Carnival Cruises Cabin Categories

The Cabins aboard Carnival cruise ships all include:

  • All-New Caribbean-inspired decor
  • TV
  • Carnival Quality Comfort bathrobes, linens, and towels
  • Bathroom complete with a shower
  • 24-hour complimentary room service
  • Plenty of closet and drawer space



The most affordable stateroom in the Carnival line, Interior Staterooms have four different sub types: Interior with Picture Window, the original Interior design, Interior with Upper and Lower beds, and Porthole.

Interior with Picture Window

The Interior with Picture Window cabin design provides an affordable way to have a spacious room that simultaneously gives passengers a good view of the ocean through a window.

Original Interior

This affordable way to stay on a Carnival ship allows passengers a very comfortable way to sleep aboard the ship with room service just a call away and many shipboard activities a short walk away.

Interior with Upper and Lower Beds

This Interior design provides a size that is very similar to that of the other Interior designs with the main difference being the two beds stacked bunkbed style. The bottom bunk may either be a sofa bed or similarly designed lower bed depending on the specific room chosen.

Porthole Interior

The Interior stateroom with a porthole provides a similar view of the ocean to that of Interior with Picture Window rooms. While the inside of the room’s layout may be very similar, the windows that allow a view of the ocean are porthole-style and circular shaped rather than box-shaped like Picture Window rooms.


Ocean View

This stateroom design speaks for itself for what it does for passengers; it gives a good view of the ocean. With two sub-designs, ocean view rooms provide a quite comfortable experience with a view of the relaxing ocean.

Ocean View

Ocean View staterooms provide spaciousness along with a very beautiful view of the sea from your bed. With this view, you can enjoy romantic sunrises and sunsets from your room rather than atop the ship.

Deluxe Ocean View

The Deluxe Ocean View cabin is ideal for families. The reasons for this are the separate washroom that accompanies the already full bathroom, added amenities, and the ability to comfortably sleep up to five passengers.



Balcony staterooms are always a hit in passengers’ eyes because they give passengers room for relaxation and lounging while simultaneously giving an outside area to be more in sync with the ocean and its wonderful breezes.

Premium Vista Balcony

The highest quality balcony stateroom, the Premium Vista Balcony wraps around the corners of Carnival ships, allowing viewing of the ocean and blue skies amongst a number of different angles. With the combined areas of the room and spacious balcony, there is plenty of room for a good time without even exploring the wonders of the magnificent ship you are on.

Aft View Extended Balcony

With a larger balcony than the normal balcony design, the Aft View Extended Balcony stateroom provides the ability for passengers to enjoy a large variety of different ocean views with complimentary room service just a call away.


The original balcony stateroom design shouldn’t be overlooked because it provides a simple yet elegant balcony with ocean view with access to ocean breezes as well as a very soft bed waiting just inside the door.

Cove Balcony

The group of staterooms practically at the water line while remaining on the ship is that of the Cove Balconies. The Cove Balconies allow an almost in the water balcony look at the ocean so close that the waves seem to be close enough to reach your room, but not quite.



The most luxurious and spacious of all the staterooms on a Carnival cruise is definitely the Suite. While there are three different types of suites aboard a ship, they all convey the message of luxury and even include VIP check-ins.

Grand Suite

Being the largest room that Carnival has to offer, the Grand Suite epitomizes luxury. Complete with a dressing area and a huge balcony, the Grand Suite can give even larger families plenty of room to enjoy themselves.

Ocean Suite

Designed as a means for real luxury and relaxation for guests, the Ocean Suite capitalizes on this by including a nice big balcony, earth tone colored rooms, walk-in closets, and whirlpool tubs in the bathrooms.

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite has a suite type feel without the real suite type price. The most affordable suite available on Carnival ships, the Junior Suite still provides a walk-in closet, standard size balcony, and a whirlpool tub in the bathroom.


Cloud 9 Spa

With nothing more than serenity and relaxation in mind, Carnival created the Cloud 9 Spa staterooms. While Suites, Balcony staterooms, Ocean View staterooms, and Interior staterooms are all available as explained above, they also come in the Cloud 9 Spa style which designates an inclusion of a visual design within each room that has been inspired by spas around the world, private spa access, priority spa reservations, and special amenities. It should be noted that every Cloud 9 Spa stateroom includes these things as well as the original amenities explained in their individual categories above and more amenities that have not been named here.

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