Do you think Camden Town is an amazing place to visit in London?

Camden is a favorite place for locals and tourists

Camden Town is a famous town in North London, England. It is located in the London Borough of Camden.

Camden Town is some times referred to simply as Camden. People love Camden because of different lovely people who are amazing. It is so great, full of diversity, nationalities, cuisine, nice and friendly people. You will love the market, the Blakes pub, the canal and the shops. Camden is one of the funkiest parts of London. People love to go there. There is always something new to see and you can buy just everything on earth!

Think of something unusual and go to Camden, you will find it 100%!

Camden Market boasts a variety of items such as ethnic art, music, antiques, clothing, collectibles, rugs and kelims, and food and drink.

The atmosphere is just amazing and people mixture of different styles, Goths, punks, business, tourists, young, old, etc. So different and so wonderful. It is a place where everything is possible and allowed!

Do you know which is the best place in Camden, if not, I will tell you, the Cyberdog shop is the best place in Camden to shop and if you want to eat good Mexican food, you can have that at the entrance of Camden in the eating area.

Shopping in Camden with a lot of fun activities

Camden's little angel
Camden's little angel
Camden's crazy Crew girls
Camden's crazy Crew girls
Visit Camden Town Market
Visit Camden Town Market
Camden Girl
Camden Girl
Smoking Girl in Camden
Smoking Girl in Camden

A quick tour of Camden Town

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naresh_19812000 profile image

naresh_19812000 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

nis informative hub, may be when i visit London, these things will help me a lot...u r really a gr8 guide...thanx for helping out ppl out thr.

DennisBarker profile image

DennisBarker 7 years ago from Newcastle Upon Tyne,UK

I worked in camden town for a year or so as a tarot reader at the market. The place is buzzing with tourists at the weekend and there are 5 different market areas all screaming "gimme your money". The area also attracts drug dealers, alcoholics and beggers on a regular basis. At one point there were several shops openly selling magic mushrooms a few years ago but this may have now changed due to new legislation.

london_guide profile image

london_guide 7 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Author

Thanks Naresh for your useful comment.

london_guide profile image

london_guide 7 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Author

Hi Mr. Dennis Barker. It is everywhere dear. I am talking about drug dealers, alcoholics and beggers. These people are everywhere in every market around the world. In some places, you can see a few of them and at some places, you can see a lot of them just as Camden Town.

Kate 6 years ago

I agree drug dealing is everywhere where young, cool a bit decadent people will show up. That being said Camden is hip cool and a bit decadent.

A major clean up of the said drug dealers happen 1 year ago. There is a lot less activity in the area for this.

shrinking_violet profile image

shrinking_violet 6 years ago from London

It's so nice to hear some good press about Camden :-)

Thank you!

DennisBarker - that's part of London charm, the grime and crime going on around the haute classes. It's always been that way. To be honest I've met more coke dealers, junkies and alcoholics at London Victoria Station than in Camden, but I suppose it's good to warn people to be wary as tourists everywhere in London (and other cities) really.

london_guide profile image

london_guide 6 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Author

@Kate and Shrinking_violet, thanks for your comments.

Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 5 years ago from London, UK

London like any big city has all walks of life mingling everywhere. Any point that attracts large crowds will simply have the same proportionate mix of people but in a more concentrated area.

london_guide profile image

london_guide 5 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Author

Jefsaid, well said. Thank you so much for whatever you said as you well said Jefsaid. Nice views about London.

Lesleysherwood 5 years ago

I love this hub. I am very familiar with Camden and you have hit the nail on the head completely. Vote UP and awesome. Thank you

TravelinJack profile image

TravelinJack 3 years ago from St. Louis, Missouri

Haha, I love Camden town! The crazy hustle and bustle of the borough is the most unique in the city.

Jefsaid profile image

Jefsaid 3 years ago from London, UK

Crowded narrow streets and a little edgy but has a buzz, energy and quirkiness that provides an acute concentrated flavour of the diverse melting-pot that make up the sprawling London metropolis...

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