Carnival Breeze Cruise Ship

The Virtual Tour

As a sister to Carnival Magic and Carnival Dream, the Carnival Breeze has been created to employ the very best of both siblings in the Dream Class along with newer features that haven’t yet been included on Carnival ships before.

Characteristic of a Carnival Dream Class ship, the Carnival Breeze will have a very wide variety of activities, dining options, and entertainment, much broader than any other ship in the fleet. Some of these will be a 5-Dimensional Cinema, Fitness Center, Jogging Track and much more! The design of these ships is the largest of the Carnival line and is similar to, but more evolved than that of the Conquest Class. The differences, other than simply being larger, include an exterior promenade that is a half-mile long with outside cafes, an Aqua Park, and Jacuzzis placed along the outside of the promenade. Also exclusive to the Dream Class are larger staterooms for families complete with 5 beds and two bathrooms, a large children’s facility, a Retreat for adults that spans two levels, and a very large WaterWorks aqua park.



  • Complimentary 24 hour room service
  • Bonsai Sushi – A sushi bar and restaurant that brings fun and great tastes of sushi to passengers.
  • Fat Jimmy’s C-Side BBQ – A beach-style barbecue cookout that puts out many different barbecue favorites like chicken, sausage, and pulled pork.
  • The Taste Bar - Designed for a quick bite with new and different entrées to try every day
  • The Punchliner Comedy Brunch – Presented by George Lopez to bring top grade comedy accompanied by top grade Mexican food
  • BlueIguana Cantina – A mini-restaurant aboard with tacos, burritos and salsa
  • Blush and Sapphire Dining Rooms– Each have large menu with different appetizers, desserts, vegetarian foods, and kids menu for whatever times you’d like to eat
  • Lido Marketplace – casual dining options that include New-York style delis, Mongolian Wok, Italian Pasta Bar and more with indoor and outdoor seating available
  • Cucina del Capitano – Italian restaurant aboard that has an Italian pasta bar during the day and Italian dining and seating at night (night-time dining isn’t included, but day-time pasta bar is complimentary)
  • Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse – Exquisite dining with seafood, beef, salad/soup, and gourmet appetizer options. (costs extra to eat here)
  • And more! Like Seadogs and Guy’s Burger Joint.

The Cabins


Staterooms all feature:

  • New décor that is Caribbean-inspired
  • A television
  • Carnival Comfort quality linens, bathrobes, and towels
  • Bathroom with shower
  • 24-hour cabin service
  • Plenty of drawer and closet space

Carnival Cabin Categories


Being the most affordable stateroom category, interior staterooms provide cruisers aboard Carnival Breeze enough space to house them for their duration on the ship as well as enough space to take advantage of the complimentary 24-hour room service provided by Carnival.


Staying in an Ocean-View stateroom on a Carnival ship gives the comfortableness that comes with a Carnival stateroom along with room service and a complimentary 24-hour view of the ocean passing by that also provides outstanding sunrises and sunsets from your own room.


Balcony staterooms provide a balcony for not only an extended view of the ocean outside, but also an extra area for lounging and relaxation. On a Carnival balcony, passengers will be greeted by the pleasant ocean breeze and sounds of the water.


Suites aboard Carnival ships provide some of the most luxurious amenities and experiences that passengers will find anywhere in the cruising industry. In a suite, passengers can enjoy a walk-in closet, whirlpool tub, VIP Check-in, and even a large balcony for more space and access to the ocean breezes.

Cloud 9 Spa*

The Cloud 9 Spa style comes in four different types of staterooms (the four listed above) that include a visual design that is soothing and green, private spa access, priority spa reservations, and amenities that are exclusive to Cloud 9 Spa Staterooms.

*Each Cloud 9 Spa stateroom includes the amenities of the original stateroom (Interior, Ocean View, Balcony, or Suite) accompanied by that of the Cloud 9 Spa stateroom category.

Shipboard Features


The Thrill Theater

The Punchliner Comedy Club

With help from George Lopez, both with the comedy talents and the foods going around during the acts, the Punchliner Comedy Club will have passengers laughing incredibly hard while eating top grade Mexican food.

Liquid Nightclub and Deck Parties

With DJs trained by Miami Heat’s official DJ, DJ Irie, passengers can expect very talented DJs to lay down beats that will get the younger and older crowds dancing. From parties on the top deck to the featured Liquid Nightclub, great music will be implemented every way possible.

Hasbro, The Game Show

Aboard the ship is an entire game show, that will resemble that of the older Nickelodeon game shows, provided by Hasbro that will implement games such as Connect 4 and Yahtzee to provide an incredibly fun experience as well as a chance to win great prizes.

RedFrog Rum Bar

Featured poolside, the RedFrog Rum Bar provides a great selection of Caribbean rums to create a great number of different alcoholic concoctions for any adult willing to indulge. Here, also, is a home to Carnival’s private-label draught, ThirstyFrog Red.

Thrill Theater

The Thrill Theater on Carnival Breeze gives passengers a new way to view movies: through the fifth dimension. The way the fifth dimension of movies can be reached is by making a movie not only pop out at you through 3D glasses, but also by activating your other senses (feel through moving seats, and scent through scented scenes).

Carnival WaterWorks, Beach Pool, Tides Pool, Seaside Theatre

On Carnival Breeze are a number of ways to enjoy yourself in the water on a boat that is in the water. What this means is that there are pools and a water park featured in the boat!! The water park, Carnival WaterWorks, is one that beats the quality of your local water park and combats the size. The pools onboard consist of one that has a beach-like area for fun and enjoyment and also one that is for mostly relaxation. The Beach Pool also has quite a few beach chairs by it while in front of the large Seaside Theatre where movies will be played nightly.

Youth Programs

The Youth Programs aboard the ship feature activities and hangouts for kids and teens from age 2 to age 17 with age specific groups. There are three separate youth programs set up with different age groups such as Camp Carnival (ages 2-11), Circle "C" (ages 12-14), and Club O2 (ages 15-17). Each group provides age appropriate activities and trained supervisors. There is also an arcade onboard for the kid in everyone.

There are more shipboard features as well such as a large Casino, the BlueIguana Tequila Bar, and the Lanai.

Carnival Breeze Itineraries


Itineraries aboard Carnival Breeze start in June with a 12 day round-trip cruise out of Barcelona that visits ports in France, Italy, and Croatia, until finally ending where it began, Barcelona. This same cruise is repeated until a variation of it occurs in August that starts from Italy and ends in Barcelona, visiting the same countries along the way. These two itineraries are repeated and switched until a transatlantic voyage starts from Barcelona through to Miami, Florida with a stop at the Canary Islands. Once in the US, the Carnival Breeze will follow itineraries in late 2012 from 2 to 8 days long that visit different Caribbean Islands such as some in the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, and Jamaica.


2013 Itineraries aboard the Carnival Breeze begin how 2012 itineraries ended: cruises that last somewhere between 2 to 8 days long that visit different Caribbean Islands including the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic, and/or Jamaica. This pattern of varying Caribbean itineraries continues on through September of 2013 with some cruises including ports in Grand Turk, Key West, Aruba, and more.

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Taranwanderer profile image

Taranwanderer 19 months ago

You be traveling, AtlasSue LOL!! That grand suite is a real beauty...I wonder if it would be too big, though on a cruise ship for just a single person...

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AtlasSue 19 months ago Author

If you are traveling as a single or on a shorter cruise, then a Junior Suite would be comfortable and still spacious - for 2 and for 7+ days, I like the separate living room area and larger balcony a Grand Suite offers as well as the perks like free drinks on some cruise lines from 4 to 8 p.m.

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