Cedar Park, Philadelphia

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is located on the corner of 50th Street and Baltimore Avenue and Catherine Street in West Philadelphia. Close to University City it is great place to go and study outside. The park has benches to sit on and it is lined with seasonal flowers, it also has some small stone areas which are good for stretching before or after a workout or a run. Although it is in an area of high traffic, the center of the park provides a bit of serenity from the outside world. The Cedar Park Neighbors Association helps keep the park clean and safe, and occasionally holds events at the park (for more information on the Cedar Park Neighbors please visit there website at www.cedarparkneighbors.org)

The park is located in a colorful and diverse neighborhood, and the park itself is small, this combination often leads to new introductions and fun conversation. You are sure to find some freshly planted flowers, a patch of grass, and probably an interesting person to talk to as well. If you would like more information on the park or events occurring at the park please contact Maureen Tate at 215-726-8664.

Remember to NEVER VISIT PARKS AFTER DARK, and try to bring along a friend, even in day light hours. Please make SAFETY COME FIRST when visiting this and other parks in the Philadelphia area.

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