beach or beach vacation activity not on the list to share? What would your perfect California beach vacation look like? Do you have suggestions for any additional information I might include here?

I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed compiling it!

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Mschanl profile image

Mschanl 8 years ago from USA

Hey TouristGuide,

This is an excellent hub about California. It neat, informative and entertaining. Good Job and Good Luck!:)

Sheila Martin profile image

Sheila Martin 8 years ago

Great ideas, Tourist Guide!

I'm bookmarking this as a starting point for planning our next California getaway.



YourTouristGuide profile image

YourTouristGuide 8 years ago from Valley of the Heart's Delight, California Author

Thanks, Mschani and Sheila!

swingingkatz profile image

swingingkatz 8 years ago from Marbella

Nice hub, great info! I am going on a tour of America next year so looking forward to visiting California!


Wayne507 8 years ago

This is really great. I live in California and have travelled to many (but not all) of these areas. Tour Guide's comments on the things I know are really true, and she's identified some exciting new things to do and see. Good stuff!

Lloyd 8 years ago

Great content.Very usefull information.I am here in Longbeach on vacation from Nova Scotia Canada (very cold this time of year).Love the music .I am a keen Beach Boys fan.

David Francis profile image

David Francis 8 years ago from London

An excellent hubpage.

Thank you for providing so many ideas for what to do on our next tip to sunny California. I've visited several times in life before children, and I'm really looking forward to visiting as a family.


Party Girl profile image

Party Girl 8 years ago

Another great hub, well done!

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