Celebrity Reflection Cruise Ship 2015 - 2016

Completing the Celebrity Solstice Class , the Celebrity Reflection is another great option for cruising with luxury and relaxation. With 34 all-new AquaClass Suites aboard the ship, passengers can enjoy a lot of space per room and verandahs that will stun even veteran cruise-goers. Things that are new to Celebrity aboard this ship are an additional deck with 72 extra staterooms, more seating in the dining rooms, more area for sun lounging, and more theater seats.

When it comes to talking about the ship facts, the Celebrity Reflection has a maximum passenger occupancy of 3046 and tonnage of 126,000, making it the largest Celebrity ship to date. Other interesting facts about the ship are that its average cruising speed is 24 knots and its Inaugural Date was October 12, 2012 with a cruise out of Amsterdam.

Dining Onboard

There are many options aboard the Celebrity Reflection, as it pertains to places to grab a bite to eat...


Lawn Club Grill – The newest Celebrity restaurant, exclusive to the two newest ships in the Solstice Class , highlights the joys in outdoor grilling similar to that of a backyard setting except on a green lawn aboard a high class cruise ship. There are also options for a passenger to join a Celebrity chef to cook for a family over custom-made grills.

The Porch – A reservation unnecessary restaurant right beside The Lawn Club and next to a lovely ocean view, the Porch bears just-made foods that are available for both breakfast and lunch with menu options such as fresh soup, salads, and paninis.

Two Dining Rooms – One set up as the main dining room for all guests with traditional assigned seatings as well as open seating options available. The other is designed, exclusively, for AquaClass passengers to provide them with cuisine that resembles that of the other dining room, but has food that is lighter and healthier.

Qsine – A restaurant that offers something never seen before aboard the Celebrity Reflection: iPad menus to choose foods from that make dining experiences not only more interactive than ever before but also fun!

Casual Dining Options – The casual dining options include the cafes such as the Oceanview Café, The AquaSpa Café, and the Mast Grill. The Oceanview Café was designed to give the feel of an international marketplace in a buffet with multiculturally-influenced menu options, made-to-order pasta and even appetizers and desserts. The Oceanview Café is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and later for late-night eaters. The AquaSpa Café has a much healthier cuisine with offerings that are very tasty as well as good for you. It is open for breakfast and lunch. The Pool/Mast Grill is the most casual of these three dining options because it provides passengers with a burger in the best of places: on the top of the ship, in the sun, and poolside.

Other Dining Options – There are plenty more options for dining aboard the ship including Café al Bacio, Silk Harvest, Bistro on Five, Blu, the simplest and easiest for the passenger (the complimentary 24-hour room service), and even more!

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  • Qsine
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Celebrity Cabin Categories

Ocean View Shower exclusive to Reflection Suites
Ocean View Shower exclusive to Reflection Suites

There are 6 cabin categories aboard the Celebrity Reflection with about 20 options within them combined including an “accessible” stateroom option within each category for passengers

Suites – The 8 different suite types aboard Celebrity Reflection are AquaClass Suites (with special spa services and amenities), Reflection Suites (with two bedrooms, a sea-view bathroom and a cantilevered shower), Signature Suites, Accessible Suites (designed with special amenities, privileges, and help for handicapped passengers), Penthouse Suites, Royal Suites, Celebrity Suites, and Sky Suites (all but AquaClass Suites currently include butler service and packing/unpacking assistance).

AquaClass Staterooms – AquaClass Staterooms infuse spa elements with the “normal” luxurious staterooms of Celebrity ships accompanied by amenities such as unlimited access to the AquaSpa Persian Garden and other soothing extras. Also included is priority seating in the AquaClass restaurant, Blu. Accessible AquaClass Staterooms are also available upon request.

Concierge Class Staterooms – Designed in the same way as the AquaClass Staterooms, Concierge Class Staterooms provide passengers with a simple, yet elegant way to stay aboard the Celebrity Reflection with a great number of amenities available. Examples of these amenities are complimentary shoeshine service, verandas, pillow menus, priority check-in, early disembarkation, and Accessible stateroom options.

Veranda Class Staterooms – Veranda Class Staterooms are designed to give passengers room to relax and enjoy themselves inside and outside with large verandas as well as inside areas. The different types of Veranda Class Staterooms are the Family Ocean View Veranda Stateroom (the largest stateroom with a veranda with plenty of room for an entire family), the Sunset Veranda (having some of the best locations aboard the ship with AquaClass Stateroom layouts), the Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom Veranda, and the Accessible Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Veranda.

Ocean View Class Staterooms – These are staterooms that were built for relaxation and simplicity along with a beautiful view of the ocean through a quite large window. With complimentary bathrobes waiting for every passenger and a sitting area for hanging out, these rooms are great ways to spend a cruise! Also available are Accessible Deluxe Ocean View Staterooms.

Inside Stateroom Class – Known for the ample living space and included sitting area, the Inside Staterooms are great homes away from home (except for the fact that they are on a magnificent and huge ship known as the Celebrity Reflection, making them incredible homes away from home). Although the onboard features of the ship are incredible, if a passenger needed to take a vacation from their vacation for a bit, this would be the place to do it.

Shipboard Features

Plenty to do and such a small amount of time to do it...


Lawn Club – The Lawn Club is something exclusive to only the Solstice Class of Celebrity Cruise Ships: a half acre of grass on the top deck of the ship for relaxation and fun. The grass is surprisingly very real and has the Lawn Club Grill right next to it for a quick bite to eat.

Alcoves – An area of cabana-styled heaven right on the Lawn Club is the Alcoves where a couple, family, or someone wanting to get away from everything else can come to relax, read or nap.

Art Studio – One of the newer Lawn Club features, the Art Studio provides hands-on teaching of drawing, beading, painting, cooking, and mixology from local experts in each field. There are also taste tests and chef-prepared dinners available.

Michael’s Club – If the intimate atmosphere, leather chairs, live guitarists, and opportunity for conversation with others relaxing weren’t enough, Michael’s Club is best known for its 64 different international beer selections accompanied by a great collection of whiskeys, cognacs, bourbons, and scotches.

Other Features – Other features of Celebrity Reflection are the Casinos, Youth Programs, Bars, Clubs, and much, much more!

2015 and 2016 Itineraries


Most of 2015 will include Eastern Caribbean and Eastern Mediterranean Cruises. It will end with Eastern as well as Western Caribbean Cruises. The Celebrity Reflection's Eastern Caribbean adventure will include St. Thomas and St. Maarten while the Western Caribbean will include Cozumel and the Grand Cayman Islands


2016 will include the same expeditions as 2015 through April, while the rest of the year has yet to be announced. Celebrity Reflection departs from Rome and Miami!

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Taranwanderer profile image

Taranwanderer 19 months ago

The lawn club grill looks like an awesome place to eat. Is the cruise ship really that expansive (I think I spy some green grass or lawn-like surface outside).

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AtlasSue 2 years ago Author

Hi Karen! Sorry to get back to you so late! They can range in price but you can definitely go on a celebrity cruise for the same price range as many other ships. Ill direct you to our site and you can have a look for yourself. Let me know if you have nay questions!


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AtlasSue 4 years ago Author

If your travel dates are flexible, there are some great buys with Celebrity Cruises in Alaska and the Caribbean this year.

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Beautiful ship and nice job with the pictures. It makes them description really come alive. I would love to take a cruise on a Celebrity ship but I hear they are rather expensive?

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