Cheap Myrtle Beach,SC Vacations Through Timeshare Promotions

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Welcome To The Myrtle Beach Grand Strand

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Cheap Myrtle Beach, SC Vacations Through Timeshare Promotions

Vacations at Myrtle Beach can be extremely expensive.Because of its popularity and all of the attractions that it offers, Myrtle Beach has become one of the most expensive places to visit.I once read that one square foot of land on the ocean front is worth approximately $20,000.A young family today ( with or without kids ) can find it almost impossible to visit for more than a couple of days.However,with a little advance planning and use of the information contained in this article,you CAN vacation at Myrtle Beach for very little money.I'll not only show you how to stay at nice hotels but I'll also show you how to eat at the nicest restaurants and be entertained nightly at the finest theaters.Theaters like,"Alabama Theater",Carolina Opry,Dixie Stampede among others.You'll also be able to visit daily attractions like,Myrtle Waves Water Park,Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum and Aquarium, and Nascar Speed Park.The way to do all of the above is through the use of Time Share tours.I know what you're thinking," Oh no, no way am I going to sit through one of those things"unless you're loaded, (I'm talking financially not alcohol loaded), please hear me out.I had the same negative attitude until I was employed (for a short time) by a time share company.I think timeshares in my opinion,are a good idea, IF you use them regularly.The problem is, most people can't afford to take enough time from work to make them worthwhile.Once you have them paid for, a lot of people actually forget they even have them.I found this so hard to believe when I was interviewing people for the timeshare tours.If you will take the following advice and plan in advance, you'll not only enjoy a fun-filled extremely nice vacation but you may even be able to put a few bucks back in your pockets.Your kids will love you for it. I am in no way trying to promote any hotel or any other attraction, I am simply offering advice as to how you can take your family on a nice vacation with very little funds.If you click on any of the links in this article, they will take you directly to the merchants page.There you will see what promotions they are currently offering.That being said, let's get started !!


The timeshare business in Myrtle Beach is an EXTREMELY fierce and competitive business.The companies offer big bucks in order to get potential buyers to take the tours.You can find these opportunities either by calling the companies in advance or by going into any mall, Welcome Center and even some restaurants.You really can't avoid the timeshare marketers.They simply find a person that looks like a tourist and simply tries to start up a conversation with them, eventually getting around to offering them everything just to take a 90 minute tour.By the way, when I said,"looks like a tourist",I didn't mean anything negative by it, I simply meant people that were sunburned, had a camera around their neck, looks lost,etc.The three links below are the three biggest players in the timeshare industry, however there are many, many more.Just run a "Google" search.:If you are already in Myrtle Beach, as I said earlier, you can stop at Welcome Centers,Malls and you'll see the little Kiosks ( sales booths ).As you walk by, they'll say anything just to get you to stop and talk to them.They'll eventually offer you something to go on a timeshare tour.Now, keep this in mind.The marketer is allotted a certain dollar amount per tour.What I mean is, they are allowed to give away cash,meals or attraction tickets in exchange for your participation in the tour.For example, I was allotted $200 per tour.I offer you and your family tickets to an attraction and a meal afterwards.If this offer cost me $100, as a result I would make $100 for booking the tour.I'm sure all companies have different budgets but I know they're all in the same ballpark.What I mean is Don't just settle for their first offer.Most of them will at-least offer you $100's worth of cash or attraction tickets.Employee turnover in the timeshare sales industry is huge, therefore, there is always an ample supply of new marketers and these people are the ones that will give away almost their entire cash allotment, just to book a tour and get their numbers.So don't settle for the first offer, you can get a lot more.Once you are booked and arrive for your tour, you have to provide a picture ID, a credit or debit card.Some even accept a blank check.They will ask you your combined income.It has to be at or above their requirement.They'll let you know what that amount would be.Remember, anything they ask you, you are not asked for proof so you can say anything and they wouldn't know the difference.Also remember, the salesman wants you to take that tour so he'll go out of his way making sure that you'd qualify.If you say you are married, you have to have your spouse present.Their whole sales approach is to sell you NOW ,so they make sure you don't have an excuse to tell them that you'll come back tomorrow, because they know, once you leave no-one ever comes back.Another Huge thing to remember is that they will try to sell you based on your emotions.For example, they may say, Mr.John Doe, don't you think your wife and kids deserve for you to furnish them with a nice vacation?Don't get sucked in by that.They will really dwell on your emotions always involving your wife and kids.Legally you owe them 90-120 minutes,depending on which company you sign with.Be very careful not only as to what you say but also what your "body language" says.They are trained to look for "buying signals", such as asking questions, really getting involved in the sales presentation.Unless you are really sincere about purchasing a timeshare, do NOT ask any questions pertaining to the timeshare offer.This shows interest on your part and will help him to keep you even longer.Instead, do things like repeatedly looking at your watch.(This one really drives them nuts).Ask your spouse questions about anything except that timeshare.I am not saying to be rude however if you show any interest whatsoever you'll just be there longer.If you do as I say you may actually be done a lot quicker than the 90 minutes.They do not want to be tied down to anyone that obviously isn't at all interested in buying.He'll want to get rid of you and find another tour.After the salesman sees he's not doing any good he'll then ask his supervisor to give it a try, so don't be surprised by this.This only takes a few minutes.Remember to "Just Say No" to all of the above and it will all be "painless"

I know this is not for everyone but if you'd like to take your family on a nice vacation instead of cleaning out your garage during your week off and you have little or no money this is the way to do it.

Remember this, They know that 1 out of 10 prospects will make a purchase, therefore they are willing to pay big in order to have someone to talk to.They know it's a numbers game, they are willing to pay you so don't feel bad.They invented the game, they made the rules, so "Play the Game".

One day I did a test to see what I could get in an eight hour period.As a result,I got lodging for 7 days ( 2 different companies ) and approximately $500 in cash and merchandise.Below are some of the attractions they'll offer you:

Alabama Theater tickets.( Value: approx.$35 )

Carolina Opry tickets ( Value $ 45 )

Dixie Stampede ( dinner and show - approx. $48 )

There are so many other attractions such as Ripley's Museum, Nascar Theme Park and even golf packages.Just don't settle for the first offer.

Again, I am in no way affiliated with any of the above companies.I don't make a dime from any of them.I just thought this may help some people to be able to vacation when they normally couldn't afford to do so.

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RL 4 years ago

Awesome information. Thank you so much for just being real about it! I did one before many years ago and am ready to do another one. The thing is I really do want to buy in to timeshare if I could really afford it. I heard of a man who bought in out in FLA and when he went to view his property there were allegators on it and it was out in the middle of Nowhere!

Toni Dalton 4 years ago

very informative,how do I go about getting invited to do a timeshare without going to the mall or a welcome center

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 4 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks for writing...... It is very simple actually, just say no and don't worry about being nice, remember they are invading your time and privacy, and not the other way around, besides they hear no 9 out of 10 times so they are more than used to it. Rob

CondoLux Rentals profile image

CondoLux Rentals 5 years ago from North Myrtle Beach,South Carolina

Wow! Excellent article! The first person perspective was amazing. Living in Myrtle Beach, my wife and I are always offered the tours when we are walking by the mall kiosks. SO, let me ask you this. What is the fastest, easiest, nicest way to say no while still walking by? I can tell they are desperate sometimes. Sales is hard!

Thanks again for the info.

Cj  6 years ago

Great advice on cheap vacation rates. The economy is hitting everyone hard and every little bit helps. The Internet radio station plays some great tunes and I cant normally hear this on the radio at home. Great job and keep it up. Hoping you all have a great summer.

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